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Paris – The Fashion Capital of the World


When a family goes away on vacation every little issue is taken care of by the adults so that the trip is a fun one. Paris has sights that leave everyone spellbound. Leaving the city without experiencing the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, would be considered criminal. However, after the maddening tourist crowds catching up with a group of friends in a bistro or café while enjoying a café au lait or a glass of bubbly is heaven in Paris.


Paris Paris

Let’s cut to the chase and move across to the O Chateau and enjoy some wine tasting and walk over to the cellars. Parisians are extremely particular about their waist lines and this can be experienced in the organic market – Marche Raspail that boasts of over a hundred and fifty stalls that brings celebs from all over the world here. In addition to the run of the mill tours since Paris boasts of fashion there are vacations planned to enjoy the haute couture vintage prêt lines.


Enjoying a French meal is a must while visiting the terrain. Since bread making is an art with the French trying out the baguette is imperative. After a bustling day of sightseeing, enjoying some fresh pate would make a welcome change with a glass of bubbly and fresh cheese. To complete the overall trip and rounding it off with chocolate would make the dining and picnicking experience out of the world in the fashion capital of the world called Paris.