Best Places to Eat in Florida (Part 3)

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Best Places to Eat in Florida (Part 3)

After a substantial breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, toasts and cornflakes, Americans generally eat just a light salad or sandwich in the middle of the day. The most important meal of the day is dinner, which is usually eaten around 6 pm. Many restaurants, therefore, do not offer any warm dishes after 9 pm. This is the last part of our series best places to eat in Florida.


10. Bierhaus (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Beer garden – Coral Gables)

Bierhaus offers primarily German cuisine. Locals and holidaymakers alike, who want to feel at home, regularly meet up to dine here. Many sporting events are also broadcasted at Bierhaus, another thing which brings people together. Wooden furniture and coats of arms stir up the illusion of being in an authentic German beer hall. Harald Neuweg has a lot of gastronomic experience and also runs this restaurant with great success. Guests are courteously served and can really feel comfortable here.


11. Cala Bella (Best Places to Eat in Florida: International restaurant – Orlando)

To get away from the frantic streets of Orlando, you can flee to Cala Bella. Exquisite dishes are served in this Tuscan oasis. Pizza, salad and pasta are offered, as are fish and meal dishes. Italian classics make up the main part of the menu, but they are influenced by Mediterranean and American cuisine. The romantic atmosphere and courteous service complete the evening at Cala Bella.


12. Bento Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: International restaurant – Orlando)

Bento Café is designed in the style of restaurants in Japanese and Taiwanese cities. Pan-Asian fast-food dishes are served to guests with great variety. Highly qualified wok and sushi chefs lovingly prepare the culinary delights in Bento Café. High ceilings, a modern ambience and subtle lightning turn an evening at the sushi restaurant into a refined and sublime experience.


13. Jimmy B’s (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Bar & pub – St. Petersburg)

Situated on St. Petersburg Beach, diners at Jimmy B’s can watch the sun go down. They can also have a delicious cocktail to go with it. The bar serves bites to eat, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, salads or appetizers. From the bar one can look out onto the private beach of the Beachcomber Hotel. Parties are often held here and the helpful staff always looks after guests without fail. Sports fans can also enjoy their true pleasure at Jimmy B’s: important sporting events are all shown here.


14. Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Emporium (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Regional restaurant – Tallahassee)

The extensive menu of this restaurant offers not only delicious fish dishes but also many fresh salads. Children aged less than 10 years eat for free on Sundays.


Best Places to Eat in Florida (Part 2)

In most restaurants it is customary to wait to be shown to a table by a waiter, rather than choosing a table yourself. As elsewhere in the USA, the most common drinks when dining are ice water, cola and iced tea, however a large range of local and imported wines and beers are also available.


Have you been looking for a nice place to enjoy a delicious meal in The Sunshine State? Check out some of the best places to eat in Florida:


6. Hard Rock Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Café – Miami)

People of all ages and styles meet at the Hard Rock Café. The ever-present guests can enjoy fresh coffee and tasty sandwiches every day, as well as other snacks. It is the atmosphere here that is especially captivating. Various fashion items displayed on the walls and music from certain eras is what creates the Hard Rock’s Café’s authenticity. A well-thought-out mix of dark wood and red leather combined with excellent lighting and very good music promise to make any visit here a really special experience.


7. Perricone’s Marketplace and Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Restaurant – Miami)

Perricone’s is most certainly classy. There are refined wines from all over the world in the cellar and they come recommended by the helpful service team according to guests’ tastes. The menus are different for lunch and dinner, and are selected with great care. Sitting in the upholstered chairs within the painted walls, one really feels like a king or queen.

A large conservatory lets a lot of light in from outside, without guests having to sacrifice the cozy warmth of the indoor setting. Steven Perricone and his team promise a culinary feast in a very special atmosphere. There are also meals to take away at the marketplace.


8. Bahama Breeze (Best Places to Eat in Florida: International restaurant – Orlando)

Here you can enjoy delicious Caribbean dishes under artificial palms. The many cocktails, most of which are rum-based, are also highly recommended. Bahama Breeze is located on International Drive, which is the main thoroughfare through the middle of Orlando.


9. Mangos Tropical Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Other – Miami)

Centrally located on Ocean Drive, Mangos Tropical Café is the ideal place to indulge yourself. Exotic dishes and cocktails sweeten the evening, just as the constantly changing events and parties do. Pizza, tacos, burritos, sandwiches and any dish containing mango guarantee a sense of culinary elation. There is also pasta and fish. Guests have many different mojitos to choose from. Delicious food and a great deal of fun is guaranteed at Mangos Tropical Café.


