Museums to Visit in Wolfsburg, Germany (I)

Museums to Visit in Wolfsburg, Germany (I)

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Museums-to-Visit-in-Wolfsburg-Germany-I Museums to Visit in Wolfsburg, Germany (I)

Wolfsburg lies in the German State of Lower Saxony and on the Southern edge of Aller’s River Valley, along the midland canal.


In the south it extends to the high plain of the Eastern Brauschweig Flatlands, in the north to the Vorsfelde River Island, in the west to the Barnbruch Wetlands and in the east to the Dromling Nature Park.


Lower Saxony offers a large collection of historical and cultural tourist attractions. We’ve made a list of the most important museums to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany.


The nearest large cities are Braunschweig, around 26 km to the southwest, Magdeburg 64 km to the southeast and Hannover 74 km to the west.


1. Museums to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany: Alvar Aalto Cultural Center

The Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus (opened in 1961) is a protected historical monument and also a very important tourist attraction. In 1958, the city of Wolfsburg commissioned the world-renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto to develop a shared building for the City Library, the Adult Education Center and the Youth Center. The Cultural Center arose from these commissions and evinces a unique repertoire of forms and style elements: this includes the wave and the fans, the use of light and the painstakingly developed details. Unusual materials such as the dark blue tiles in the entry foyer, spatial installations such as the patch over the staircase sculptured into the upper floor (“into the light”) and acoustic details such as the sound in the lecture hall, make the Aalto Kulturzentrum an experience for all senses.


2. Museums to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany: Volkswagen Auto Museum

The Volkswagen Auto Museum presents, in separate spaces and with clear arrangements, the two strands of technical development from the Volkswagen brand. The entire history of the air-cooled rear-mounted engine is told from its very beginnings. The Era of the water-cooled Volkswagen with its (mainly) front-mounted engine, beginning in the 1970s, is also treated in all of its facets.

The Volkswagen Auto Museum represents the product history of the Volkswagen brand and is the place for everyone who has never forgotten his / her first ride in a Volkswagen. Public tours take place every Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 and 15:00. Individuals do not need to register in advance. Groups must register in advance. English language tours are also possible (without any added charge for the foreign language). Tour duration is 1 hour.


3. Museums to visit in Wolfsburg, Germany: Heinrich-Bussing-Haus

Heinrich Bussing, whose life and work is presented in the Heinrich-Bussing-Haus in Nordsteimke, is one of the most important pioneers in building utility vehicles. This house is not merely a testament to his memory, but it is meant to present and honor the achievements of his life. The rooms can be rented for business and cultural events on request.