Size Matters

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carnibal-300x225 Size Matters

I just came back from cruising the Caribbean sea on Carnival Breeze that had 3000 passengers for 8 days cruising the eastern Caribbean – Miami, St Thomas, Antigua, San Juan, and Nassau.  I was skeptical about on a ship for 8 days when my wife and I were planning for the trip, but it turned out really nice.  I had experience with eating non-traditional starters in the dinner; alligator meat, flog legs, and escargot.  It was a pleasurable moment for both of us.  I was on Royal Caribbean in the past, and I think the size matters.  When I took the first cruise, I was thinking that on a bigger ship would have a better experience, but I recommend being on mid-sized ships because it's less crowded, and food stayed fresh for the whole duration of the trip.  I couldn't tell if the quality of food was because on a different cruise company, but I wasn't pleased with the food on Royal Caribbean for two trips on Allure of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas, and neither the level of services.  Both carries about 7000 passengers, so if being logical, catering for that many people will have difficulties with the same level of staffing.  So, in a conclusion, choose a mid-sized ship for your next cruise.