Las Vegas the City of Fun and Holiday Funk

Planning a holiday to Las Vegas brings about the thought of casinos, sophisticated hotels,indoor Venetian canals replete with gondoliers, Elvis impersonators and what have you. Las Vegas is brimming with activity twenty four seven and there is not a soul who wouldn’t want to get some action and try their luck at poker or the slot machines in the terrain.


That is not all that one can view in the great outdoors of the city but one has to put on their shoes and let their eyes do the feasting! The Bellagio fountains are a must see and experience with their themed choreographed music and an experience of a lifetime really.Nightlife in the great city draws everyone to the Las Vegas Boulevard aka the Strip that sports the funkiest pubs and bars, nightclubs, wedding chapels and everything that sports entertainment.


Not to be outdone with this is the Freemont Street Experience that runs through a long winding pedestrian covered mall replete with sound and light shows, kiosks and eateries that work on every palate. The city never sleeps and that is by no means a reckless anecdote, Las Vegas sure doesn’t take off! People residing in Las Vegas are by no means indifferent to tourists but do their bit to make them feel at home.What more can one hope for on holiday, huh?