Most Amazing Places Carved in Stone (Part 1)

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Most Amazing Places Carved in Stone (Part 1)

Ancient reliefs and carvings, which are probably the most durable forms of art, can be found at many religious sites, tombs, and palaces. Most of these amazing places carved in stone can be found at UNESCO World Heritage sites, and are considered of great significance to the legacy of mankind.


When speaking about the most amazing places carved in stone, our thought flies to the city of Petra, in Jordan. Although it fully deserves its reputation for beauty, there are many other similar places in the world, which are just as beautiful and may be worth your attention.


1. Gila Cliffs

These cliff dwellings in New Mexico are similar to those in Mesa Verde, in the sense that they were used for human comfort. People who lived here between 1275 and 1300 and built them, left for unknown reasons. What is certain is that they left behind exactly 46 rooms, which are believed to have been the homes for at least 50 families, at that time. Traces of their lives remained, however, evidence of their mystery at one of the most amazing places carved in stone from New Mexico.


2. Bandelier National Monument

These are the ruins of the houses built by indigenous Americans. However, the remains at Bandelier National Monument are not their only masterpiece, since various places like this can be found across the United States. During your visit here you can admire their former homes, ceremony sites and murals.


3. Mesa Verde

This former settlement is located in Montezuma County, Colorado. It is a huge site with former houses and villages of the natives. The most famous cliff is The Palace, beautiful for its imposing size. Mesa Verde is one of the most amazing places carved in stone in the United States.


4. Lycian Tombs

Around the town Dalyan in Turkey there are several graves carved in stone by the inhabitants of Lycia, the allies of Troy during the Trojan War. Nearby you will find the ruins of the ancient city Kaunos, also worth visiting.


5. Lalibela

This town, located in northeastern Ethiopia, is famous for its churches carved in stone. The place is considered to be the holiest site in Ethiopia. The churches are representative for both Christians and Jews. This has helped dating the sculptures to the twelfth century. The churches are not only one of the most amazing places carved in stone, but also a significant engineering feat – given that they are all associated with water (which fills the wells next to many of the churches) exploiting an artesian geological system that brings the water up to the top of the mountain ridge on which the city rests.

The Most Mysterious Places in the World

Besides the usual gorgeous places to visit, there are a number of mysterious places, fact or legend, which intrigue scientists to this day. From strange strings of disappearances, to random lights, to enormous statues… nobody has the answer. Perhaps one of you folks will visit and make the discovery that changes history! Here are some of the most mysterious places in the world:


1. Area 51

Zone 1 is located 100 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas and is a secret military base. Its fame grew after The Roswell Event in 1947. It is said that Area 51 is where the government took some aliens found in a ship crash. Also, people say that many secret projects are being developed here. However, the reality seems to confirm only that Area 51 is a secret military base where Americans develop prototype aircrafts and there is no proof for beings from other planets being held here. It is though, one of the most mysterious places in the world.

2. Teotihuacan

The City of Pyramids, Teotihuacan declined 1,400 years ago, and the ruins were so affected by time that no one knows for sure who built them. The Aztecs gave its modern name, which means "the place where the gods have been created". Teotihuacan was a major urban area with 20 square kilometers and was home to over 100,000 people, many living in structures with multiple floors, like the apartments from today.


3. Bermuda Triangle

It’s said that this place, nestled between southern Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico would make ships and planes disappear. However, the story is not necessarily true because most disasters occurred during storms. Journalist Larry Kusche investigated the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and found that most disasters happened due to a series of factual mistakes or they’re just pure inventions. However, many new books about the Bermuda Triangle still consider this area one of the most mysterious places in the world.


4. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is one of the largest religious monuments, its highlights being the artwork and special architecture. The temple town, located in modern Cambodia, was built between 1113 and 1150. Its towers recall the mythological mountain of Hinduism, Meru, and the temple itself was built in honor of Vishnu.


5. Cahokia

Between 1050 and 1200, this town from current Mississippi was among the largest in the area. Cahokia was 16 square miles and housed 20,000 people. Their homes were highly developed, and archaeologists discovered coffee based drinks and complex games. The town also included a wooden temple, and another wooden structure, similar to the monument at Stonehenge.


6. Nazca Lines

In Peru there are several field lines and huge illustrations that appear to be drawings of spiders, monkeys or plants. These markings are very old (around 500 BC) and because of their size, they can be seen much better from the air. Nobody knows why the Nazca civilization made those, although they were discovered in 1927. Some writers such as Erich von Daniken, think the markings were made to help visitors from outer space to land. However, the Nazca desert wouldn’t be a good place for landing and despite the fact this theory isn’t supported by facts, the Nazca Lines remain one of the most mysterious places in the world.

