Discover the Secrets of South Beach, Miami

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Discover the Secrets of South Beach, Miami

Don’t be daunted by the shirtless set — even foodies, art lovers, and band geeks can find their scene in Miami’s hottest district.


1. Secrets of South Beach, Miami: FLAGLER MEMORIAL ISLAND

Half a mile from South Beach, this three-acre, man-made island in Biscayne Bay has remained totally undeveloped, and is only reachable by private boat, Jet Ski, or, the best way, South Beach Kayak’s Fool Moon tour. On Saturdays closest to the full moon, kayakers embark on a sunset tour of the bay islands, ending with s’mores over a beach bonfire. Depart from Maurice Gibb


2. Secrets of South Beach, Miami: MONTY’S RAW BAR

With its no-frills tiki hut and plastic chairs, you’d never guess you were at the Miami Beach Marina, home to multimillion-dollar yachts. Have a cold one and a slice of key lime pie as you watch the boats set sail.


3. Secrets of South Beach, Miami: MY CEVICHE

Skip the long line at Joe’s Stone Crab for James Beard nominee Samuel Gorenstein’s fresh spin on seafood.

Despite the chef’s pedigree, it’s take-out or delivery only, so the best way to enjoy the ceviche (octopus, fish, or shrimp) is a picnic in nearby South


4. Secrets of South Beach, Miami: WOLFSONIAN-FIU

Think South Beach is only about art deco? Step inside Florida International University’s design museum, where movements such as modernism and art nouveau are well represented in the 120,000 pieces of furniture, posters, and textiles from 1885 to 1945. And the onsite shop is a trove of usable gifts: retro cardboard suitcases, Mondrian-inspired boxes, or a USB drive based on the 1929 Wrestler statue in the lobby.


5. Secrets of South Beach, Miami: DAVID’S CAFE

Locals looking for a taste of old Miami amid the glitz swear by the Cuban sandwiches and cafés con leche at this 24-hour spot, opened by Cuban immigrants in 1977 in a former Jewish deli.


6. Secrets of South Beach, Miami: MIAMI BEACH SOUNDSCAPE

Next to Frank Gehry’s New World Center symphony hall is a two-and-a-half acre park that brings Mozart to the masses via its live Wallcast series: Select concerts are projected onto a 7,000-square-foot wall, while 167 speakers around the park mimic the sound inside the hall.


7. Secrets of South Beach, Miami: RIVIERA HOTEL SOUTH BEACH

This hotel, situated in an art deco building two blocks from the sand, added 50 rooms in May. A chic palette of dark hardwood floors, crisp white sheets, and tangerine accent pillows belie the great price point.


The World’s Most Unique Hotels (II)

Spend the night curled up like a hamster in a mound of straw beside your wheel or hunker down in an old prison with hardwood beds and spartan facilities. The trend for offbeat accommodation continues to grow. Travelers have become tired of the generic blandness of hotel rooms with their predictable layout and minibar. They demand something different. From luxury to deprivation, there is certainly plenty of variety in the unique hotel market. Let's take a look at a few of the more interesting options available around the world.



The World’s Most Unique Hotels: The Capsule Hotel


The Capsule Hotel on The Hague in the Netherlands definitely falls into the deprivation end of the unique hotel spectrum. The accommodation is a TEMP which is a totally enclosed propelled craft designed to be used by survivors of an oil-rig disaster. These little orange pods afloat The Hague have a quaint 70s Sci-Fi appeal but are definitely not for the claustrophobic. Each of the pods is a mere 12 square meters containing a simple hammock while the deluxe version has a toilet and a sheepskin throw. People seem to find bobbing about without a creature comfort appealing as the capsules are popular and the company is expanding further afield.



The World’s Most Unique Hotels: The Art Museum Hotel


Ever wanted to live within a work of art? Well now you can at the Art Museum Hotel in the Sicilian seaside village of Castel di Tusa, 20 kilometers from Cefalu. Twenty of the 40 rooms have been created by leading European contemporary artists fashioning the space from a variety of materials—wood, paper, copper—working with textures and color to make unique rooms. You can choose to change your mom each day to inhabit a new vision. Beyond the hotel's ultra modern interior is the sea and the old traditional architecture of the Sicilian village. The hotel has its own sculpture garden and the outdoor Regional Museum of Sculpture in nearby. This is an art lover's destination for sure.



