Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain (II)

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Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain (II)

Relaxation and leisure activities in Seville, Spain are incredibly overwhelming. Sports activities vary from classical dance classes – remember that Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco – to more action-orientated activities such as skydiving or visiting a waterpark.


If you want to get to know the city, embark in one of the tours, which take to the most exquisitely beautiful sights in double-decker buses. But you won’t be left high and dry on land alone, a journey on water is also possible: Take a boat ride on the Guadalquivir River and see the various sights and get a view of the city. The spas and thermal baths, such as the Aire de Seville, encourage visitors to relax, chill out and unwind completely.


6. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Skydiving (Other)

20 minutes south of Seville the unique opportunity to go skydiving and parachuting at 15,000 feet presents itself. The people who run the company have even done stunts for a James Bond film. You will receive detailed instructions before you do your tandem jump or solo jump.


7. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Sato Sport Santa Justa (Gym)

When it comes to sporting activities, the Sato Sport Santa Justa Gym has everything your heart desires. The gym was built in 2004 and it’s the largest gym in Europe, spread over 5 floors. Not only does it have various swimming pools, it also offers a hot tub, a sauna area, aerobics classes as well as weightlifting.


8. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Aquopolis (Waterpark)

A very special kind of watery fun can be had at the Aquopolis Water Park, on the former site of the 1992 World Exhibition. Water slides of all shapes and sizes provide adventure for young and old alike. However, land activities such as go-karting are also offered. Several small snack bars cater to your culinary needs.


9. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Jardines de Murillo (Park)

The Jardines de Murillo are found on the side of one of the Alcazar walls. Beautiful palm trees grow along the promenade, turning every stroll into an unforgettable experience. Sculptures and fountains are dotted all around, and lend the gardens a particular charm.


10. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Boat trip Cruceros Torre del Oro (Other)

Discover the beautiful scenery of Seville on a boat trip on the Guadalquivir River. Various themed trips make the excursion a very special day out. Multilingual commentary is also available during the trip. Boat trips run every 30 minutes from the Torre del Oro.

Glamping and more in Lebanon, Kentucky (II)

Glamping and more in Lebanon, Kentucky


Lebanon offers many unique and attractive venues for the couple searching for a unique wedding experience.


One of the newest venues, Limestone Branch Distillery is located right in crossroads between the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® and the Bourbon Craft Tour® routes. Limestone is a small family-owned and operated distillery. This hidden gem sells something a little different than Bourbon. Limestone offers Moon*Shine and Sugar*Shine. You can get your "Revenge", at Limestone, which is their closest bourbon product. The distillery also makes Climax Moonshine for Discovery Channel; "Moonshiners" star Mm Smith and a delicious new product "MoonPie Moonshine" in vanilla, chocolate or banana, made in cooperation with Chattanooga Bakery, the original MoonPie makers.


Glamping and more in Lebanon, Kentucky


Lebanon is in the heart of Bourbon Country. One of the world's most famous distilleries is only a short ten-minute drive from downtown Lebanon. Maker's Mark Distillery, located in Loretto, offers visitors tours of the bourbon making process and a chance to see how they dip the bottles in that famous red wax. You can even dip your own bottle in the gift shop.


Bourbon is only as good as the barrel it's aged in Independent Stave Company in Lebanon has been making bourbon barrels for a century. The Factory Tour gives visitors the chance to see how bourbon barrels are made, from shaping the staves, charring the inside, placing final hoops, and ensuring the barrel is liquid-tight without handmade sealers.


Glamping and more in Lebanon, Kentucky


One of the county's most famous residents, Ernie Brown, Jr., a.k.a. Turtleman, has his own exhibit at the Marion County Heritage Center. Brown was made famous by his role on Animal Planet's Call of the Wildman. The exhibit features items from Brown's childhood, his first turtle shows, a mock-up of the TV set, and a life-size stand-up perfect for a photo op. The Heritage Center is also home to memorabilia, artifacts, books and manuscripts depicting Marion County history and a genealogy room. The Center houses the collection of Don Johnson, one of the world's top trumpet players and a collection of memorabilia from another Marion County native, Eddie Miles, one of the country's most famous Elvis impersonators.