Deluxe Hotels in Buenos Aires (Part 1)

Travelers to Buenos Aires are lucky when it comes to hotel accommodations. The hotels here have large rooms and attractive public areas. Accommodations run the gamut from huge 500-room hotels to smaller places with 30 rooms or fewer, where everyone gets to know you on the first day.


The following deluxe Hotels in Buenos Aires are listed by order of preference within each price range. All accept major credit cards unless otherwise noted. Most offer a buffet breakfast, the cost of which is included in your rate.

This series will list hotels by order of preference within each price range. All accept major credit cards unless otherwise noted. Most offer a buffet breakfast, the cost of which is included in your rate.


Argentine hotels operate on a star system in which five is the highest and one is the lowest. All of the hotels selected have at least a two-star rating. Extra stars usually mean pools, shops and room service. Five stars offer the ultimate in luxury and are designated only to deluxe Hotels in Buenos Aires. Four-star hotels are deluxe or business class. All two- and three-star hotels provide the fundamentals: clean rooms, private baths, fresh linens and civility.


Telephone numbers as listed are local. To make reservations when calling from the United States, you must first dial 011-54-1 and then the number we’ve listed.


1. The Buenos Aires Sheration Hotel and Towers ★★★★★

San Martín 1225

Phone: 4318-9000

(Toll-free in the US: 7 800-325-3535), Fax: 4318-9353

800 rooms, 23 floors


The Buenos Aires Sheraton, located near the new IBM Plaza, is a home away from home for North Americans. It is sleek, well run and boasts the highest view in town from its rooftop lounge, the Atalaya (Watchtower). It has everything you would expect from any of the deluxe hotels in Buenos Aires: an Olympic-size pool, tennis courts, a health club and a shopping mall featuring fine leather shops, boutiques and a branch of H. Stern Jewelers. Restaurants include La Pampa (24-hour coffee shop), Cardinale (Italian cuisine), and the formal El Aljibe.

Rooms are spacious and modern; many come with fine views of downtown. Ample closet space, separate dressing rooms, well-equipped bathrooms and plush towels are the hallmarks of this first-class hotel. Color television, direct dial phones and mini-fridges are additional luxuries.


2. Park Tower ★★★★★

Avenida Leandro N. Alem 1193

Phone: 4318-9390

(Toll-free in the US & Canada: 7 800-325-3589), Fax: 4318-9394

180 rooms, 23 floors


Luxury takes on a whole new dimension at the Park Tower, an ITT Sheraton Luxury Collection hotel. From the lavishly baroque furnishings in the lobby, replete with gold and marble, to the elegantly appointed guest rooms, the Park Tower magically transports you to a sumptuous haven akin to the Court of Louis XIV, albeit with the ultimate in modern comfort and convenience. Exceptional service and amenities define the Park Tower experience. Guests enjoy 24-hour exclusive Butler Service, tea or coffee served at bedside after the daily wake-up call, a selection of local or international newspapers delivered daily, exclusively designed bathroom linen, an in-room stereo system with CD player, cassette and radio, bottled water, cellular phone, dual-line direct dial telephone with computer connection, access to the private Health Club and Spa, and complimentary pressing of two garments upon arrival. Of course, none of this comes cheap, but you only live once and it’s definitely worthwhile staying at one of these deluxe Hotels in Buenos Aires.


Since Sheraton and Park Hotels are connected, guests can use the facilities at either hotel and charge them to their room.

Best Hotels in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is the best Caribbean destination in the Dominican Republic for families, spring breakers and honeymooners, with an amazing choice of all-inclusive services, beach resorts and hotels. Cheap Travel Hunter brings you the best hotels in Punta Cana:


1. Barcelo Bavaro Beach Hotel is located on one of the top 10 beaches in the world, Eastern Dominican Republic. This luxurious resort, which is one of the best hotels in Punta Cana, has reinvented itself after a complete renovation, becoming an adult only hotel. It’s the perfect choice for a romantic getaway, offering high quality rooms, most of them located right on the beach. In terms of proximity to transportation, Barcelo Bavaro Beach Hotel is just 15 km away from Punta Cana International Airport.


