Summer Getaway: The Best East Coast Beaches

Summer Getaway: The Best East Coast Beaches

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When the weather starts to warm up, we all start dreaming about the perfect summer getaway. Some people may travel abroad or book a quiet cabin in the mountains, but what about a sandy getaway at the beach? A beach getaway isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking to have a quiet, relaxing vacation. Most beaches on the east coast tend to be a mecca for recent high-school grads and college students looking to party. But the east coast is full of untapped beach towns that are just perfect for that relaxing summer vacation you’re dreaming about booking. Let’s take a look at some of the best east coast beach towns.


Northern Bound


Often times, when people think about the northern beaches on the east coast, places like Ocean City Maryland, the Jersey Shore, and Atlantic City come to mind. Sure, these places are great if you’re looking for a big party, but what if you’re looking for something more quaint or even family friendly? Let’s start really north, at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Compared to many of the east coast beaches, Cape Cod is a dreamy, quiet beach destination. You can venture to some historical landmarks like famous lighthouses while enjoying hardly crowded beaches. Plus, the level of fresh seafood dining is some of the very best on the east coast. Cape Cod is a perfect, romantic beach getaway.


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Next up are the Delaware beaches. These summer getaways tend to be much less crowded than their neighbors – the New Jersey and Maryland beaches. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of bustle and laid-back, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is the destination for you! Rehoboth features an amazing boutique shopping district that’s only steps from the beach, coupled with fashion outlets located on the costal highway. Rehoboth Beach is also a prime location for whale and dolphin watching during the summer and early fall seasons.


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Since Rehoboth is a delightful family getaway during the summer, it can tend to get a bit crowded during the peak season. If you drive just 9 miles down the coast, you’ll run into another perfect beach town – Bethany Beach, Delaware. Bethany Beach is a much quieter and smaller town that has some of the best beaches for sailing, surfing, and paddle boarding. With an unparalleled selection of fresh seafood restaurants and quaint shops, Bethany is your best bet in terms of a quiet Delaware beach destination.


Down South


Now that we’ve explored the best beaches on the northern end of the east coast, let’s move down south! Virginia offers some the most beautiful and untouched beaches on the east coast. With a commitment to preserving the natural landscape and ecosystems, here you’ll find amazingly quiet beaches. Head down to the Chincoteague Islands for an amazing nature getaway this summer. Here, you can see the wild ponies that have been a staple on the islands for years. Chincoteague also has tons of nature preserves and museums that are great for a family-friendly trip. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia is another perfect summer getaway. The beaches in Sandbridge are mostly private, adding to that relaxing, quiet air. If you rent a house on the beach, you can enjoy a short walk down to the beach with only a few families in site.



Moving further down south, untouched beaches in Florida are the place to be this summer. Most people don’t associate Florida beaches with a quiet, relaxing summer getaway. Let’s take some tips from the locals for the best-untouched beaches in Florida. Barefoot Beach Preserve in Bonita Springs, Florida is one such beach. This natural beach features untouched land and miles of truly quiet coastlines. The mild currents allow for easy swimming, making Barefoot Beach a perfect spot for families. Another easy to miss Florida beach is at the Lovers Key State Park. Most travelers get caught up with Sanibel Island – just journey 6 miles down the less traveled Highway 865 to Lovers Key State Park. Since this beach is really a hidden gem, you’ll most likely be one of the few on 2.5 miles of beach. The natural landscape has been left to flourish, making Lovers Key the perfect spot for beachcombing and birding.


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