Most Amazing Places Carved in Stone (Part 1)

Most Amazing Places Carved in Stone (Part 1)

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Ancient reliefs and carvings, which are probably the most durable forms of art, can be found at many religious sites, tombs, and palaces. Most of these amazing places carved in stone can be found at UNESCO World Heritage sites, and are considered of great significance to the legacy of mankind.

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When speaking about the most amazing places carved in stone, our thought flies to the city of Petra, in Jordan. Although it fully deserves its reputation for beauty, there are many other similar places in the world, which are just as beautiful and may be worth your attention.


1. Gila Cliffs

These cliff dwellings in New Mexico are similar to those in Mesa Verde, in the sense that they were used for human comfort. People who lived here between 1275 and 1300 and built them, left for unknown reasons. What is certain is that they left behind exactly 46 rooms, which are believed to have been the homes for at least 50 families, at that time. Traces of their lives remained, however, evidence of their mystery at one of the most amazing places carved in stone from New Mexico.


2. Bandelier National Monument

These are the ruins of the houses built by indigenous Americans. However, the remains at Bandelier National Monument are not their only masterpiece, since various places like this can be found across the United States. During your visit here you can admire their former homes, ceremony sites and murals.


3. Mesa Verde

This former settlement is located in Montezuma County, Colorado. It is a huge site with former houses and villages of the natives. The most famous cliff is The Palace, beautiful for its imposing size. Mesa Verde is one of the most amazing places carved in stone in the United States.


4. Lycian Tombs

Around the town Dalyan in Turkey there are several graves carved in stone by the inhabitants of Lycia, the allies of Troy during the Trojan War. Nearby you will find the ruins of the ancient city Kaunos, also worth visiting.


5. Lalibela

This town, located in northeastern Ethiopia, is famous for its churches carved in stone. The place is considered to be the holiest site in Ethiopia. The churches are representative for both Christians and Jews. This has helped dating the sculptures to the twelfth century. The churches are not only one of the most amazing places carved in stone, but also a significant engineering feat – given that they are all associated with water (which fills the wells next to many of the churches) exploiting an artesian geological system that brings the water up to the top of the mountain ridge on which the city rests.