2. Guests at Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe will definitely love its quiet and picturesque location and its wide range of modern services. They will be granted access to the fitness center, swimming pool and many other entertainment facilities like Disco Bavaro or The Casino. Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe is located on Bavaro Beach, close to the Dolphin Island and Bavaro Golf and it’s definitely one of the best hotels in Punta Cana. Other attractions located nearby are Palma Real Shopping Village, The Cocotal Golf and The Country Club.


3. Catalonia Royal Bavaro is the ideal resort where you can fully enjoy your vacation. The hotel has been designed to make your stay as pleasant as possible, providing the opportunity to participate in many leisure and sportive activities. Each room has a marble bathroom equipped with a circular Jacuzzi. The main types of rooms are: The Grand Royal Suite with swimming pool, The Junior Deluxe Exclusive Suite with swimming pool and The Junior Suite.


4. Located in Punta Cana, Grand Palladium Bavaro Resort & Spa is named after one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Quisqueya. Surrounded by palm trees and lush vegetation, this resort offers a wide range of bars and restaurants with cuisine from around the world. Just like the other best hotels in Punta Cana, Grand Palladium Bavaro is located nearby The Cocotal Golf, The Country Club, Palma Real Shopping Village and White Bay Sands. Dolphin Island is also nearby. Rooms here are equipped with the highest attention to detail, which has become a standard feature of this resort. The main types of rooms are: The Single Deluxe Room, The Triple Deluxe Room, The Loft Apartment, and The Double Deluxe Room.

Tourist Attractions in Thailand

Thailand attracts more tourists than any other country in Southeast Asia. It’s a destination that provides everything: beautiful beaches, impressive culture, ruins and temples, authentic relics of bygone kingdoms, unexpected culinary tastes and oriental hospitality.


If you book your flight early, the prices are very attractive! Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most affordable destinations for a perfect exotic vacation. There are many tourist attractions in Thailand: hundreds of beaches, the tropical paradise island of Koh Saui, the endless deserted beaches of Cha Am and the vibrant nightlife of Pattaya.


Few know that before 1949 the country’s name was Siam. “Thai” means “freedom” and therefore Thailand means “Country of freedom” or “land of the free”.


Cheap Travel Hunter brings you some of the most important tourist attractions in Thailand:


1. Koh Chang and Surrounding Islands are perfect for a family trip. Adventurers will definitely want to admire the wildlife of Koh Phangan and divers should not miss Ko Tao. Whatever you expect from your holiday, Thailand will deliver the perfect mix of nature, beach, relaxation, fun and local color.


2. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha houses the most revered image of Buddha in Thailand, and the Royal Pantheon – where the statues of the Chakri Dynasty’s deceased kings are hold. This is one of the most important tourist attractions in Thailand.


3. Pagoda Pra Pathom Chedi is the tallest Buddhist monument in the world and is about 1,000 years old. Here you can admire trained elephants and traditional Thai dances.


4. Wat Traimit Temple is famous because of the golden statue of Buddha, which is 3 meters tall and weights 5 tons and a half. The origins of this statue remain uncertain. It is made in the Sukhotai Dynasty style and I thought to have been made during the Sukhotai period in the 13th-14th centuries.


5. Phuket is the largest island of Thailand where you can admire a botanical garden and a large aquarium with exotic fish. The hot season is generally considered to be from March to early May. Phuket, a melting pot of Buddhists, Thai-Chinese, Muslims and even seas gypsies is definitely one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Thailand.

Exotic Vacation packages to Chicago

Are you looking for adventurous holidays or vacation packages to Chicago, I can tell you about some cheap yet luxurious packages. One thing that I can say for sure, no one would ever manage to miss out such a package for an adventurous vacation.  No matter, if you are looking for vacation packages to Alaska or Chicago, Cheap Travel Hunter is going to make sure to hunt down the lowest cost and the most exciting vacation trip. For all of those bargain hunters, here are the best cheap travelling packages for you, America is full of excitement, and we add a tick mark to the excitement box so your vacation is made a memorable one.

