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Greece… where culture, class, history collide to give you romance and adventure. Greece… with its extensive coastlines arid islands in the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas, sits in the southernmost Op of Southern Europe. It is rich in ancient culture that has influenced the arts, language, philosophy, politics and sports of the western society. It is geographically appealing with a mountainous mainland and island beaches.


Escape to GreeceWith a culture rich in traditions, religion, music, language, food and wines, Greece is a destination suited for any traveler. Still not convinced that Greece is a travel must see? Read on.


Even with the recent unrest, Greece was one of the top destinations — special enough for my birthday celebration… until I learned the weather mirrors the seasons of the US. With a January birthday, I'd say lounging beachside in a winter coat was not quite what I envisioned. However, Greece remains high on my list of must see destinations. So how about the weather you ask?


Escape to Greece – With the extensive coastlines and islands bordering the three seas, it should come as no surprise that Greece boasts a climate akin to much of California —in that it is Mediterranean in nature, with summers that are hot and dry and nearly constant sunshine from April through November. A more cold and rainy period occurs from November to March/April. The Greek way of life during the summer months — Mid-July to mid-August — is to rise early to tend to your sightseeing or errands, while relaxing beachside or in the shade in the evenings. (Note to self: most tourists arrive in Greece during the height of summer.)


Escape to Greece – Although there are no direct flights into Greece from the United States, many of the major cities and much of its Islands are connected by air from one of two major Greek airlines, Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. The largest airlines flying into Greece include Lufthansa, British Airways and Delta.


Greece is well known for its thousands of islands; mountains, forest, and lakes that make up the mainland of the country. It is truly a traveler's paradise, with its educational excursions, theatrical presentations, festivals, pilgrimages, archaeological sites, monuments and museums. Greece has much to offer by way of culture and history.