Best Places to Eat in Athens, Greece

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Best Places to Eat in Athens, Greece

Eating, in particular “going eating”, is regarded as a social event in Greece. The focus is more on communication rather than eating. Dishes are never ordered for one person only. All ordered dishes are placed in the middle of the table and each person takes what they fancy. In this article we will discuss about the best places to eat in Athens, Greece.


Also when paying everything is paid together, separate bills are not usual in Greece and are jokingly referred to as “paying the German way”.


People eating late, before 10 pm you will only find full bars in the tourist restaurants in the Plaka, which have adapted to reflect the customs of their foreign guests.


There are few possibilities to eat foreign food in Athens, but the diversity of Greek cuisine more than makes up for it. It should, however, be remembered that in Greece the meals are usually served lukewarm. If you would like your food hot, you must say so when ordering.


For the not-so-hungry, Ouzo bars are recommended, in which snacks are served with Ouzo or Metzedopolia – these are bars, similar to the Spanish tapas bars, in which the guest has the ordeal of choosing between up to 100 appetizers. Keep reading to discover the best places to eat in Athens, Greece:


1. Balthazar (Gourmet restaurant)

The restaurant is located in a neoclassical building. The interior design has been completely modernized. It serves international gourmet cuisine.


2. Platanos (Regional restaurant)

Long-established tavern with good food at sensible prices.


3.Avissinia (Regional restaurant)

Guests are served typical northern Greek dishes here. It’s worth visiting on Sunday evenings as normally on Sundays the entire restaurant sings along with the live music.


4. Kouzina Cine Psirri (International restaurant)

The terrace of this restaurant turn into an outdoor cinema during the summer where you can watch motion pictures. And during the winter there is live music here every Sunday.


5. Strofi (Regional restaurant)

The restaurant Strofi serves good traditional Greek cuisine at affordable prices. You will have a glorious view of the Parthenon from the roof terrace, here at one of the best places to eat in Athens, Greece.


6. Tzitzikas kai o mermingas (Regional restaurant)

The restaurant is not in the town center but in the district of Halandri. The menu is only in Greek. If anything is unclear, you can take a look in the kitchen and select your food right there.


7. Eden (Regional restaurant)

Eden was the first vegetarian restaurant in Athens. It is located in a stylish, restored building. The restaurant attracts a mixed crowd. The products used are organic.


8. Amaltheia (Café)

This coffee house is a great place to hang out, especially on cooler days. Warm yourself by the fireplace and enjoy a crepe from the generous menu.


9. Café Melina (Café)

This café is dedicated to the diva Melina Mercouris. The actress and singer is omnipresent in photographs and film posters.


10. Psara’s Taverna (Regional restaurant)

One of the oldest taverns in the city and best places to eat in Athens, Greece, is located in the Plaka. You can try a variety of delicious seafood dishes in “Psara’s Taverna”. The atmosphere and service are excellent.