Best Places to Eat in Thailand (V)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand (V)

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Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Pum Patong – Restaurant and cooking school


The younger sister to Ko Phi Phi's Pum, Pum Patong maintains the fun vibe and yummy food, as well as the excellent cooking classes. 


Pum emphasizes simple, whole ingredients, and the result is super-tasty treats.


Dishes have fun names such as "red lipstick" (red curry), and cocktails are creative: try the lemongrass and Mekong whisky, or Thai coffee and Mekong whisky. Sweet and refreshing!


Cooking classes are held several times a day, at 11am, 4pm and 6pm. You can take short classes that focus on a single dish for 399 baht, or three-hour classes for 1200 baht, plus options in-between.


Call ahead to make a reservation or schedule a private cooking class.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Tonsai – Great Thai food on Ko Chang


A large menu of Thai specialties is the reason to visit Tonsai. Besides the usual curry favorites, you can try less mainstream (but still friendly) dishes, such as dried pork with sticky rice and som tam or Thai lettuce hand wraps. The menu is extensive and it's a good place to dine with friends, as you can order many dishes and eat them Thai-style.


It's in a lovely garden setting that offsets the road's proximity. 



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Baan Chivit Mai Bakery – Where to get your jelly rolls


This bakery is popular with newspaper-reading expats and carb-loving travelers. With two small cases filled with items such as brownies, jelly rolls and fresh-baked bread, the Swedish bakery is a great place to stop before a long bus ride. (It's right across the street from the Chiang Rai bus terminal and the Night Bazaar.)


Baan Chivit Mai is part of a larger social enterprise offering local independent relief. The bakery functions as vocational training for prostitutes and drug dealers.