Las vegas is top memorial day destination


People like to plan their Memorial Day vacation well in advance. The main reason for this is because everyone takes off to some place or the other for theses holidays and Memorial Day vacation is considered one of the best times to bond with family members who are otherwise caught up in their own busy schedules. Statistics show that Las Vegas takes the crown for the top Memorial Day holiday destination followed closely by Chicago’s North Michigan Avenue.
The choice of Las Vegas as a holiday destination by most people shows leisure traveler’s budget concerns. Summer airfares are soaring and they are the highest now in the past decade. This only lets one comprehend why travelers are choosing a more afforda ble destination to which airfares are reasonably priced when compared to the popular Memorial Day destinations of last year or the year before.
Las Vegas has a lot of offer the average American and the great casinos just cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world. Las Vegas is a top travel destination and the city is full of comfortable luxury hotels as well as budget hotels. There is still some time to go for Memorial Day and the traveler should use this time to get the best deal on air tickets, hotel accommodations, car hire services and sightseeing services.