Getting Around Chile (I)

Getting Around Chile by Plane


Due to the length of the country and distances between its attractions, many visitors to Chile choose to travel on domestic flights in order to save time. Flights are a particularly popular option for travelers who arrive in Santiago and plan to visit the far north or Patagonia. The two main carriers in Chile are LAN and Sky Airlines, which link all the major cities in the country. 



Getting Around Chile – Patagonia


In Patagonia, where transportation is thin on the ground, local flights are a speedy alternative to long waits and circuitous bus and ferry routes, and a handful of small regional air carriers and private air charters compete with the major airlines. 



Getting Around Chile – Easter Island


One destination that virtually requires a flight is Easter Island, and LAN has several departures each week from Santiago. Be forewarned however, that the tickets don’t come cheap—they start at $500. Domestic tickets are subject to a small departure tax, but this is usually included in the ticket price; be sure to ask when booking.



Getting Around Chile by Boat


Chile hugs the Pacific, so it is not surprising that boats play an important role in the country’s travel infrastructure. This is especially true in Patagonia, where it can be nearly impossible to travel around without setting foot on the deck of a ferry. Many routes only run a few days each week, and the boats often travel slowly, but you will usually be compensated with some wonderful views. 



Getting Around Chile by Ferry


Ferry travel is not very expensive; the price depends on the company and the route, but you can usually count on a basic ticket costing about $2-3 for every hour of the trip. There are multiple classes of service on longer journeys, and prices rise according to the level of comfort. Ferries will also carry bicycles and automobiles for an extra charge. Charter and tour boats also serve some routes, providing greater comfort at a higher cost. During the winter, ferry service is sometimes suspended, and charters will be your only option.


Castles to Visit in Wolfsburg, Germany

The city of Wolfsburg was initially established in 1938, under the name of “Stadt des KdF-Wagens” for the Volkswagen plant and its production of the VW-Beetle. It was later renamed to “Wolfsburg” by the City Council Assembly, in 1945.


The city celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2013.


In this article we’ll cover which castles to visit in Wofsburg, Germany, their amazing history and importance during the Middle Ages.


1. Castles to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany – Wolfsburg

The “Wolfsburg” with its ornamental gables and the onion tower which dates back in the 16th century, is one of the most magnificent architectural marvels of the Northern Germany. Inside the castle you will find: the City Gallery, the City Museum, the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, the Heidersberger Institude, as well as the Teaching Workshop (regional teacher training).

A castle tour will walk you through the medieval chambers and teach you about the history of the 700 year-old architectural monument. Booking information about the tours and prices can be obtained from the City Museum.


2. Castles to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany – Neuhaus

The Castle Neuhaus is considered today one of the best preserved medieval moated castles in Northern Germany. Located in a beautiful natural landscape and partially surrounded by an enchanting pond, the historical moated castle Neuhaus lies in the immediate proximity to the city of Wolfsburg. Currently located in Castle Neuhaus are: Freundeskreis Burg Neuhaus e. V., Castle Museum, Newcastle Renaissance Dance Troup, art studies, a kindergarten, gymnasium, rooms for parties, meetings and annual events such as: Castle Sing (a singing event at the castle), Burgfest, a crafts market, activities put on by the local association of the Castle Museum. The documentation rooms in Castle Neuhaus are a branch location for the City Museum of Wolfsburg. Here are displayed documents and exhibits revealing the history of the castle and life in its times. Since August 2003, the Castle Museum has been managed by Freundeskreis Burg Neuhaus e.V.


3. Castles to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany – Fallersleben

Castle Fallersleben, within the heart of Fallersleben distirct, is located in the beautiful park next to St. Michael’s Church and was built during the 16th century. There were numerous farms associated with the U-shaped castle grounds back in the 18th century, such as the New Brewhouse, which has been well preserved till today and it is now an excellent example of rustic hospitality.

Until 1760 the castle was surrounded by an approximately 5 meters deep moat and could only be accessed over two bridges. One bridge and a portion of the moat were reconstructed in 1998, based on archeological excavations. The west wing of the castle, painstakingly restored in 1990, has been well preserved to this very day. Here you will find the vault cellar, grey paintings from the Renaissance period and Baroque stucco ceilings.


Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy (IV)

Lodging is abundant in Venice, but tends to be expensive and frequently booked up, especially during high season – April to August. So plan ahead and book rooms well in advance especially between May and October.



Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy: Pensione Accademia Villa Maravege


The Pensióne Accademia Villa Maravege, originally a private residence, served as the Russian Embassy between the two World Wars and since 1955 has been a hotel. The hotel is located near the Galleria dell'Accademia in the Dorsoduro district.


The twenty-seven rooms range widely in price from reasonable to high-end with views over the canal or the hotel's gardens and each room has a private bathroom. A buffet breakfast is included in the rate and is served in the garden in the summer months.


There is no elevator, but there are handicap accessible rooms.


There is a garden and Wi-Fi is available but you must pay by the hour. The Salmaso family also has apartments neighboring their restaurant, Ristorante da Raffae.



Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy: Pensione Calcina


Pensióne Calcina is a family-owned and operated hotel with twenty-nine rooms on the waterfront in the Dorsoduro district overlooking the Giudecca canal over to the island of Giudecca.


All rooms have Internet, wood-parquet floors and private bathroom. 


Calcina has a cafe, bar and restaurant. Dining options include an indoor dining room, garden terrace and rooftop terrace. Dishes are made using local and seasonal ingredients. They use only extra-virgin olive oil and only Italian wines are served.



Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy: Venice Hostel


The youth Hostel in Venice, part of the Hosteling International network, is on the island of Giudecca.


If you are traveling alone, or with a companion, hostels are one of the least expensive options since you are paying per bed, not room. 


Remember that to have an enjoyable stay you should get into the hostel mindset, which involves embracing noise, more of a social scene, and sharing space, including bathrooms. If you are in the mood, backpacking and staying at youth hostels are fun, cheap ways to travel. If you are not in the right frame of mind, they can seem nightmarish, and you are probably best advised to find an inexpensive pensión or pensión-style hostel to stay in where you can have your own room.


Best Places to Stay in Peru (II)

Peru, officially known as the Republic of Peru, is a fascinating country located in South America. It was home to ancient cultures spanning from the Norte Chico civilization – one of the oldest in the world, to the Inca Empire, the largest state in Pre-Columbian America. Peru is a wide mixture of cultural traditions, worth visiting any time of the year. This is a review of the best accommodation options in Peru.


8. Best Places to Stay in Peru: Casa Vieja – This Chachapoyas inn blends Colonial style with local art. Comfort is quite high and prices are on the budget side.


9. Best Places to Stay in Peru: Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel – Operated by Inkaterra, this hotel in Aguas Caliente combines the best aspects of staying in the cloud forest with some of the best accommodations in this small tourist town.


10. Best Places to Stay in Peru: Hotel Monasterio – This Cuzco gem is consistently ranked among the world’s best hotels. It is set in a monastery that was built over an Incan Palace. The amenities, restaurants, and services are all world-class.


11. Best Places to Stay in Peru: Luna Rumi – This Urubamba retreat is brand new, quiet, and more independent than many of its larger neighbors. The train to Machu Picchu can be caught right outside the front door.


12. Best Places to Stay in Peru: Las Arenas de Mancora – Now associated with the Libertador hotel chain, Las Arenas resembles a quaint, tranquil Caribbean resort with shady palm trees amid white sand and clear blue water, excellent cuisine, a stunning pool, and a number of other amenities.


13. Best Places to Stay in Peru: Sonesta Posada El Olivar – This classic San Isidro hotel is still one of the best options for business travelers and tourists. The suites here are some of the best in Lima.


14. Best Places to Stay in Peru: Country Club Hotel Lima – This high-end venue has long been the center of the social scene for Lima’s richest 1%. This national monument is all about classic style and features artwork from the Museo de Osma in Barranco throughout.


15. Best Places to Stay in Peru: Rural Farmhouse on Amantani – A classic tourist spot. A stay with a family on a Titicaca Isle opens you up to a completely different way of living, and allows you to encounter fantastic scenery and some of the brightest stars you will ever see.


Places to Stay in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the pretty capital of South Australia, a city of around 1.2 million set on the River Torrens in the middle of a tree-covered plain. Located between the Mt Lofty Ranges to the east and the beaches of Gulf St. Vincent in the west, it has a warm Mediterranean climate and is the driest of the Australian capitals.


