Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California (II)

Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California (II)

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Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Ashkenaz Music & Dance – Community music and dance center


The Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center is an unusual and yet typically Berkeley venue. It was founded in 1973 by David Nadel, a social activist and folk dancer, as a non-profit. 


This is where I went to see my friend Michael perform with his Balkan music band. The evening was devoted totally to Balkan music, and involved community dancing done by children as well as octogenarians.


Ashkenaz, on San Pablo Avenue near Gilman in west Berkeley, presents live music six nights a week. The music can best be describe as "world" music and "roots" music, often nurturing an ethnic cultural expression. Check their website and look over the ambitious monthly menu of performances to choose something of interest to you.


Kick back with a glass of wine or beer and the organic vegetarian food of the Ashkenaz Cafe and enjoy a performance. 


Besides performances, Ashkenaz presents a spectrum of classes in dance, movement, and music.



Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Barney 's Gourmet Hamburger – The burger at its best


Barney's is the place for a good, honest burger.


It is in the Gourmet Ghetto, but is not intimated by the competition.


Patrons sit out on a terrace when the weather is sunny and enjoy their burgers.


Of course, this being Berkeley, Barney's burgers have a pedigree. They even serve 11 vegetarian burgers, such as the Teriyaki Veggie, with a pattie consisting of sauteed bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms, smothered in a teriyaki glaze.


Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Bette's Oceanview Diner – A classic diner on Fourth Street


Bette's Oceanview Diner attempts to re-create a classic diner and has succeeded now for decades. The enduring success of this restaurant is due to the founder, Bette Kroening, who started here in 1982. 


Her latest evolving interest is a five-acre organic farm near Sebastopol, where she and husband Manfred practice the food gardening arts.


Serving only breakfast and lunch, Bette's also has a thriving takeout business. 


Bette's offers a dependable and tasty dining option for shoppers in the busy Fourth Street area.


The establishment now has a vigorous mail order business if you want their buttermilk pancake or scones mix, as examples.