Best Places to Eat in Thailand (IV)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand (IV)

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Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Na's Kitchen, Pai – Amazing Thai food in Pai


Na's Kitchen is friendly and delicious. The clientele appears to be mostly foreigners, but the food is good enough to appeal to Thais. Try the Penang curry, and the ramen noodles with pork. 


It's only open for dinner.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Pum Ko Phi Phi – Restaurant and cooking school on Ko Phi Phi


Cheerful Pum is a small chain with three locations: Ko Phi Phi, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. 


It does excellent Thai staples at very reasonable prices, and uses natural, whole ingredients. The restaurant interior is relaxing and comfortable, cool gray cement shows off bright orange pillows and decor.


Dishes have fun names such as "red lipstick" (red curry), and cocktails are creative: try the lemongrass and Mekong whisky, or Thai coffee and Mekong whisky. Sweet and refreshing!


Cooking classes are held twice a day at 1pm and 4pm; you can do short classes that focus on a single dish for 399 baht, or three-hour classes for 1200 baht, plus options in-between.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Regina Garden – The place to eat some tam and watch the sun set


One of the most laid-back venues along this block of riverfront restaurants and bars, Regina's has a mellow garden atmosphere. Tables are set on the grass or dirt along the water, or up higher on a covered patio. Whimsical wooden sculptures adorn the leafy grounds, while inside is what feels like an antique curios shop. Prices are reasonable for the atmosphere and location; about 80-100 baht for Thai mains. Some of the staff doesn’t speak English but the menu is in both Thai and English.