Named in honor of Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, queen consort to King William IV, the city was founded in 1836 as the planned capital for a freely settled British province in Australia.


Colonel William Light designed the city with a one square mile grid layout, interspersed by wide boulevards and large public squares, and entirely surrounded by a ring of what are now State heritage-listed parklands. All this planning makes Adelaide a pleasing city to explore today.


Places to Stay in Adelaide, Australia: Buxton Manor

The 1908 heritage-listed Buxton Manor, surrounded by half an acre of cottage gardens in historic North Adelaide, is built in the William Morris ‘Arts & Craft’ style with decorative red brick with steep sloping roof lines and beveled lead lighted windows. It features Australian antiques, open log fires, polished spruce floors, gilt mirrors and antique beds.


Places to Stay in Adelaide, Australia: Fire Station Inn

The Fire Station Inn, in North Adelaide, features three suites including the Fire Engine Suite, a fully self-contained open plan apartment with antique fire truck; the baroque Loggia suite surrounded by a walled private courtyard garden; and the large 5-star contemporary Residency Penthouse with two bedrooms and a balcony overlooking the North Adelaide Cafe precinct. 


Places to Stay in Adelaide, Australia: Clarion Hotel Soho

The Clarion Hotel Soho, located near Adelaide’s trendy East End, is a designer hotel with an eclectic art collection that evokes the arty vibe of London’s Soho district. Features include 20th century designer furniture, bi-folding windows, 42 inch LCD TVs with free in-house movies. There is a rooftop deck where you can enjoy the heated jet pool overlooking Adelaide’s skyline.


Places to Stay in Adelaide, Australia: Magestic Roof Garden Hotel

The Magestic Roof Garden Hotel, the very affordable flagship property of Majestic Hotels, is centrally located near Rundle Street. It features king-size beds, modern bathrooms and a roof garden with views.


Best Museums in Florida (Part 2)

There are many interesting museums in Florida, from kids’ museums to science museums and art museums. Keep reading this article to discover which are the best museums in Florida:


6. Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Ocala)

Only around 3,000 Seminoles still live in Florida today. This museum, with its exhibition and film screening, offers interesting insights into their history and philosophy. Also worth visiting are the botanic nature trail and the open-air area where one can watch craftsmen at work, making clothes, baskets and jewelry. Anyone wishing to know more about the flora and fauna in this region should take a boat ride through the Everglades, accompanied by a Native American guide.


7. Orlando Museum of Art (Best Museums in Florida – Orlando)

In the Orlando Museum of Art there is always a range of interesting temporary exhibitions. The permanent collection includes African artworks or American art after 1945, featuring paintings, photographs, sculptures and much more. Art before 1945 is also well represented. Burnham, Crawford, Evans and Hassam are just a few of the names. There is also a permanent contemporary American design collection. A visit to the Museum of Art promises visitors many new wonderful discoveries.


8. World Erotic Art Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Miami Beach)

The largest museum for erotic art in America is in Miami. From antique to modern works, everything is represented here. Paintings, sculptures and tapestries are all part of the repertoire. An example of one of the temporary exhibits is the 20 copper engravings by Rembrandt van Rijn. The honesty with which nudity and the human body are portrayed was new at the time. Famous works include “Adam and Eve”, by Lucas Cranach the Elder “A man Making Water” or “Woman Sitting Half-Dressed Beside a Stove”, by Rembrandt. Temporary exhibitions always offer a diverse variety of erotic works.


9. The Jewish Museum of Florida (Best Museums in Florida – Miami Beach)

The Jewish Museum portrays the lives of Jews in Florida. Subject matter includes immigration, the community and synagogue, and public endeavors, such as interaction between religions or anti-Semitism. There are many photos and documents complementing this assortment. Less than 1% of the world’s population is Jewish. However, their culture has survived, while other people’s traditions have been lost. The Jewish Museum of Florida does not only explain these changes, but it also strives to increase your knowledge about Jewish culture. Your understanding about this minority’s history will be improved, which should in turn lead to tolerance and a lack of resentment or prejudice.


10. Miami Children’s Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Miami)

Children can come and play, imagine learn and create at Miami Children’s Museum. Colorfully designed, it invites youngsters to learn about many different aspects of life.

