San Diego the City Sporting Funky Beaches

San Diego the City Sporting Funky Beaches

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When we planned a trip to the funky city of San Diego it took everything from us not to want to settle down. The fabulous weather conditions made us trudge over to the beaches in the skyscraper vicinity and you guessed it we were hooked. It didn’t take us long to set off and have a look at the famous San Diego zoo to view rare animals and with bus tours in the location it made the journey a wonderful zoological experience!


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The Sunset Cliffs Natural Park inSan Diego was spellbinding that has a romantic appeal with the light reflecting the sunset on the water. For the rest of the troupe who were keen on getting their jollies with the flora the Botanical Building pond made its mark with orchids and lilies doing their magic. On route for the historical bent we discovered the USS Midway Museum that sports real jets and airplanes straddled in the naval aircraft carrier that served in the United States Navy for 47 years.


Cut to the chase we travelled to various food joints in the great city of San Diego and I must say we were not disappointed. We snacked on the various cuisines put forward and are still reveling on the many burgers, the burritos, a dash of Mexican jambalaya and we swore that we would make the next one a longer journey.San Diego here we come…again!