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January 10, 2014

Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai (I)

Dubai is a city of superlatives: the best, the biggest, the newest, the most luxurious or unique are constantly recurring adjectives. In this article we will cover some of the best tourist attractions in Dubai. A quarter of all the cons

January 8, 2014

Tourist Attractions in Salzburg, Austria (I)

Salzburg, the capital of the Austrian state of the same name surely has the nearby salt mine to tank for its name and meaning. The mine, whose white gold above all helped the resident archbishops to power and riches. The money earned th

January 7, 2014

Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain (I)

Relaxation and leisure activities in Seville, Spain are incredibly overwhelming. Sports activities vary from classical dance classes – remember that Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco – to more action-orientated activitie

January 4, 2014

Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe (I)

Abandoned cities, ghostly islands, deserted train stations, or castles in ruins, places forgotten by people, which have an apocalyptic, but special beauty. This is a review of some of the most spectacular abandoned destinations across t

January 3, 2014

Best Hotels in La Paz, Bolivia (I)

1. Best Hotels in La Paz, Bolivia: Residencial Rosario – Calle Illampu 704 Rooms with a private bath cost 40% more than those without. Accommodations cluster around a courtyard that is comfortable and appealing. We think the rates

January 2, 2014

Getting Around in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (I)

Rio is a modern and well-serviced city divided into four main zones (the Northern Zone, Downtown, the Southern Zone, and the Western Zone). Public transport requires patience. Most of the better restaurants and virtually all hotels take

January 1, 2014

Tourist Attractions in New York (I)

1. Tourist Attractions in New York: Statue of Liberty The famous statue in New York Harbor, officially called “Liberty Enlightening the World”, is a national monument and symbol of American freedom. The present from France t

December 31, 2013

Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites (II)

A World Heritage Site could be a lake, a forest, an island, a monument or a city, recognized for its symbolic role in history, and which today is a famous tourist attraction.   As of 2013, UNESCO has a total of 981 sites: 759 cultu

December 29, 2013

Start the New Year in a New Destination

The New Year is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and of course, having a good time. After a while though, going to the same New Year’s parties can start to get a little… old. Your New Year’s Eve should have a f

December 28, 2013

Tourist Attractions in Egypt (I)

Adventurous camel rides in the barren deserts of the Sinai, exciting diving in the impressive Red Sea diving locations or simply basking in the sun of the beach. Keep reading to discover the most important tourist attractions in Egypt.