Best Places to Eat in Thailand (III)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand (III)

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Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Blue Lagoon – Cooking school, excellent restaurant, and bungalows on Ko Chang


Right before Khlong ("canal") Prao enters the ocean, it widens into a small lagoon. Over this lagoon hover a half-dozen wooden bungalows trimmed in turquoise-painted wood. It's a great spot to wake up.


The Blue Lagoon restaurant, cooking school and resort are all worth your while. Run by a family of big-smiled women who share their grandmother's recipes with students, the complex includes an organic garden and romantic eating pavilions. A thin floating bridge leads you to a sandy beach where you can enjoy a sunset beer at one of the many beach bar establishments.


A cooking class runs 1000baht / person and you'll learn some Thai basics such as pad thai, chicken and cashews, and curry. As a gift you'll receive an arty cookbook of all the recipes you used. 


Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Blue Lagoon


The small bungalows on the lagoon are 700 baht, while two-story "garden" bungalows, which are much larger, are 1000. 


Be forewarned, however: if guests decide to stay an extra day or two, Blue Lagoon honors that and not a reservation. Therefore, it's possible that if you make a reservation more than a day or two in advance, you could arrive to no room. We've seen it happen. It's best to call and confirm your reservation the day you are arriving.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: May Kaidee – Vegetarian restaurant and cooking school


May Kaidee is a small chain with restaurants in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Their vegetarian food is vibrant, colorful and healthy – for example, they use brown rice instead of white for all dishes. 


The Chiang Mai location was recently remodeled and expanded and now takes up a lovely garden corner on Ratchapakinai Rd. Dishes are very affordable, with mains like curry and vegetable fried rice costing between fifty and sixty baht. If you have food sensitivities or allergies, they can work with you on special orders. 


Best Places to Eat in Thailand: May Kaidee


May Kaidee also holds a vegetarian cooking school daily at 9am for 1200 baht. The class last half a day, and you'll learn to make vegetarian versions of pad thai, massamam and green curry, and about a half dozen other dishes. A trip to the market will introduce you to many of Thailand's unique fruits and veggies.