Most Beautiful Beaches in Lefkada, Greece (I)

Most Beautiful Beaches in Lefkada, Greece (I)

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Lefkada is one of the Ionian Islands situated on the west coast of Greece. Meaning “White”, Lefkada takes its name from the white rock cliffs on the south of the island. It has many amazingly beautiful beaches, some of which are famous throughout Greece, Europe, and the world. Today, we start our series of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada:


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1. Agiofili

Agiofili is a breathtaking beach. It’s located on the northeast side of Lefkada Island, in a picturesque little bay, nearby the village of Vasiliki. Its waters are blue-green and crystal clear. To get there, you can take a small boat from Vasiliki or follow the bumpy dirt road that starts somewhere in the southeast side of the village. Your trip will definitely be worthwhile because this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada.


2. Agios Nikitas

The beach of Agios Nikitas resides in the village with the same name, 12 km northwest from the town of Lefkada. It’s very small in length, with majestic turquoise waters and white sand, being a complex and unique beauty. This beach is surrounded with bars, cafes and fish taverns, offering the opportunity to accompany your swim with a great tasty meal.


3. Ai Giannis (Meganisi)

You can reach the shore of Ai Giannis from Spartohori, by car. There are many olive trees and bushes along the beach, which offer shade and great comfort during hot summer days. The small Monastery of St. John the Baptist is located 3 km from here and looks out on Lefkada, across the waters. On 24th of July, there’s a festival that takes place by the sea, very interesting for tourists visiting the island.


4. Ai Giannis (Miloi)

The beach of Ai Giannis is one of the closest beaches to the town of Lefkada. It‘s just 3 km away from the town and it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada. Ai Giannis is a long beach, with turquoise water and strong winds. This is where the classic windmills of Lefkada stand, creating a magnificent scenery. Every summer, the beach of Ai Giannis is a meeting spot for top Windsurfing and Kite surfing league. The surrounding area provides surf lovers with specially designed accommodation to cater for their needs, cafes and windsurfing clubs.


5. Ammoglossa

As indicated by its name, Ammoglossa (sandy tongue) it is a strip of sandy land that extends into the sea. It is located north of the island and visitors can admire it when arriving from the continent. Ammoglossa is a marvelous beach, which has deep blue and crystal clear waters on one side and a natural lagoon great for swimming and exploring on the other side.