Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece (I)

Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece (I)

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In 1985 Athens was elected the first European cultural capital, and not without reason. With its 5,000-year history of settlement the city is amongst the oldest in Europe. The most ancient part of the city is the Acropolis, the military and religious centre of the ancient world. Nowadays, Athens is a lively industrial and commercial city, Greece’s economic and cultural magnet. Read more about the Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece.


Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece: Panathinaikon (Building)


This stadium, built new for the 1896 Olympic games, is shaped like a horseshoe and entirely of white marble. The original Kallimarmaro stadium built in 330 BC was located in the same place. Today, the 60,000-seat circular stadium is only used for cultural or political events. However, the stadium was used as the finishing line for the marathon at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, as well as the venue for the archery competitions.


Location: Metro station: Akropoli (Line 2), Syntagma (Lines 2, 3)


Price: Free


Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece: Hadrian’s Library (Building)


Hadrian’s Library is located to the south of Monastiraki Square. The Roman emperor Hadrian had it built in the year 132 A.D. In 412 the building was integrated into the city’s defensive wall. Today, only a part of the outer wall and a few Corinthian columns are still visible.



Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece: Lysikrates Monument (Memorial)


The Lysikrates Monument recalls the victory of choreger Lysikrates with this boys’ choir in 335 / 334 B.C. at the annual contest held at the Dionysos Theatre. The small circular temple is 6.5m high and stands on a stone plinth. The exterior is adorned with 6 Corinthian pillars.


Location: Metro stop Akropoli (Line 2)


Price: Freely accesible



Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece: Syntagma Square (Square)


This is Athens’ emblematic square – parliament stands here. The Grave of the Unknown Soldier is found outside the building. Every hour, visitors can watch the changing of the guard (who wear historical costumes). The square lies in the centre of the city and is a metro intersection, making it a good meeting point. Down in the metro station you can admire archaeological finds in display cases – items discovered when the metro was constructed. There are plenty of hotels, bars and nightclubs at Syntagma Square.


Location: Metro stop Syntagma (Lines 2, 3)


Price : Freely accessible