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January 25, 2014

Fascinating Places to See in Havana, Cuba (I)

When Christopher Columbus landed in Cuba in 1492, he described it as the most beautiful country that human eyes had ever seen. He wasn’t wrong. Numerous Spanish settlers soon followed him, and the glorious churches, fortifications

January 24, 2014

Tourist Attractions in Hamburg, Germany (I)

The history of Hamburg as a fortified trade and episcopal city stretches back to the 9th century AD. Economic growth ensured that the look of the city constantly changed, and today it is characterized by the last remaining Baroque build

January 23, 2014

Places to see in Frankfurt, Germany (I)

The old imperial city of Frankfurt am Main has, during its long history, always been the setting for important events. German emperors were crowned in Frankfurt Cathedral for centuries and the first democratic election of the German Nat

January 22, 2014

Most Important Castles to Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark

Kopmandes Havn, which translates as “Merchants’ Harbor”, was the name for the Danish capital in medieval times, which is evidence of the fact that trade with goods from all corners of the world has a long-standing trad

January 21, 2014

Getting Around in Ecuador (I)

1. Getting Around in Ecuador – By Air Many internal flights are with TAME, including those to the Galapagos, as well as major towns throughout the Andes, Oriente and along the coast. Other local airlines include SAN, the internal

January 18, 2014

Nightlife in Barcelona, Spain (I)

The variety of nightlife in the Catalonian metropolis offers a large range of options, with something to suit everyone. Countless cafes, bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, clubs and other places with dancing, open their doors to the

January 17, 2014

Best Shopping Centers in Berlin (I)

There are countless shopping centers in Berlin. Each district has at least one shopping center, inviting guests to while away some time. There is a wide selection to choose from, including Hackeschen Hofe in Mitte, the arcade on Potsdam

January 16, 2014

Best Hotels in La Paz, Bolivia (II)

Nuestra Señora de La Paz commonly recognized as La Paz, is Bolivia’s third most populated city, the seat of the country’s government and the capital of La Paz Department. It is located on the western part of Bolivia a

January 15, 2014

Tourist Attractions in New York (II)

4. Tourist Attractions in New York: Central Park Central Park in Manhattan stretches from Midtown to Harlem, from 59th to 110th Street. New Yorkers can enjoy every conceivable leisure activity in this enormous park, which was completed

January 14, 2014

Most Beautiful Beaches in Lefkada, Greece (II)

It’s difficult to say which is the best beach in Greece. Which is the best for kids? Which is the best for swimming? Which is the best for partying? You don’t have to go through all that any more. Cheap Travel Hunter helps y