Best Museums in Florida (Part 2)

There are many interesting museums in Florida, from kids’ museums to science museums and art museums. Keep reading this article to discover which are the best museums in Florida:


6. Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Ocala)

Only around 3,000 Seminoles still live in Florida today. This museum, with its exhibition and film screening, offers interesting insights into their history and philosophy. Also worth visiting are the botanic nature trail and the open-air area where one can watch craftsmen at work, making clothes, baskets and jewelry. Anyone wishing to know more about the flora and fauna in this region should take a boat ride through the Everglades, accompanied by a Native American guide.


7. Orlando Museum of Art (Best Museums in Florida – Orlando)

In the Orlando Museum of Art there is always a range of interesting temporary exhibitions. The permanent collection includes African artworks or American art after 1945, featuring paintings, photographs, sculptures and much more. Art before 1945 is also well represented. Burnham, Crawford, Evans and Hassam are just a few of the names. There is also a permanent contemporary American design collection. A visit to the Museum of Art promises visitors many new wonderful discoveries.


8. World Erotic Art Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Miami Beach)

The largest museum for erotic art in America is in Miami. From antique to modern works, everything is represented here. Paintings, sculptures and tapestries are all part of the repertoire. An example of one of the temporary exhibits is the 20 copper engravings by Rembrandt van Rijn. The honesty with which nudity and the human body are portrayed was new at the time. Famous works include “Adam and Eve”, by Lucas Cranach the Elder “A man Making Water” or “Woman Sitting Half-Dressed Beside a Stove”, by Rembrandt. Temporary exhibitions always offer a diverse variety of erotic works.


9. The Jewish Museum of Florida (Best Museums in Florida – Miami Beach)

The Jewish Museum portrays the lives of Jews in Florida. Subject matter includes immigration, the community and synagogue, and public endeavors, such as interaction between religions or anti-Semitism. There are many photos and documents complementing this assortment. Less than 1% of the world’s population is Jewish. However, their culture has survived, while other people’s traditions have been lost. The Jewish Museum of Florida does not only explain these changes, but it also strives to increase your knowledge about Jewish culture. Your understanding about this minority’s history will be improved, which should in turn lead to tolerance and a lack of resentment or prejudice.


10. Miami Children’s Museum (Best Museums in Florida – Miami)

Children can come and play, imagine learn and create at Miami Children’s Museum. Colorfully designed, it invites youngsters to learn about many different aspects of life.

At the bank, for example, one can learn how to save, spend and earn money. The Health & Wellness Center explains how to eat healthily and stay fit. Everything is set up to satisfy the demands of children. There are of course many more activity areas to discover. A day at Miami Children’s Museum is an unforgettable experience for the entire family.


Best Museums in Florida (Part 1)

When you think of Florida, museums certainly are not the main thought that comes to mind. However, even during an awful rainy day in the Sunshine State you must have a backup plan to keep you and your kids entertained. And if swimming or sunbathing is not a viable option, you should pay a visit to some of the best museums in Florida:


1. Kennedy Space Center (Best Museums in Florida – Cape Canaveral)

Countless models of rockets, an original-size space shuttle that visitors can board and spectacular 3D films convey an impression of life in space. During a roughly two-hour bus sightseeing tour, you will see the assembly hangars and launching pads as well as exhibitions about the first moon landing and space travel in general. Astronaut Encounter allows those who wish to do so to meet an astronaut.


2. Old State Capitol (Best Museums in Florida – Tallahassee)

The state governance of Florida resided in this large, white domed building until the 1970s Since the government moved to the not particularly attractive, neighboring, 22-story office tower, the building houses exhibitions regarding the history of the state. Anyone wishing to expand his or her knowledge can pay a visit to the Museum of Florida History in the adjacent R.A. Gray Building.


3. Dali Museum (Best Museums in Florida – St. Petersburg)

The industrialist A. Reynolds Morse, a long-time friend and promoter of Salvador Dali, purchased around 1,400 paintings from the famous Spanish artist during his lifetime, which he then gave to the museum in 1982. After visiting the museum, the well-stocked museum shop, a library and a café are inviting places to spend a little time.


4. Museum of Contemporary Art (Best Museums in Florida – North Miami)

The Museum of Contemporary Art presents temporary exhibitions by modern artists. They are also listed on the website. Major artists featuring in the collection include Morgin, Klassen or Ackerman, for example. Over 20.000 people of all ages, from children to teenagers and adults take part in various art programmes each year. In the creative sphere of the museum, skills are developed, an aesthetic eye is developed and creativity is supported. With the assistance of professional artists, participants will obtain primary experience, and under guidance they can discuss their own work. The exhibition pieces are not only from well-known artists, but also from recently discovered artists who are always discovering new forms of art and displaying them in the Museum o Contemporary Art.


