Get to Know about Tour Packages Before Comparing Rates

Cheap Travel Hunter (CTH) offers its customers a number of attractive tour packages and also allows them to do comparative study of rates of different packages so that they are able to choose the right type of tour package in their budget.

Before comparing the tour packages rate, it is important that you are familiar with different types of tour packages. Here is a brief description about varying characteristics of independent tour, cruise tour and escorted tour.

Escorted Tours:

It is noteworthy that escorted tour is lots affordable compared to independent tour. In this type of tour, hotel rooms are booked in bulk by the travel agency and thus the savings are distributed among the customers. The same rule applies on all other activities such as sightseeing, food and local transportation used to move form one city to another. It is evident that it would cost much lesser than it would have been arranged by you. In addition to this, you know about all the total costs of tour package upfront, so the probability of any hidden fees does not arise.

A well-qualified and knowledgeable tour director heads the escorted tour group during the entire vacation. S/he will hold expertise in the local language and culture of vacation destination. This feature is of highly importance especially when traveling in a foreign country.

Tour operators appointed by CTH are qualified and provide the tourists with all the relevant information regarding history and geography etc of the place of visit.

CTH makes it sure that you get to know and see maximum of the places during your visit. An escorted tour proves economical as you do not have to pay for each museum or other tourist attraction places.

CTH has different escorted tours ranging from budget to luxury ones and leisurely to speedy.

Independent Vacations:

This type of vacation is ideal for those who would prefer to have th services of an experienced and authenticated travel agency which can take care of all the basic requirements like lodging, airport transports and transportation etc. independent vacations are good for those who want o spend their vacation as per their time schedule and at their own pace.

From an independent tour from CTH, you are sure of having local host in each city of your arrival who will answer your queries regarding the place and suggest you some places of attractions and dining.

Even after spending half-day in guided sightseeing, you will have enough of time to spend as per your will.

Cruise and Tour:

Cruise and Tour is allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. It means that you spend some days on land while traveling between cities relaxing in the motor-coach while someone else drives for you and you enjoy the scenery around. Also, you also get an opportunity to rest on an ocean cruise for some nights.

CTH offers all these types of tour packages, once decided about the tour package, you can compare the rates of different packages and finalize.

Rates of different tour packages can be compared at Compare rates 

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