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Activities and Adventures in Thailand: Akha Ama Coffee Journey – A weekend in an Akha village, seeing how coffee is produced


Of all the trekking opportunities around Northern Thailand, the Akha Ama Coffee Journey is one of the most culturally relevant. Almost everyone drinks coffee, right? And how often do you have an opportunity to witness not only the coffee production, but also change in action. 


Run by the affable Lee of Akha Ama Coffee, the journey takes you into an Akha village (his home), where Lee has cultivated sustainable and fair-trade practices in order to give villagers there a better life. 


The weekend-long journey is only 2000 baht per person, and includes transportation, all meals, and accommodation with a host family. 


Check the Akha Ama website or stop by the coffee shop for specific journey dates.


Activities and Adventures in Thailand: Elephant Nature Park – Award-winning sanctuary


The Elephant Nature Park works with rescued and distressed elephants from all over Thailand, and, according to the website, is a place "where elephants no longer work for humans." 


This special place was established in 1995 in the Mae Taeng Valley. While visitors won't get to ride an elephant (or watch it paint a picture), they will instead help bathe and feed them as well as learn their individual histories. 


You'll need to book in advance; this can be done over the phone or at The Elephant Nature Park's office in Chiang Mai (see map). A day trip starts with a hotel pick-up, transport to the Park, all activities and lunch and then return transport. The cost is 2500 baht per adult. 


Activities and Adventures in Thailand: KaTi – Restaurant and cooking school on Ko Chang


In an easy-to-miss building along the road at Khlong Phrao, Ko Chang, KaTi is worth looking out for. Both a restaurant and a cooking school, it does beautiful curries and unique smoothies.


It's on the opposite side of the road that the beach is on, at Khlong Prao.