5. Museum of Fine Arts (Best Museums in Florida – St. Petersburg)

The permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts is breathtaking. You rarely see so many famous names and works in one spot. Numerous impressive pictures represent the art of the 17th, 18th and 19th century. In addition to the collection, there are also temporary exhibitions. To take a break, you can grab a gourmet lunch in the café and recharge your batteries.


Tourist Attractions in Florida (Part 1)

Frequently identified as “The Sunshine State”, Florida is seriously dedicated to meeting your expectations. Its beaches are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Florida, along with few of the world’s most amazing amusement parks: Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World.


1. Art Deco District (Tourist Attractions in Florida: District – Miami Beach)

The district comprising around 800 buildings was constructed in the 1930s in the then ultra-modern Art Deco style. Even today the unusually shaped facades, exotic ornamentation and bright pastel colors attract the attention of visitors and invite them to continue to discover new details in the works.


2. Coconut Grove (Tourist Attractions in Florida: District – Miami Beach)

Beautiful old buildings made from coral, luxury villas, which take inspiration from ancient Mayan temples, and spacious green lawns make a stroll through Miami’s high-end neighborhood an unforgettable experience. Once can view a well-maintained building from the pioneer times in the historic Barnacle Street, while exclusive stores await clientele in the Streets of Mayfair or in the Cocowalk shopping and entertainment center.


3. Palm Beach (Tourist Attractions in Florida: District – Palm Beach)

Many prominent figures are among the approximately 10,000 residents of the small island settlement, which is said to have the richest inhabitants in Florida. Top brands such as Cartier, Armani and Chanel can be found here, and with a little luck, you may bump into a famous face from the big screen when taking a walk around. Particularly impressive is the Breakers Hotel, based on the Vila Medici in Rome, a colossal edifice adorned in gold leaf and marble.


4. Holocaust Memorial (Tourist Attractions in Florida: Memorial – Miami Beach)

It was not until 1990 that the Jewish community of Miami Beach commissioned this memorial. Particularly impressive is the 42-foot-high (13 meter) bronze hand onto which around a hundred people in fear are clinging. The commemorative plaques display key information about the history of the Third Reich as well as the names of concentration camps and Jewish Holocaust victims. Right next-door is the former synagogue, which now houses the Jewish Museum of Florida, in which visitors can learn all about the history of Judaism.


5. Venetian Pool (Tourist Attractions in Florida: Leisure facility – Miami)

A former stone quarry which was flooded with water forms the foundations of this huge bathing paradise, in which guests are invited to relax and dream amidst the flower, palm trees, waterfalls and artificial caves. Visitors should also plan a side trip to the nearby Biltmore Hotel, a classy hotel in the style of a Spanish hacienda from the 1920s, which has a café, golf course and spa area available to external visitors.

Best Places to Eat in Florida (Part 1)

If the thought of cuisine in the United States of America only brings hamburgers, fried chicken and hot dogs into your mind, then you are making a big mistake, at least where Florida is concerned. In the last few years, a particular regional cuisine has developed here, shaped by Central and South American influences and therefore often called Floribbean cuisine. Check out the best places to eat in Florida:


1. Joes Stone Crab (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Gourmet restaurant – Miami Beach)

This traditional establishment is a paradise for seafood lovers. The chef has specialized in the preparation of crab and crawfish, which arrive fresh from the ocean. Joes Stone Crab is located in the southwest of the island, on Washington Avenue, which runs somewhat further inland than Collins Avenue.


2. Johnny Rockets (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Snack bar – Miami)

Johnny Rockets is one of the best hamburger restaurants around. There is a huge selection of hamburgers, sandwiches, shakes, salads and sweet items. The aim is to serve typical American food in a timeless and jovial atmosphere.

Situated right on Ocean Drive, guests have a great view out onto the Miami Beach promenade. The founder, Ronn Teitelbaum, originally wanted to be able to offer everyone a place where they could retreat from the complications of everyday life. Johnny Rockets is a restaurant for everyone who enjoys fast food in a cozy atmosphere.


3. Rainforest Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Café – Orlando)

Here, visitors to Disney World theme park are spirited away to a tropical rainforest. The lovely outside terrace with a view of the lake is the ideal place to gather strength after a tiring sightseeing tour. Rainforest Café is located in Disney World, west of International Drive.


4. Café Marquesa (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Regional restaurant – Key West)

This restaurant offers traditional American and also some Cuban specialties. The elegant furnishings are a reminder of centuries past. Café Marquesa is located on Fleming Street, which begins at the opera house and leads directly to the restaurant.