The World’s Most Unique Hotels: The Huettenpalastin Berlin


Finally, for a whacky Berlin option try the Huettenpalastin Berlin. Here you can relive childhood camping trips within the spacious interior of an old modernist vacuum cleaner factory. Temperatures are kept balmy all year round, and you can bed down in a retro caravan with 'outdoor' dining table and barbecue. The Huetenpalast is the brain child of the Agency for Everything which nicely sums up the unique hotel ethos.




Top 10 Destinations in South America (I): Santiago, Chile

Ole! Besides salsa, sombreros and tequila, South America is a feast for one’s senses, with something for every kind of traveler. The continent is a patchwork of remarkable sceneries, with its snowcapped massifs, dangerous jungles, dreamlike deserts and spectacular mountain ranges, with many of its wonders remaining largely undiscovered.


South America offers rich experiences to travelers seeking natural wonders, ancient ruins, and vibrant cultural experiences.


Any of these ten destinations would make a fascinating trip on its own, or you could combine some or all of them for a memorable tour.



Top 10 Destinations in South America: Santiago, Chile


Santiago de Chile, the capital city of Chile, sits squarely within the central valley of the country.


Santiago makes an ideal winter holiday destination for ski lovers, thanks to Valle Nevado. With nearly 3,000 hectares of skiable domain, it’s the largest skiing spot in South America. If you're planning to travel to Santiago in summer, you can go hiking or do a picnic at the same location. Consider using the Mirador chairlift to take you all the way up to the top, where you can also sign up for more fun activities like horseback riding, going trekking with guides, and even rock climbing.



Top 10 Destinations in South America: Santiago, Chile


Architecture lovers will fall head over heels for the city's neoclassical architecture, long winding streets decked with numerous art deco, neo-gothic and other famous style buildings. Start with the Plaza de Armas, the city's historic center, to view some of the best heritage architecture. Do not miss the National History Museum and the Central Post Office here. Take in a little bit of architecture and history together by paying a visit to Pablo Neruda's house in Santiago. If you want a little more of the poet, check out his houses in Valaparaiso and Isla Negro as well.


For the lazy holiday lovers, Santiago offers tours to hot springs at Banos Colina, the Fine Arts Museum, the bohemian Barrio Bellavista. The nightlife at Barrio Bellavista is best experienced in the many bars here, especially after midnight. You can even sample delicious late night street food in this area.


Top 10 Destinations in South America: Santiago, Chile


The best part about Santiago is its bicycle-friendly streets, so you can pedal all over the city to explore its culture.


Lodging in Santa Barbara, California (III)

Santa Barbara is the county seat of Santa Barbara County, California, located in Southern California. If you’ve planned a tour of the Central California Coast, then Santa Barbara is definitely the best overnight destination. This articles series will reveal everything you need to know about lodging in Santa Barbara, California:


Lodging in Santa Barbara, California: El Capitan Canyon Resort – Upscale camping by the beach


Want to commune with nature but don't want to pitch a tent? Sleep on comfy beds with linens and duvets in safari tents or cedar cabins, sprinkled along the banks of El Capitan Creek. 


The 300-acre site includes a pool, spa treatment area (book a massage beneath the oaks and sycamores), a market stocked with gourmet foods and hiking trails. El Capitan State Beach sits just below the resort near the mouth of the creek. 


On Saturday evenings, May through September, guests and visitors gather on the green for outdoor blues, jazz and bluegrass concerts. Admission is free to overnight guests; you can buy barbecue dinner for $18 per person ($12 per child). 


Traditional camping is available at the resort's sister property next door, Ocean Mesa Campground.



Lodging in Santa Barbara, California: El Encanto – Luxurious hillside hideaway


El Encanto dates back to 1915 and is one of Santa Barbara's most iconic and beloved properties. Over the decades, the peaceful retreat in a residential area in the hills above the Mission has welcomed many a celebrity, from Hedy Lamarr and President F.D. Roosevelt to Barbra Streisand and Prince Michael of Kent. Legions of locals have also come here to enjoy some of SB's most stunning views while dining and imbibing on the hillside terraces. 


Orient-Express, Ltd. purchased the 7-acre property in 2004 and poured more than $100 million to restore it to its original glory and then some. The 92 rooms and suites include two bungalow types: Craftsman and Mission. 


