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May 9, 2014

Best Haunted Places to Visit

Caution for the fearful: perhaps you should stop reading this article right now, because what follows is a review of the five most frightening haunted places in the world.   1. Terror Behind the Walls Set inside Philadelphia's

May 8, 2014

Best Cities in Florida (I)

When the Spanish arrived on the coast of Florida in the early 16th century, they initially thought that it was an island. They were not entirely wrong, as The Sunshine State, with its tropical temperatures, palm groves and sandy beaches

May 7, 2014

Best Golf Clubs on Vancouver Island (I)

"Where do you picture the clubhouse?" is a game some of us golfers play while we're driving along admiring landscape that seems naturally predisposed to being the perfect golf tract. Pristine and breathtakingly beautiful,

May 6, 2014

Most Important Tourist Attractions in Chicago (II)

Although Chicago is often called the “Second City” of the USA, it can easily compete with New York City. The city on the bank of Lake Michigan is not only one of the largest in the USA; it is also the economic and cultural c

May 3, 2014

Historic Hotels in Madrid, Italy (IV)

Historic Hotels in Madrid, Italy: Tryp Gran Via – Hemingway's hotel   Known as the Hotel Gran Vía in Ernest Hemingway’s day, who was a guest here during the Civil War, this Belle Époque period hotel ha

May 2, 2014

Best Places to Eat in Thailand (IV)

  Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Na's Kitchen, Pai – Amazing Thai food in Pai   Na's Kitchen is friendly and delicious. The clientele appears to be mostly foreigners, but the food is good enough to appeal to Tha

May 1, 2014

World’s Most Beautiful Flower Destinations (I)

Few spaces are more peaceful and awe-inspiring than a beautiful garden. One feels calmer when surrounded by flowers, water features, fountains and the sound of nature.   Some of the most beautiful gardens are found in California up

April 30, 2014

Best Cities to Visit in China (II): Chengdu

Best Cities to Visit in China: Chengdu   If you could sum up Chengdu in three words, it would be tea, pandas and cuisine. The capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu is the most important city in western China and the obvious place fr

April 29, 2014

Best Bath Houses & Pools in Budapest, Hungary (III)

Best Bath Houses & Pools in Budapest, Hungary: Hajós Alfréd Pool – Where the Olympians train   Despite being land-locked, Hungary is a land of water lover's, and champion swimmers and water polo players.

April 26, 2014

Historic Hotels in Madrid, Italy (III)

Historic Hotels in Madrid, Italy: Hotel Me Madrid Reina Victoria – Holding court on one of Madrid's most dynamic plazas   This hotel commands the main attention on the Plaza de Santa Ana, a terrific plaza filled with hist