Best Places to Eat in Thailand (II)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand (II)

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Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Bang Po Thakho Seafood – The best Samui-style seafood


On the north side of the island, Bang Po Thakho does excellent Samui-style seafood, which means a few things. First, it's southern-Thai food style, which means you'll get a lot of sour notes. Second, it uses a lot of Samui's main ingredient: coconuts. Third, it has some dishes that are good for experimental eaters, such as sea urchin and baby octopus. 


Tables are set up on the beach, and diners are automatically given shells filled with a spicy shrimp paste with fresh veggies on the side. Have fun and order a lot of dishes!


Bang Po Thakho is located on the northwest side of the island in Bang Po village. It's next door to the 4 Monkeys bar.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Beetroot Stories – Vegetarian food in Chiang Mai’s Old City


A little vegetarian restaurant with delightfully colorful food (maybe because of all those beets?), Beetroot Stories has a small but delicious menu that takes Thai specialties and makes them just a little bit more special. For example, the Massaman curry is made a bit sweeter with pineapple and cinnamon sticks, and a little bit more healthy by being served with brown rice. The French toast is not only sweet and banana-y, but nutty as well – and totally delicious. Cappuccinos are made yummy with coconut milk and cinnamon. Also on the menu are salads, smoothies, lassies, and all-day breakfast. 



In the courtyard behind Wawee Coffee on Rachadamnoen Rd, Beetroot Stories shares outside tables with some of the other small restaurants in the area. 


There is no website, but they do have a Facebook page.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: KaTi – Restaurant and cooking school on Ko Chang


In an easy-to-miss building along the road at Khlong Phrao, Ko Chang, KaTi is worth looking out for. Both a restaurant and a cooking school, it does beautiful curries and unique smoothies.


It's opposite the side of the road that the beach is on, at Khlong Prao.