Scotland for the brave hearted

The perfect holiday entails a beautiful location with the right mix of soothing calmness and exciting adventure, comfortable hotel stay and ideal weather. Tucked away in the serene hills, Scotland is a very popular holiday destination and if you are planning a trip to the country anytime soon then you can find the best holiday guides online. If you loved the Disney Pixar movie “Brave” then there is great news for the traveler in you.


The tourism and travel brand Adventures by Disney is organizing Scotland Tour in connection to the movie Brave by March next year. The movie is about the fate-challenging, weapon-wielding princess Merida who takes her fate in her own hands. The tour will take the tourists to all the places in Scotland shown in the movie. The movie is based in medieval Scotland and the tour operators will do their best to re-work the magic of medieval Scotland for the traveler.


This tour of Scotland comes at a fancy price and you should definitely make your booking if you and your kids loved the movie. The other popular tourist attractions and adventure activities are included in the package along with comfortable and fancy hotel or guest house accommodations.