Best Places to Visit in Tuscany, Italy (Part 3)

Best Places to Visit in Tuscany, Italy (Part 3)

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From stunning hilltop villages and breathtaking scenery, to cultural highlights and hearty cuisine worth dying for, Tuscany has it all. This week, Cheap Travel Hunter concludes the series of the best places to visit in Tuscany with four amazing tourist objectives.

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7. Piazza del Campo

Within the heart of Siena, you will find Piazza del Campo, which is famous for its distinctive shell form. This square is thought to be the core of city life and it’s definitely one of the best places to visit in Tuscany. Here you will find Fonte Gaia, a unique quadrilateral fountain with figures carven on the edges. The original fountain, by Jacopo della Quercia is now in Santa Maria della Scala, the one in the market being an extraordinary accurate copy by Tito Sarrocchi.

8. Palazzo Pubblicco – Tore del Mangia

The famous Torre del Mangia and The Public Palace are located on the same side of Piazza del Campo and are both worth mentioning when talking about the best places to visit in Tuscany. The Tower (Torre del Mangia), which is 102 m high, was built in 1848 and offers great views across Siena and its surroundings. The Public Palace (Palazzo Pubblico), built between 1297 and 1342 is an example of great Gothic architecture in Tuscany, housing an interesting exhibition of murals from artists like Vecchinetti, Simone Martini and Sodom.


9. Piazza Salimeni

Three important buildings mark The Salimbeni Square, but Salimbeni Palace is by far the most important. It represents the headquarters of Bank of Siena “Monte dei Paschi di Siena”, founded more than 500 years ago. Inside the palace there is a rich collection of paintings and works of art that can be seen only by appointment.


10. Duomo of Siena

Duomo Cathedral is a beautiful building, a mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture, with facades covered in white and green marble. It contains the works of great artists such as Donatello, Pisano and Arnolfo di Cambio. One of the main attractions is the floor, which is made of marble and resulted from the contribution of many artists. Duomo Museum, located within the same square, contains the original statues by Pisano – moved here for conservation – and many works of art, including the famous "Maesta" by Duccio di Buoninsegna. And because the best places to visit in Tuscany have more than one tourist attraction in their surroundings it’s worth mentioning Santa Maria della Scala Hospital, which now houses a museum complex with many works of art and treasures collected over its long history.