Most Amazing Places Carved in Stone (II)

Most Amazing Places Carved in Stone (II)

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Today’s world is full of vibrant cities: Tokyo, Chicago, New York and Dubai, to name but a few. However, great cities and great civilizations existed thousands of years ago, whether they were based around religion or were bases of political power. Now we are left with only the ruins of these incredible cities, exhibiting unique architecture and some of history's finest craftsmanship. Let us conclude our series of the most amazing places carved in stone:


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6. Abu Simbel

In the 13th century BC, Pharaoh Ramesses II built the temple Abu Simbel as a monument dedicated to him and his wife. In 1968, the whole structure was moved on an artificial hill, in order to eliminate the risk of flooding. Besides being one of the most amazing places carved in stone, Abu Simbel remains one of the main destinations of Egypt.


7. Petra

Built in the year 312 BC the city of Petra was carved in stone. In addition to the ornate carvings, locals have managed to build a system composed of tanks that allowed them to settle in such an arid area. Al Khazneh is the most developed of all the buildings at Petra. It was a temple, clearly influenced by the ancient Greek architecture. Petra truly deserves its reputation for beauty, being one of the most amazing places carved in stone we have ever reviewed.


8. The Longmen Caves

This place is home to tens of thousands (some say 100,000) statues of Buddha and his disciples. They are carved in the rocks and cave walls of Xiangshan and Longmenshan in China. The first statues were made between the years 400 and 1100, and were paid with donations from the rich families, Royal Court and religious groups. UNESCO called them "an incredible manifestation of artistic human creativity." We call it one of the most amazing places carved in stone.


9. The Ajanta Caves

Located in Maharashtra, India, this place emerged by compressing 30 Budha statues. What make them truly unique and beautiful are the paintings, which represent perfect examples of the Indian art of the 2nd century BC.


10. Ellora

Is an indian site, considered a world heritage, which has the most imposing construction ever carved in stone, outshining even the constructions from Petra, Jordan. The temples are built according to the traditions of Hindu, Buddhist and Jainism. They were built between the 5th and 10th centuries, each with its specific beauty. Ellora is definitely one of the most amazing places carved in stone, which is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.