Best Museums in Florida (Part 2)

Best Museums in Florida (Part 2)

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Best-Museums-in-Florida-Part-2 Best Museums in Florida (Part 2)

There are many interesting museums in Florida, from kids’ museums to science museums and art museums. Keep reading this article to discover which are the best museums in Florida:


6. Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Ocala)

Only around 3,000 Seminoles still live in Florida today. This museum, with its exhibition and film screening, offers interesting insights into their history and philosophy. Also worth visiting are the botanic nature trail and the open-air area where one can watch craftsmen at work, making clothes, baskets and jewelry. Anyone wishing to know more about the flora and fauna in this region should take a boat ride through the Everglades, accompanied by a Native American guide.


7. Orlando Museum of Art (Best Museums in Florida – Orlando)

In the Orlando Museum of Art there is always a range of interesting temporary exhibitions. The permanent collection includes African artworks or American art after 1945, featuring paintings, photographs, sculptures and much more. Art before 1945 is also well represented. Burnham, Crawford, Evans and Hassam are just a few of the names. There is also a permanent contemporary American design collection. A visit to the Museum of Art promises visitors many new wonderful discoveries.


8. World Erotic Art Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Miami Beach)

The largest museum for erotic art in America is in Miami. From antique to modern works, everything is represented here. Paintings, sculptures and tapestries are all part of the repertoire. An example of one of the temporary exhibits is the 20 copper engravings by Rembrandt van Rijn. The honesty with which nudity and the human body are portrayed was new at the time. Famous works include “Adam and Eve”, by Lucas Cranach the Elder “A man Making Water” or “Woman Sitting Half-Dressed Beside a Stove”, by Rembrandt. Temporary exhibitions always offer a diverse variety of erotic works.


9. The Jewish Museum of Florida (Best Museums in Florida – Miami Beach)

The Jewish Museum portrays the lives of Jews in Florida. Subject matter includes immigration, the community and synagogue, and public endeavors, such as interaction between religions or anti-Semitism. There are many photos and documents complementing this assortment. Less than 1% of the world’s population is Jewish. However, their culture has survived, while other people’s traditions have been lost. The Jewish Museum of Florida does not only explain these changes, but it also strives to increase your knowledge about Jewish culture. Your understanding about this minority’s history will be improved, which should in turn lead to tolerance and a lack of resentment or prejudice.


10. Miami Children’s Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Miami)

Children can come and play, imagine learn and create at Miami Children’s Museum. Colorfully designed, it invites youngsters to learn about many different aspects of life.

At the bank, for example, one can learn how to save, spend and earn money. The Health & Wellness Center explains how to eat healthily and stay fit. Everything is set up to satisfy the demands of children. There are of course many more activity areas to discover. A day at Miami Children’s Museum is an unforgettable experience for the entire family.