Best Museums in Florida (Part 1)

Best Museums in Florida (Part 1)

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Best-Museums-in-Florida-Part-1 Best Museums in Florida (Part 1)

When you think of Florida, museums certainly are not the main thought that comes to mind. However, even during an awful rainy day in the Sunshine State you must have a backup plan to keep you and your kids entertained. And if swimming or sunbathing is not a viable option, you should pay a visit to some of the best museums in Florida:


1. Kennedy Space Center (Best Museums in Florida – Cape Canaveral)

Countless models of rockets, an original-size space shuttle that visitors can board and spectacular 3D films convey an impression of life in space. During a roughly two-hour bus sightseeing tour, you will see the assembly hangars and launching pads as well as exhibitions about the first moon landing and space travel in general. Astronaut Encounter allows those who wish to do so to meet an astronaut.


2. Old State Capitol (Best Museums in Florida – Tallahassee)

The state governance of Florida resided in this large, white domed building until the 1970s Since the government moved to the not particularly attractive, neighboring, 22-story office tower, the building houses exhibitions regarding the history of the state. Anyone wishing to expand his or her knowledge can pay a visit to the Museum of Florida History in the adjacent R.A. Gray Building.


3. Dali Museum (Best Museums in Florida – St. Petersburg)

The industrialist A. Reynolds Morse, a long-time friend and promoter of Salvador Dali, purchased around 1,400 paintings from the famous Spanish artist during his lifetime, which he then gave to the museum in 1982. After visiting the museum, the well-stocked museum shop, a library and a café are inviting places to spend a little time.


4. Museum of Contemporary Art (Best Museums in Florida – North Miami)

The Museum of Contemporary Art presents temporary exhibitions by modern artists. They are also listed on the website. Major artists featuring in the collection include Morgin, Klassen or Ackerman, for example. Over 20.000 people of all ages, from children to teenagers and adults take part in various art programmes each year. In the creative sphere of the museum, skills are developed, an aesthetic eye is developed and creativity is supported. With the assistance of professional artists, participants will obtain primary experience, and under guidance they can discuss their own work. The exhibition pieces are not only from well-known artists, but also from recently discovered artists who are always discovering new forms of art and displaying them in the Museum o Contemporary Art.


5. Museum of Fine Arts (Best Museums in Florida – St. Petersburg)

The permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts is breathtaking. You rarely see so many famous names and works in one spot. Numerous impressive pictures represent the art of the 17th, 18th and 19th century. In addition to the collection, there are also temporary exhibitions. To take a break, you can grab a gourmet lunch in the café and recharge your batteries.