Stroll along paths through the colorful gardens, hang out in the spa facility and gaze at the ocean below while standing in the infinity pool. Even if you don't stay here, follow local tradition and come for sunset drinks or a meal in the Restaurant & Bar at El Encanto.


Lodging in Santa Barbara, California: Solvang Gardens – Green retreat, inside and out


In the last decade, Solvang Gardens Lodge remodeled the entire property, room by room. 


The owners recently changed the name to Solvang Gardens — A Boutique Country Inn. It's now a sparkling collection of buildings, including as small spa, set amid well-tended English gardens. It's also a county-certified Green Business.


Many of the 24 rooms have marble baths, and some have stone fireplaces, microwaves, and fridges. Rates include Wi-Fi and continental breakfast. This is a good and fairly affordable choice if you want to park your car and walk around Solvang.


Cheap Travel Hunter Guide – Krakow, Poland

For many centuries Krakow has been the capital of Poland and the country’s largest city. Polish rulers resided at Wawel Castle. The royal court moved to Warsaw in 1609, after parliamentary sessions and the election of
kings began to take place
there. Until the collapse of the First Republic, however, Krakow continued to be regarded as the official capital. Deprived of its former status, the city suffered a deep crisis in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Despite all the past upheavals, Krakow has retained its magnificence. It is more than 400 years since it ceased to be the seat of national government, and yet the city maintains its leading role in preserving Polish national identity. Wawel, the seat of Polish kings, the Cathedral that bore witness to their coronations and houses their tombs, as well as the Paulite Church “On the Rock” in whose crypt prominent Poles are buried, belong to the most treasured national heritage. The 600-year-old Jagiellonian University, formerly known as the Academy of Krakow, is the oldest and one of the most important universities in the country and a pillar of Polish culture.

Bearing in mind the small population of Krakow (approximately 760,000), visitors may be surprised by the great number of theatres, cabarets, concert halls and art galleries, which are always popular with regular audiences.

All polish medieval cities suffered badly during World War II. Luckily, the losses were minimal for Krakow.

With its rich heritage, Krakow is certainly the place to go for those interested in old Polish art. For many years the city’s architectural treasures were in a state of neglect, hidden beneath peeling plaster, cracking paint and layers of dirt caused by pollution, although many buildings have now been renovated and returned to their former splendor.

Krakow is different than other large European cities where the historical centers have been transformed into open-air museums. The medieval Market Square remains at the heart of today’s city. It is the venue for some of the most important events and the traditional meeting place for locals, visitors and all who enjoy Krakow’s unique atmosphere and heritage.

Eiffel Tower – The Most Amazing Tourist Attraction in Paris

Eiffel Tower – The Most Amazing Tourist Attraction in Paris (French: La Tour Eiffel) is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. It was named after Gustave Eiffel, who designed and built the tower. Erected in 1889, it has become both a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The tower is the tallest structure in Paris. More than 6.98 million people visited it in 2011. The tower is 1.063 feet tall, about the same height as an 81-storey building.


The tower has three levels open for visitors. The first and second level are with restaurants, while the third level is observatory's upper platform, 906 feet above the ground – the highest accessible to the public in Europe. To climb from ground level to the first level, you need to ascend 300 steps. Eiffel Tower – the most amazing tourist attraction in Paris was inaugurated in 1889 at the same time with the first Exposition: "The 1889 Exposition".


The tower itself is located at the intersection of the Quai Branly and Pont d'lena. More than 250 million people have visited the tower since 1889, and in 2012 there were 6.180.000 visitors. The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited monument in the world. The tower's restaurants, "Le 58 tour Eiffel", on the first floor and "Le Jules Verne", a gourmet restaurant on the second floor are the most visited restaurants in the Paris. These restaurants have one star in the Michelin Red Guide, ran by the multi-Michelin star chef, Alain Ducasse. The iron structure of the Eiffel Tower weighs about 7.300 tons, while the entire structure including the non-metal components is approximately 10.000 tons. Depending on the ambient temperature, the top of the tower may shift away from the sun by up to 18cm because of thermal expansion of the metal on the side facing the sun.


