Places to Visit Before It’s Too Late (Part 1)

Places to Visit Before It’s Too Late (Part 1)

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Climate change and the increased number of tourists could lead to the disappearance or restrictions of visiting some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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Not only certain species or unique cultures in the world are threatened with extinction by climate changes and the effects of progress, but ancient sights and entire cities are also on the blacklist of time. Here are some of the places to visit before it’s too late:


1. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the most complex mausoleum in the world, built in the late seventeenth century by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal – who died giving birth to his 14th child. Every year, over 3 million tourists visit the Palace situated in Agra, near the capital of India, New Delhi. Pollution in the area has already affected the marble that covers the monument, and its former bright white color gained a yellow tint. Representatives of UNESCO and several non-governmental organizations are pressing the Indian authorities to close the Taj Mahal. The authorities seem to take into account the possibility of closing the gates of this monument in the next five years, so if you’re wondering which places to visit before it’s too late you should start with Taj Mahal.


2. Easter Island

The famous Easter Island, located in Chile, well known for its ensemble of 887 moai – monolithic human figures carved in stone – could become quite difficult to visit in the near future. There are only 5.000 people living in this area, of which less than half are descendants of the ancient Rapa Nui civilization. The development of the island, and the opening of a luxury resort worried the locals. They fear that the number of tourists would increase considerably in the near future and advocate for action to limit tourism in the area, which is very likely to happen. This mysterious island is definitely one of the most amazing places to visit before it’s too late.


3. Antarctica

According to research conducted by NASA, the frozen continent is melting slowly but surely. Operations seeking to avoid this process threatening the planet's balance have already started. One of the initial steps is to lower the number of tourists in order to minimize the possible impact of tourism on the environment. For example, cruise ships with more than 500 passengers on board are not allowed to sail close to the ice. On the other hand, the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators is considering implementing a strict regulation for the development of preventive and responsible tourism.


Stay tuned! More places to visit before it’s too late are coming soon!