Places to Visit Before It’s Too Late (II)

Places to Visit Before It’s Too Late (II)

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Climate changes and the increased number of tourists could lead to the disappearance of some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Let's continue our series of the places to visit before it's too late:


4. Macchu Picchu

Continuous urban development and constant flow of tourists (about 2,500 daily) endanger this last bastion of Inca civilization, located in Peru. The popularity of the "Lost City" among the tourists proves to be a fearsome enemy. The stone groundwork has been affected by erosion and parts of the buildings already collapsed due to landslides. Tourist facilities developing closer and closer to this ancient city endanger its very existence. So if you wanted to know which places to visit before it’s too late, you can start with Macchu Picchu.


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5. Kilimanjaro

Few places in the world are as picturesque as this impressive volcanic mountain, nicknamed "Snowy Mountain" by the locals. Since it’s the highest mountain peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro is a true magnet for travelers and climbers all over the world. A recent study made by the National Academy of Science revealed that the snow on the peak of the mountain would disappear in the next 20 years. Taking into account that 85% of its layer melted in the last century, we do believe them, and add Kilimanjaro to our places to visit before it’s too late list.


6. The Great Barrier Reef

Known as one of the best diving destinations in the world, this underwater paradise from Australia is in danger of extinction due to the rising temperature of the ocean and pollution. According to a report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, the 7.000 years old ancient reef is rapidly disintegrating and may not exist for more than 40 years.


7. The Dead Sea Scrolls

Located at the border between Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea could dry up in the next 40 years. The sea has lost one-third of its volume in the last 20 years and the process continues. With the desire to stop this phenomenon, Israeli Authorities proposed building a canal to bring water from the Red Sea. However, specialists warned that the environmental risks are extremely high and that the project could permanently compromise the ecosystem of the Dead Sea. For example, the project could lead to algae multiplying in the Dead Sea, where nothing survives due to the high salinity of over 30%. As sad as it is, The Dead Sea is one of the most amazing places to visit before it’s too late.


8. Venice

The floating city of love might share the fate of Atlantis and be swallowed by waters in the near future. Sea level rises each year with up to 6 mm, which is a great threat to the integrity of the beautiful Italian town. Architects warned the authorities that the groundwork is increasingly battered due to the frequent floods. Unfortunately, the armies of millions of tourists only hasten the end of Venice. Locals have put a lot of faith in the "Mose Project”, which involves building 79 steel barriers on the Adriatic seabed, which will activate during big waves. The overall cost of the project was estimated at 4.7 billion euros. Venice is definitely one of the best places to visit before it’s too late.