Most Important Castles to Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Most Important Castles to Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark

Kopmandes Havn, which translates as “Merchants’ Harbor”, was the name for the Danish capital in medieval times, which is evidence of the fact that trade with goods from all corners of the world has a long-standing tradition here. In 1167 bishop Absalom von Roskilde built a fort at Strandholmen Harbour, in which many merchants and mariners found shelter and settled. The settlement quickly developed into an important trading hub, and soon enough the Danish kings resided there too. In the 19th century the old fortifications were torn down to create living space for the many workers in the newly founded factories, so that today’s out skirts evolved. In this article we will review the three most important castles to visit in Copenhagen, Denmark, which still has a rather placid appearance when compared to other capitals. It stretches out over only one tenth of Berlin’s land area and including all peripheral towns only has a quarter of the population of London.


1. Most Important Castles to Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark: Amalienborg Palace

The Danish Queen Margrethe II resides here with her husband, Prince Henrik, and their son, Crown Prince Frederik, each inhabiting their own wing. If the queen is present, the red and white Danish flag is hoisted on the roof. The palace was named after Queen Sophia Amalia, who presided over its construction between 1667-1673. An exhibition inside displays information about the history of the Danish kings in the 19th Century.


2. Most Important Castles to Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark: Christiansborg Palace

Formerly the seat of the monarchy, today the royal building is home to the Prime Minister’s office, the Supreme Court and the Parliament, the “Folketing”. Visitors can watch parliament in session from the gallery, visit the rooms where the queen received her official guests, or admire the old theatre props in the former court theatre. For horse lovers a short trip to the stables is well worth it. Every afternoon at 12pm, you can witness the changing of the royal guard.


3. Most Important Castles to Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark: Rosenborg Castle

Since 1883, the Danish Crown Jewels, including: three crowns, a scepter, an orb and a sword of state, have been on view to the public in this prestigious renaissance castle. The castle is surrounded by a large public park – which is a popular destination for Copenhagen citizens during beautiful summer days. Parents can go on a relaxing walk while their children amuse themselves at the puppet theatre.