Cheap Hotels in Costa del Sol

Cheap Hotels in Costa del Sol

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Cheap Hotels in Costa del Sol with Good Facilities

Costa del Sol is a town that boasts of lively night life and exotic tourist spots along with the beautiful beaches. It has a large collection of cheap hotels and café’s to eat, drink and make merry. This could probably be everything you would require for a relaxed holiday breakthrough in the sun. If you are looking for low cost holiday under the sun then the cheap hotels in Costa del Sol must be something you would like to consider. 

Torremolinos is one of the authentic hotels of the Spanish tourism detonation and this is just 7 miles from the Malaga airport. This place is on the route map of most of the cheap airlines; therefore putting together a relaxed and cheap holiday must not be that tough. Most of the cheap hotels in Costa del Sol are in the heart of the city. This comes with the choice that includes from the basic self-servicing complexes to the top hotels. All these are just at walk able distances from the beach.

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The best option for you if you are on a budget holiday but do not want to make a compromise on the quality is the cheap hotels in Costa del Sol. These are located very close to the restaurants and the bars and are in the middle of the city. Most of these hotels have all the facilities. You might possibly require inclusive of a café, swimming pools, gyms and a special room for games.

We at the Cheap Travel Hunter see to it that you get cheap hotels in Costa del Sol that are at just short distances from the coast where you can find the most beautiful and sandy beaches where you can freely relax, work on the tan and not remember the pressures of daily life. The beaches that are very close to the center of the Costa del Sol are usually packed during the summer and henceforth there will be a very lively atmosphere both in the bars and the sands of the beach.

If you would like to do something more than just soaking the warmth of the sun and be adventurous there are a number of cheap hotels in Costa del Sol that offer several water sports services. So that you would not have to miss out on the adventures of water skiing, paragliding and pedalo. If you take a longer stride from the crowded beaches at the town center you could find pretty beaches with lesser people if you are a person who does not love the crowds.

 We at the Cheap Travel Hunter work to see that everything is in place and ensure that you have the best facilities at cheaper prices. After a very long day of sun bathing you would want to find a place to eat and drink. This will surely not be a problem since the town center is filled with cafés that offer a wide range of food cuisine. Visit the Cheap Travel Hunter’s website for more information on the cheap hotels in Costa del Sol, the tourist spots and other services provided by us.

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