Museums at the Wolfsburg Castle in Germany (I)

Museums at the Wolfsburg Castle in Germany (I)

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Museums-at-the-Wolfsburg-Castle-in-Germany-I Museums at the Wolfsburg Castle in Germany (I)

The Wolfsburg Castle, with its ornamental gables and the onion tower which dates back in the 16th century, is one of the most magnificent architectural marvels of the Northern Germany. Inside the castle you will find: the City Gallery, the City Museum, the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, the Heidersberger Institude, as well as the Teaching Workshop (regional teacher training). Keep reading to discover the museums at the Wolfsburg Castle in Germany. All of them are worth a visit and this is your chance to find out more about their amazing history.


1. Museums at the Wolfsburg Castle in Germany: City Gallery

The City Gallery of Wolfsburg is an institution for contemporary art located in the opulent Renaissance structure of Castle Wolfsburg. Historical architecture and contemporary art create an exciting dialogue in the exhibit rooms. Since the art offers specific insights, alludes to alternatives and helps to understand the problems of our reality, which are becoming more and more complex, the City Gallery of Wolfsburg constitutes a forum from which impulses for the future emanate. A richly varied palette of events is available for all ages. Special focuses can be found in institution’s exhibitions under the motto “Young Art in an Ancient Castle”; the Art Prize of the City of Wolfsburg “A Young City viewing Young Art”; printer’s workshop; cooperative projects with local artists; a collection with paintings, sculptures, works on paper, photographs and videos.


2. Museums at the Wolfsburg Castle in Germany: City Museum

“Living history” is the motto of the City Museum in the Castle of Wolfsburg. In the historical ambience of the coach houses, between the defensive walls and the Fachwerk, this museum presents the history of the castle, the region and the city, in hundreds of original exhibits, from the foundation pile of the Castel Wolfsburg to a complete hair salon from the 1950s. Listening stations provide music and testimonies from contemporary witnesses, while interactive media and films facilitate a very personal encounter with this special city. The City Museum is more than a historical museum; it uses imagination and entertainment to present a comprehensive portrait of the very special city of Wolfsburg. At the same time its exhibitions and castle tours provide information about the history of the Castle Wolfsburg, an architectural monument to the North German Renaissance.