Leisure Activities in Costa del Sol (Part 2)

Leisure Activities in Costa del Sol (Part 2)

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Leisure-Activities-in-Costa-del-Sol-Part-2 Leisure Activities in Costa del Sol (Part 2)

Costa del Sol, also known as "The Sunny Coast" or "Coast of the Sun" is a region in Southern Spain in the densely dwelt coast of Andalucía. Spreading over 150 kilometers across the Malaga Province, Costa del Sol is the most popular choice of holiday seekers for a fun filled vacation. There are a large number of tourist attractions and leisure activities in Costa del Sol, and because this place has such a wonderful sunny coastal climate, you can schedule your visit any time throughout the year.


6. Sea Life Center (Leisure Activities in Costa del Sol: Other – Benalmadena / Malaga)

At the Sea Life Center in Benalmadena you have the one-off opportunity to marvel at more than 5,000 different sea creatures from the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian Ocean. You can even find species from the Red Sea or the Amazon in the reproduced eco-systems at Sea Life Center.


7. El Torcal (Leisure Activities in Costa del Sol: Park – Antequera)

The bizarre rock garden of El Torcal has been a National Park since 1978 and displays some truly stunning karst formations. The wafer-life structure of the hills came about due to centuries of sedimentation. The varying height of the stone columns means they look almost artificially designed.


8. Dolphin Safari (Leisure Activities in Costa del Sol: Other – Gibraltar)

Who hasn’t dreamt of coming face to face with dolphins and whales in their natural environment? The Dolphin Safari can make your wish come true. A 30-minute tour offers the perfect opportunity to film and photograph these aquatic creatures.


9. Costa Tropical (Leisure Activities in Costa del Sol: Beach – Almunecar)

The Spanish coastal region of Costa Tropical in the province of Granada was so named as the counterpart to the Costa del Sol. Because of the Sierra Nevada from the hinterland, climate here is mild and tropical. Those in the region on holiday should definitely take a trip to the tropical coast.


10. Tour of Malaga (Leisure Activities in Costa del Sol: Other – Malaga)

A double-decker bus tour of Malaga takes visitors across the city to see the most important tourist attractions. Whether it is for the Pablo Picasso Museum, the impressive monuments like the Alcazaba or the tourist attractions such as the bull-fighting arena – the tour guarantees spectacular sights and a multi-lingual guide.