Explore the ultimate fashion roots

An extremely attractive place in the world to strike as a perfect holiday destination is Paris.The city probably is largely associated with the Eiffel tower which counts as the must-see attractions of the city. However, apart from the Eiffel Tower one will also find various amazing tourist attractions like the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc De Triomphe, Sacré -Coeur, Versailles Palaces and Place de la Concorde.


It is the city of ultimate fashion, extreme love and literary paradise has umpteen numbers of guises. Although one can find the museum entry a bit steep and that fine dining come at a premium cost, but Paris also gives the tourists the leisure and opportunity of enjoying cheap and reasonable dates. When it comes to Paris, it is time to go weak on knees, rub elbows at authentic French markets and let yourself be seduced with the fabulous attractions around the place.
It is for sure by the time one leaves Paris, he is definitely going to miss the cheese, wine and the flashing Eiffel Tower keyring. The gothic touches and gargoyles are essential for all the visitors along with the flea markets and antiques fair to let your imagination soar to the greatest heights.