Castles to Visit in Wolfsburg, Germany

Castles to Visit in Wolfsburg, Germany

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Castles-to-Visit-in-Wolfsburg-Germany Castles to Visit in Wolfsburg, Germany

The city of Wolfsburg was initially established in 1938, under the name of “Stadt des KdF-Wagens” for the Volkswagen plant and its production of the VW-Beetle. It was later renamed to “Wolfsburg” by the City Council Assembly, in 1945.


The city celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2013.


In this article we’ll cover which castles to visit in Wofsburg, Germany, their amazing history and importance during the Middle Ages.


1. Castles to visit in Wolfsburg, GermanyWolfsburg

The “Wolfsburg” with its ornamental gables and the onion tower which dates back in the 16th century, is one of the most magnificent architectural marvels of the Northern Germany. Inside the castle you will find: the City Gallery, the City Museum, the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, the Heidersberger Institude, as well as the Teaching Workshop (regional teacher training).

A castle tour will walk you through the medieval chambers and teach you about the history of the 700 year-old architectural monument. Booking information about the tours and prices can be obtained from the City Museum.


2. Castles to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany – Neuhaus

The Castle Neuhaus is considered today one of the best preserved medieval moated castles in Northern Germany. Located in a beautiful natural landscape and partially surrounded by an enchanting pond, the historical moated castle Neuhaus lies in the immediate proximity to the city of Wolfsburg. Currently located in Castle Neuhaus are: Freundeskreis Burg Neuhaus e. V., Castle Museum, Newcastle Renaissance Dance Troup, art studies, a kindergarten, gymnasium, rooms for parties, meetings and annual events such as: Castle Sing (a singing event at the castle), Burgfest, a crafts market, activities put on by the local association of the Castle Museum. The documentation rooms in Castle Neuhaus are a branch location for the City Museum of Wolfsburg. Here are displayed documents and exhibits revealing the history of the castle and life in its times. Since August 2003, the Castle Museum has been managed by Freundeskreis Burg Neuhaus e.V.


3. Castles to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany – Fallersleben

Castle Fallersleben, within the heart of Fallersleben distirct, is located in the beautiful park next to St. Michael’s Church and was built during the 16th century. There were numerous farms associated with the U-shaped castle grounds back in the 18th century, such as the New Brewhouse, which has been well preserved till today and it is now an excellent example of rustic hospitality.

Until 1760 the castle was surrounded by an approximately 5 meters deep moat and could only be accessed over two bridges. One bridge and a portion of the moat were reconstructed in 1998, based on archeological excavations. The west wing of the castle, painstakingly restored in 1990, has been well preserved to this very day. Here you will find the vault cellar, grey paintings from the Renaissance period and Baroque stucco ceilings.