Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece (III)

Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece (III)

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In 1985 Athens was elected the first European cultural capital, and not without reason. With its 5,000-year history of settlement the city is amongst the oldest in Europe. The most ancient part of the city is the Acropolis, the military and religious centre of the ancient world. Nowadays, Athens is a lively industrial and commercial city, Greece’s economic and cultural magnet. Read more about the Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece.



Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece: Dionysos Theatre (Theatre)


The Dionysos theatre is said to be the birthplace of ancient drama and was the most important theatre in Greece. In honor of the god Dionysos annual Dionysia were held, a festival with music, dance, theatre and song. Important work of the well-known ancient tragic poets Aischylos, Sophokles and Euripides were performed for the first time in the Dionysos theatre during these festivals.


Location: Metro stop Akropoli (Line 2)


Price: 2,00 EUR



Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece: Roman Agora (Square)


The Roman agora was, like the original agora in Athens, a place an assembly for citizens and originated at the time of Roman rule. It was established around 10 AD and is bounded on the west side by a large market gate consisting of doric columns devoted to the Athenian Archegetes. The octagonal Tower of the Winds is located at the Agora. On each side is a frieze depicting a wind god, from whome the tower derived its name. It used to house a water clock, which showed the Athenians the official time.


Location: metro stop Monastiraki (Lines 1, 3)


Price: 2,00 EUR



Best Sights to Visit in Athens, Greece: Lykavittos (Viewpoint)


Lykavittos is Athen’s city hill. At 277 meters it is the highest point in the city. From above there is a fantastic panoramic view. The view over the city center and the ancient buildings is spectacular especially at dusk.


You can either travel up the hill by cable car, which begins in the Aristippou road, or take the ascent on by foot. Whereupon you are rewarded during your walk with a beautiful view of the city and the Acropolis.


Location: The Lykvittos hill lies between the districts of Neapoli and Kolonaki. The cable car valley station is on the corner of Plutarchou / Aristippou streets.


Price: Freely accessible