The Eiffel Tower is the most amazing tourist attraction in Paris, and because it’s so big, wind forces are of great importance. Many people were shocked by its daring shape. People thought that the Eiffel Tower was created without any regard to engineering, however Gustave and his engineers, as experienced bridge builders, understood the importance of wind forces. If they wanted to create the tallest building in the world, they had to be certain it would withstand against powerful winds. And the Eiffel Tower does.

Greatest Beach Towns on America’s East Coast (II)

From the North Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico, the United States east coast offers up some of the world's most spectacular beaches. Dotted along its sandy shore are wonderful towns and exciting regions playing host to millions of visitors each year. Though there are hundreds of beach towns scattered across America, here are six that are among the most popular from the coast of Maine to the shores of the Gulf.


3. Greatest Beach Towns on America’s East Coast: Cape Cod, Massachusetts — Whether traveling through the town of Falmouth, Brewster, Orleans, or Provincetown, "The Cape" is the place to be in New England between the months of May and September. From Nantucket Sound to Cape Cod Bay, this strip of paradise, located off the mainland of Massachusetts, has dozens of public beaches, charming Bed & Breakfast lodging, and incredible seafood restaurants. Located in Brewster, is the Ocean Edge Resort. Known as one of the Cape's premiere resorts, it offers accommodations ranging from one-room units to multi-bed condos, for nearly every kind of visitor. Tennis courts, a golf course just down the road, and a sand beach stretched out along the tranquil Cape Cod Bay, are just a few of its amenities. Traveling out to the tip of the Cape brings tourists to the hip town of Provincetown. Its narrow streets, eclectic restaurants and bars, and quaint stores create a special kind of magic. One of Cape Cod's most treasured locales is the National Seashore. Created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, nearly 40 miles of Cape Cod's shoreline facing the Atlantic Ocean is preserved in its pristine condition, the way Mother Nature meant it to be. A cool thing to do while at the National Seashore is to take one of the dune buggy rides over the miles of sand dunes. This is still possible because the tour was in existence before President Kennedy's declaration, which grandfathered the company in It is truly a fantastic experience, with tours leaving out of Provincetown daily. Experience Cape Cod yourself, and you will likely see why so many end up making the region an annual visit.


4. Greatest Beach Towns on America’s East Coast: Sarasota / Siesta Key, Florida —Siesta Key is annually given the distinction as one of the best beaches in the world. For those that live in Sarasota or just vacation there, Siesta Key is the gathering place for all to celebrate everything that is good about the Florida Gulf coast and its much-desired lifestyle. What makes Siesta Key so special is its vast stretch of public beaches. On the north end of Siesta Key you'll find an area called Siesta Key Village. These three or four blocks are full of quaint shops and casual restaurants that beg you to relax and enjoy the day. For boating enthusiasts, the south end of Siesta Key is where the local marina is located. So whether you want to spend the day on Sarasota Bay or lounge on the sand of the Gulf of Mexico, Siesta Key may be calling your name.


Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain (II)

Relaxation and leisure activities in Seville, Spain are incredibly overwhelming. Sports activities vary from classical dance classes – remember that Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco – to more action-orientated activities such as skydiving or visiting a waterpark.


If you want to get to know the city, embark in one of the tours, which take to the most exquisitely beautiful sights in double-decker buses. But you won’t be left high and dry on land alone, a journey on water is also possible: Take a boat ride on the Guadalquivir River and see the various sights and get a view of the city. The spas and thermal baths, such as the Aire de Seville, encourage visitors to relax, chill out and unwind completely.


6. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Skydiving (Other)

20 minutes south of Seville the unique opportunity to go skydiving and parachuting at 15,000 feet presents itself. The people who run the company have even done stunts for a James Bond film. You will receive detailed instructions before you do your tandem jump or solo jump.


7. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Sato Sport Santa Justa (Gym)

When it comes to sporting activities, the Sato Sport Santa Justa Gym has everything your heart desires. The gym was built in 2004 and it’s the largest gym in Europe, spread over 5 floors. Not only does it have various swimming pools, it also offers a hot tub, a sauna area, aerobics classes as well as weightlifting.


8. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Aquopolis (Waterpark)

A very special kind of watery fun can be had at the Aquopolis Water Park, on the former site of the 1992 World Exhibition. Water slides of all shapes and sizes provide adventure for young and old alike. However, land activities such as go-karting are also offered. Several small snack bars cater to your culinary needs.


9. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Jardines de Murillo (Park)

The Jardines de Murillo are found on the side of one of the Alcazar walls. Beautiful palm trees grow along the promenade, turning every stroll into an unforgettable experience. Sculptures and fountains are dotted all around, and lend the gardens a particular charm.


10. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Boat trip Cruceros Torre del Oro (Other)

Discover the beautiful scenery of Seville on a boat trip on the Guadalquivir River. Various themed trips make the excursion a very special day out. Multilingual commentary is also available during the trip. Boat trips run every 30 minutes from the Torre del Oro.

Glamping and more in Lebanon, Kentucky (II)

Glamping and more in Lebanon, Kentucky


Lebanon offers many unique and attractive venues for the couple searching for a unique wedding experience.


One of the newest venues, Limestone Branch Distillery is located right in crossroads between the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® and the Bourbon Craft Tour® routes. Limestone is a small family-owned and operated distillery. This hidden gem sells something a little different than Bourbon. Limestone offers Moon*Shine and Sugar*Shine. You can get your "Revenge", at Limestone, which is their closest bourbon product. The distillery also makes Climax Moonshine for Discovery Channel; "Moonshiners" star Mm Smith and a delicious new product "MoonPie Moonshine" in vanilla, chocolate or banana, made in cooperation with Chattanooga Bakery, the original MoonPie makers.


Glamping and more in Lebanon, Kentucky


Lebanon is in the heart of Bourbon Country. One of the world's most famous distilleries is only a short ten-minute drive from downtown Lebanon. Maker's Mark Distillery, located in Loretto, offers visitors tours of the bourbon making process and a chance to see how they dip the bottles in that famous red wax. You can even dip your own bottle in the gift shop.


Bourbon is only as good as the barrel it's aged in Independent Stave Company in Lebanon has been making bourbon barrels for a century. The Factory Tour gives visitors the chance to see how bourbon barrels are made, from shaping the staves, charring the inside, placing final hoops, and ensuring the barrel is liquid-tight without handmade sealers.


Glamping and more in Lebanon, Kentucky


One of the county's most famous residents, Ernie Brown, Jr., a.k.a. Turtleman, has his own exhibit at the Marion County Heritage Center. Brown was made famous by his role on Animal Planet's Call of the Wildman. The exhibit features items from Brown's childhood, his first turtle shows, a mock-up of the TV set, and a life-size stand-up perfect for a photo op. The Heritage Center is also home to memorabilia, artifacts, books and manuscripts depicting Marion County history and a genealogy room. The Center houses the collection of Don Johnson, one of the world's top trumpet players and a collection of memorabilia from another Marion County native, Eddie Miles, one of the country's most famous Elvis impersonators.



Getting Around Chile (I)

Getting Around Chile by Plane


Due to the length of the country and distances between its attractions, many visitors to Chile choose to travel on domestic flights in order to save time. Flights are a particularly popular option for travelers who arrive in Santiago and plan to visit the far north or Patagonia. The two main carriers in Chile are LAN and Sky Airlines, which link all the major cities in the country. 



Getting Around Chile – Patagonia


In Patagonia, where transportation is thin on the ground, local flights are a speedy alternative to long waits and circuitous bus and ferry routes, and a handful of small regional air carriers and private air charters compete with the major airlines. 



Getting Around Chile – Easter Island


One destination that virtually requires a flight is Easter Island, and LAN has several departures each week from Santiago. Be forewarned however, that the tickets don’t come cheap—they start at $500. Domestic tickets are subject to a small departure tax, but this is usually included in the ticket price; be sure to ask when booking.



Getting Around Chile by Boat


Chile hugs the Pacific, so it is not surprising that boats play an important role in the country’s travel infrastructure. This is especially true in Patagonia, where it can be nearly impossible to travel around without setting foot on the deck of a ferry. Many routes only run a few days each week, and the boats often travel slowly, but you will usually be compensated with some wonderful views. 



Getting Around Chile by Ferry


Ferry travel is not very expensive; the price depends on the company and the route, but you can usually count on a basic ticket costing about $2-3 for every hour of the trip. There are multiple classes of service on longer journeys, and prices rise according to the level of comfort. Ferries will also carry bicycles and automobiles for an extra charge. Charter and tour boats also serve some routes, providing greater comfort at a higher cost. During the winter, ferry service is sometimes suspended, and charters will be your only option.