Best Museums in San Diego, California (III)

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Best Museums in San Diego, California (III)

Best Museums in San Diego, California: Natural History Museum – Connect with nature


Founded in 1874, The San Diego Natural History Museum didn’t have a permanent setting for its collection until 1933. Since then it has expanded its focus and more than doubled its size. 


Today the museum is dedicated to promoting understanding and respect for the evolution and diversity of the entire Southern California region and the Baja Peninsula. Its award-winning exhibits are complemented by a 300-seat giant screen 3-D theater that shows films focusing on the natural world. In addition, the museum hosts several traveling exhibitions each year. There’s a Kids’ Habitat where youngsters can have fun with interactive games – and on Sundays, Mr. Frizzle presents free “Wacky Science” shows designed for junior scientists. 


The museum has a gift shop and the Dinosaur Café, which is open from 10 AM to 4 PM Thursdays through Sundays. Check online for admission discount coupons.



Best Museums in San Diego, California: San Diego History Center – Uncover San Diego's past


Founded in 1928, the city’s premier historical organization achieved a decades long dream in 1989 when it opened the San Diego History Center in the heart of Balboa Park. The center showcases the region’s colorful and diverse history – and it serves as a repository for the group’s collection of more than 45 million pieces of paper and 2.5 million photos that document the people, places and events of the city’s past.


Exhibits rotate: Visitors might view paintings by San Diego’s most celebrated artists. They might see costumes worn by actors at The Old Globe during its 75-year history, learn about San Diego's once-booming tuna fishing industry or drink in all there is to know about the history of the city's colorful craft beer brewers. For an additional $6 fee, visitors can tap into local genealogy and historic photos in the research library (open till 1 PM Mondays through Fridays). 


Don’t skip the center’s store. Find cool reproductions of Arts and Crafts and Deco-era furnishings.


Most Important Temples to Visit in China (I)- Confucius Temple

Most Important Temples to Visit in China: Confucius Temple


Although Confucianism served as the intellectual and moral backbone of China – indeed, much of East Asia – for over two millennia, you can't really call it a religion. Yet, despite its marked absence of otherworldly speculation, Confucian temples have always existed. 


The primary function of these temples was to pay homage to the spirit of Confucius and other great teachers in the tradition, a practice closely related to everyday ancestor worship. Although you'll sometimes come across statues of Confucius such as in Beijing, most places simply used plain spirit tablets (an upright wooden board with a name written on it) to represent those worshiped.


Most Important Temples to Visit in China: Confucius Temple


Fittingly, Confucian temples were almost always built within or next to a school; in some cases they even served as the school itself. Official rituals and sacrifices – usually conducted by the state (which was run by Confucian bureaucrats) – were also held at Confucian temples.


Beijing's Confucian Temple is the second largest in China and dates back to 1306. Like other Confucian temples, it's a pretty subdued place, with the swaying of old cypress trees in the breeze providing the most action. To the rear of the temple are stelae (stone tablets) upon which are engraved the 13 Confucian classics and the names of successful imperial examination candidates.


West of the temple is the Imperial Academy (Guozijian), which was the top school in imperial China. 


Most Important Temples to Visit in China: Confucius Temple – How do I get there?


Address: 13 Guozijian Jie (国子监街13号)


Metro: Lama Temple