Start the New Year in a New Destination

Start the New Year in a New Destination

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The New Year is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and of course, having a good time. After a while though, going to the same New Year’s parties can start to get a little… old. Your New Year’s Eve should have a fresh and exciting feeling, the evening full of possibilities! Fortunately, you can solve your New Year’s dilemma with a change of scenery – specifically, by traveling for your holiday.


Choosing the right destination for you and whoever is going to be with you is key to having a great New Year’s. That’s not the only challenge you face, however; lots of people like to travel for New Year’s, which means that you may have a hard time finding an affordable holiday destination. You can overcome price barriers with the help of a good travel service, though. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry can find you affordable accommodations, transportation, and services at even the most popular travel destinations, such as…


1. New York City, New York, U.S.A.


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New York City is the essential New Year’s destination. If you never go anywhere else for your New Year’s, you have to go to Times Square in NYC to watch the ball drop with what seems like a million other people all packed into that small space.


There is more to New York than just that singular event, however. There are the countless restaurants with top-quality cuisine from every culture in the world, along with some of the best bars you’ll ever have the opportunity of downing a few drinks at. The parties at those bars can get a little crazy! If that’s not your speed, though, there are shows playing on Broadway and at other venues throughout the holiday season. Basically, there are countless things to keep you busy in NYC.


2. Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.



If a party is your thing, though, then you can’t go wrong with Las Vegas. Of course, the casinos are open throughout the holiday season – gambling never stops, even if the calendar does. The parties at Las Vegas can get pretty wild, and the shows that you can take in at Vegas’s hotels, clubs, and bars will be memorable for sure. With musical events happening all over the city and your choice of spectacles – including Cirque du Soleil – you won’t lack for entertainment come the big night.


3. London, United Kingdom



A massive party is held in central London on New Year’s Eve, with a countdown courtesy of Big Ben and some incredible fireworks exploding over the Thames. After the fireworks, you can go pub-crawling at some of the most renowned pubs in the world – the British know how to do drinking right, after all. After a mad evening in the city, you can take in the New Year’s Day parade, with over 10,000 performers from around the world all putting on a display that you will remember for some time to come.

4. Hawaii, U.S.A.



If you want to keep your New Year’s Eve a little warmer than you’re used to, then Hawaii is a great destination. Many New Year’s celebrants book a spot on a cruise around the islands, with incredible meals, dancing, and champagne all widely available.


If you’re not the cruise type, there are wild parties on the beaches, ranging from more traditional luaus to slightly more modern, less restrained celebrations of the New Year. Whether you’re there with friends, family, your significant other, or you’re alone, there’s a spot for you in Hawaii.


5. Tokyo, Japan



Tokyo is an incredibly modern city dotted with Japanese tradition. The Japanese ring in the New Year with a number of traditions that you might like to take part in, such as visiting the Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples to ring the temple bell; The Watched Night bell is an especially popular attraction at this time.


On the other hand, Tokyo’s party scene is renowned across the world, and you’d be crazy to miss it! Everything from exclusive bars to wild karaoke joints and the hippest clubs in the East can be found among the narrow streets of Japan’s capital.


There are other destinations awaiting you, and at surprisingly affordable prices when you work with a skilled and knowledgeable travel service to arrange the perfect vacation for you. When you spend your New Year’s away from home, you’ll have a fresh perspective on the New Year – which may be just what you need.


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