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November 21, 2014

Museums at the Wolfsburg Castle in Germany (I)

The Wolfsburg Castle, with its ornamental gables and the onion tower which dates back in the 16th century, is one of the most magnificent architectural marvels of the Northern Germany. Inside the castle you will find: the City Gallery,

November 20, 2014

Most Romantic Places in the World to Propose (IV)

"Yes!" It's such a powerful word that it can bring men to their knees. A word that they hope to hear when that big moment arrives. To set the stage to pop the "M" question, here are some of the most romantic plac

November 19, 2014

Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the pretty capital of South Australia, a city of around 1.2 million set on the River Torrens in the middle of a tree-covered plain. Located between the Mt Lofty Ranges to the east and the beaches of Gulf St. Vincent in the w

November 18, 2014

Most Important Temples to Visit in China (IV): Labrang Monastery

Most Important Temples to visit in China: Labrang Monastery   The largest Tibetan lamasery outside of Tibet proper, Labrang Monastery is also the most important in Amdo (northern Tibet). Founded in 1709, it is renowned as both an i

November 15, 2014

Best Places to Stay in Rome, Italy (VIII)

Best Places to Stay in Rome, Italy: Residenza Napoleone III – Private Suite in Historic Palace   Want to live like a principessa? In your own suite of royal rooms? The Residenza Napoleone III allows you to indulge in this fan

November 14, 2014

Top 10 Destinations in South America (V)

Ole! Besides salsa, sombreros and tequila, South America is a feast for one’s senses, with something for every kind of traveler. The continent is a patchwork of remarkable sceneries, with its snowcapped massifs, dangerous jungles,

November 13, 2014

Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe (II)

Abandoned cities, ghostly islands, deserted train stations, or castles in ruins, places forgotten by people, which have an apocalyptic, but special beauty. This is the second part of our series of the most spectacular abandoned destinat

November 12, 2014

Top Magical Places to Visit in New Zealand (III)

Nestled away in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, are the islands of New Zealand. Often overshadowed by its large neighbor, Australia, this is a country that should be singing its natural rugged beauty. Instead, it quietly carries on &mda

November 9, 2014

Lodging in Santa Barbara, California (V)

Santa Barbara is the county seat of Santa Barbara County, California, located in Southern California. If you’ve planned a tour of the Central California Coast, then Santa Barbara is definitely the best overnight destination. This

November 7, 2014

Places To Visit In Switzerland (Part 2)

Last week we started a new series about the most important places to visit in Switzerland. This week we continue our list with five more amazing tourist attractions:   6. Mürren is a friendly and car-free summer and winter hol