At the bank, for example, one can learn how to save, spend and earn money. The Health & Wellness Center explains how to eat healthily and stay fit. Everything is set up to satisfy the demands of children. There are of course many more activity areas to discover. A day at Miami Children’s Museum is an unforgettable experience for the entire family.


Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy (III)

Lodging is abundant in Venice, but tends to be expensive and frequently booked up, especially during high season – April to August. So plan ahead and book rooms well in advance especially between May and October.



Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy: Il Lato Azzurro


Situated on the garden island of Sant’ Erasmo (northeast of Venice), Il Lato Azzurro is a cultural center with lodging, and for those interested, themed retreats. Meals served, including vegetarian dishes, are made with local and fair-trade ingredients. Twenty bikes are available for guest use and kayaks can be rented. Breakfast is included. Packed lunches are available for 8 to 10 Euros and dinner is a 25 Euro prix fixe. 


Sant’ Erasmo is known as the green, garden island—producing fruits and vegetables for its inhabitants and Venice. You can buy fresh honey from the beekeepers. The sandy beach is far less crowded than those on Lido. 


You can reach the island by vaporetto from Venice—take Vaporetto Number 13 from the Fondamente Nove stop on the north side of Venice—almost due north of the Rialto Bridge. #13 stops in Murano, Vignole and then makes 3 stops on Sant’ Erasmo— Capannone, Chiesa and P. Ta Vela. For Il Lato Azzurro get off at Capannone.


Il Lato Azzurro's address is Via Forti 13—about a 15-minute walk from the Vaporetto stop, or call ahead and they will pick you up in a minivan.



Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy: La Locanda di Orsaria


La Locanda is in a 16th century home formerly owned by a Venetian Republic Captain, but now a family-run hotel. The hotel rooms are all non-smoking and each has a private bathroom. 


Located near the train station, the small hotel is very convenient, but on a quiet side street. La Locanda offers free WiFi and breakfast, with two types of rooms—standard and superior.



Best Places to Stay in Venice, Italy: Maison de Charme Balbi


Maison de Charme Balbi is housed in a 15th century marble palace with a private courtyard garden.


At the Maison de Charme Balbi there are four rooms reasonably priced with private bathrooms. 


Around the corner from St. Mark's Plaza, Charme Balbi is conveniently located and perfect if you like to be in the center of activity.



Best Private Island Getaways (II)

For many travelers, their idea of a perfect vacation is a secluded spot away from the rest of the world. These vacationers prefer to be close to nature, isolation and utter relaxation. If this kind of destination appeals to you, we've picked out the best private island gateways. The following islands all have one thing in common: peace and quiet.


3. Best Private Island Gateways: Heron Island —Australia

Heron Island is just one gem between the Queensland coast and the Great Barrier Reef — one of The 7 Wonders Of The World. But Heron Island is actually right on top of the reef. So, where a trip to the reef from some islands means a long boat ride, on Heron, the coral is right at your front door. Heron is not a large island, but it is a protected sanctuary for both sea turtles and birds: watching turtle hatchlings make their perilous journey to the sea is a prime activity around the holiday season. Diving is the main attraction, centered on corals and fish (lionfish, butterfly fish, sharks, manta rays, and a cast of thousands). Blue Pools is a little bay that is sheltered by the edge of the Heron reef. Essentially current free, it allows snorkelers to enjoy watching the local fish clans cruise the corals. It is estimated that more than half of the 1,500 fish species on the Great Barrier Reef can be seen here.


4. Best Private Island Gateways: Koh Yao Yai — Thailand

Thailand has long been known for its beautiful beaches. Because of this fame, there has been a lot of development on the beaches of Thailand and people are starting to avoid them as its simply too crowded. What people don't realize, is there are hide-aways in Thailand that are not yet developed, offering the beautiful white sand beaches and lush jungle landscape —without the crowds. Koh Yao Yai, a small island just 30 minutes from Phuket or Krabi by boat, is that special undiscovered island. With few hotels on the island, there are no crowds. Koh Yao Yai Village resort is a small hotel located on the sleepy little island — perfect for someone looking to get away from the crowds and have an old-world Thai island experience. Note that the islanders are keen to preserve their traditional ways, so it's important to respect the local culture by dressing modestly and refraining from drinking alcohol outside of the restaurants/resorts catering to visitors.