Holiday and vacation market has been changing continuously with the passage of time. The holiday packages throughout the world have been moving fast and growing the competition each day. Meanwhile if you look at the old times, going to a vacation was not an easy task at all.  Going to a vacation meant paying rounds to the local travel agent, bargaining over prices, cutting off different costs and even then, you would not be satisfied with the vacation package. Recent times have brought great comfort and luxury along; you could look over all of the packages and deals with a single click. You can compare, select and get the satisfaction with your vacation with only your mouse click.
Talking about the vacation packages, the concept of cheap hotels and bargains is not new at all not even in the modern times. Every other person is looking for a vacation package; every other person would like a cheap but exotic holiday service. The whole point of vacation is to have a good time with your family, so the holiday and vacation markets have made it much easier for you to have fun and enjoy a memorable time with your family. You deserve to have an exciting holiday time with your family at a great place that is exactly what you would call a dream place.
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Holiday cars

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You can find the best dealing trips over internet, no matter if you are searching for car rentals in Greensboro NC or if you are searching for a good restaurant, you can get enormous solutions over internet. I have always admired travelling and when I travel, I love to move on in my own ways and these car rentals provide us with easy ways that can be exciting and adventurous.
I have heard about the cheap car rentals in Houston TX, from many other friends and relatives as well. They have provided a nice service for all of those people who are away for a vacation. These are only small things but they solve real big troubles and problems that we might face while we are travelling. People have always been having these confusions and issues about when they are out, this issue is always raised when you are travelling and you get to face too many challenges. The simple and easy method is when you have such options available for you while you are travelling.
Cheap car rentals in Houston TX are doing a great work with the providing car rental services to different people who are travelling. This is a great idea to be providing the luxurious time to people who are travelling abroad, they can visit places and they can roam around and visit places according to their time and desire. It is not important while you are travelling, you get all of the basic and luxurious things that you will need while travelling, these type of services provide you with the best and a comfortable time ahead in different countries. You can follow the links and find out more about the recent deals by this company, and get to know how you can make your trip luxurious and comfortable. 

Collect memories during those exotic trips

If you are planning to make a trip to exotic locations, opt for the trip advisers online which are all eager to cater to your every need and requirement regarding the trip. Choose from destinations like Los Angeles, Paris, New York, London, Miami, Caribbean, Hawaii, Dubai, Cancun and Las Vegas. You get to choose from the most exotic locations, stay in the best hotels and enjoy the most perfect travel deals.


Moreover, the travel agencies help form a trip plan according to your budget too which would not only promise to give you the best experience but also be pocket friendly throughout the tip. In fact, the surprising part is that you need not have to worry about the in city commuting or reaching to and departing from the destination. Your advisor already sets these necessary requirements so that you simply relax and take in most from your trip without having to worry about even the pettiest thing.


While on the trip your work is to just enjoy the delicious cuisines, exotic beauty, breathtaking nature and mesmerizing locations. Collect as much memories as you want in amazingly pocket friendly rates which promise to give you the best experience in the world.

Explore the ultimate fashion roots

An extremely attractive place in the world to strike as a perfect holiday destination is Paris.The city probably is largely associated with the Eiffel tower which counts as the must-see attractions of the city. However, apart from the Eiffel Tower one will also find various amazing tourist attractions like the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc De Triomphe, Sacré -Coeur, Versailles Palaces and Place de la Concorde.


It is the city of ultimate fashion, extreme love and literary paradise has umpteen numbers of guises. Although one can find the museum entry a bit steep and that fine dining come at a premium cost, but Paris also gives the tourists the leisure and opportunity of enjoying cheap and reasonable dates. When it comes to Paris, it is time to go weak on knees, rub elbows at authentic French markets and let yourself be seduced with the fabulous attractions around the place.
It is for sure by the time one leaves Paris, he is definitely going to miss the cheese, wine and the flashing Eiffel Tower keyring. The gothic touches and gargoyles are essential for all the visitors along with the flea markets and antiques fair to let your imagination soar to the greatest heights.

Los Angeles- The city of dreams

Los Angeles has since infinite time been the city of dreams and a perfect place to start over for the disillusioned to rebuild the lives. It has now become the second largest city in the United States comprising umpteen numbers of tourists attractions covered with sunny climate, entertainment industry and beautiful beaches.

Los Angeles gets the charm from the glamour and California climate in turn associated with thetelevision and motion-picture industries in addition to the Disneyland. All these together make the city one of the top tourist destinations around the world. One can contact the travel agencies for tailor made trips to accommodate all the necessary requirements and travel needs.


The city might be the epicenter in terms of entertainment but one can heartily enjoy this amazing land of various art forms, architecture, eye candies and even the atmosphere. From shopping the finest and most branded stuff to simply walking along with beach and admiring the beauty of nature,the city gives the tourists everything they want and in any quantity.
One can look forward to getting drenched in the mesmerizing atmosphere and breathtaking aroma of the city which is sure going to leave him spell bound and with the want of returning back again and again.