5. Columbia Restaurant (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Regional restaurant – St. Augustine)

If you would like to complete a stroll through the Spanish colonial style St. Augustine’s Old Town, and delight yourself with a matching meal, this is the place to go. It offers Spanish specialties to suit every taste. Columbia Restaurant is located on St. George Street, which begins at the Visitor Information Center and leads directly to the restaurant.

Best Cities in Florida (II)

For centuries, Florida’s charms were hidden from most of its population. Only a few bold pioneers raised cattle or grew vegetables and citrus fruits in the jungle-like wilderness. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century, when the first railway lines were built, that tourists began to flock to the state, drawn by the mild climate and the beautiful beaches. We’ve highlighted the best cities in Florida, which you mustn’t miss during your travels through The Sunshine State:


4. Cape Coral (Best Cities in Florida)

Cape Coral is a relatively young city, but it is growing at an astonishing speed. It is divided up into four squares. One area is part of the Cape Harbor Yacht Community. The shops and restaurants invite guests to pop in for a look and enjoy a stroll around the town. Visitors can marvel at the yachts or charter one for themselves and go on a boat trip.

The founders of the city were the Rosen brothers. There are now many holiday homes, most with direct access to the water. Two bridges lead to the city of Fort Myers, which can be seen from Cape Coral and is well worth a visit. A large number of types of watersports and many other leisure activities attract holidaymakers to the sunny coast of Cape Coral every year.


5. Tallahassee (Best Cities in Florida)

Tallahassee is admittedly not the largest city in Florida but it is the capital nonetheless. There’s certainly plenty to see and do here. The main tourist attractions include the “Museum of History and Natural Science”, the new “Capitol Building”, or the “Fun Station”.

Today the old Capitol Building houses a hotel. When it comes to leisure time there are many parks, such as Wakulla Springs, as well as the horse ranches. Canoeing is also an option. On the famous Canopy Road the colonialists planted many oak trees.


6. Ocala (Best Cities in Florida)

The calm, unhurried town with its beautiful southern-style houses is a paradise for horse lovers. Arabian thoroughbred horses, among the best racing horses in the country, can be found grazing on the green pasture, which are characteristic of this region. Several large stud farms can be visited.

The Perfect Family Island Getaways (II)

4. Perfect Family Island Getaways: Hatteras Island, North Carolina — The gorgeous beaches and wild dunes are what attracts most visitors to Hatteras Island, a border island that is part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There is a wide range of lodging available from luxury oceanfront rentals, cottages and hotels. In addition to being a Mecca for surfers, it is known as the "Blue Marlin Capital of the World" and sport fishing is a popular activity. Many people don't realize that the first English settlers in North America originally settled on Hatteras prior to moving to nearby Roanoke Island — a visit to The Lost Colony" is a fun family activity while staying on Hatteras. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse is the tallest traditional lighthouse in the United States and was famously moved inland a few years ago. It has now re-opened to the publicand should not be missed when visiting Hatteras.


5. Perfect Family Island Getaways: Kiawah, South Carolina — Renowned for its challenging golf courses, Kiawah Island is also a popular destination for families. With a wide range of accommodations on the island, there is something for everyone on Kiawah. The hard packed sand of the beaches make it one of the few places where you can ride a bike on the beach, something that kids of all ages will enjoy. Look for wildlife in the marshes including egrets, herons and cranes — you may even spot an alligator sunning itself along the bike path. Kiawah also offers a world-class tennis program for all ages. Historic Charleston, with all that it has to offer, is just a short drive away. When driving to Kiawah, do not miss a well hidden but important attraction — on John's Island, turn off to see the Angel Oak, the oldest tree in the United States. This gorgeous tree is well worth the short detour.


6. Perfect Family Island Getaways: Gasparilla Island, Florida— In the Gulf of Mexico, Gasparilla Island and its small village of Boca Grande is a vacation destination that is idyllic for families. The pure white sand beaches and the crystal clear, .Im water of the gulf are perfect for younger children who will enjoy searching for abundant sea shells, particularly sand dollars. Gasparilla is also a known for its tarpon fishing — there are numerous fishing charters available at the marina, many of which allow even quite young children their first fishing experience. The streets of Boca Grande are lined with gorgeous Banyan trees and the village is home to wonderful restaurants and charming boutiques. Children will love going to the Loose Caboose, an old train depot turned ice cream shop. The historic Gasparilla Inn and vacation rentals provide lodging on the island.


Best Cities in Florida (I)

When the Spanish arrived on the coast of Florida in the early 16th century, they initially thought that it was an island. They were not entirely wrong, as The Sunshine State, with its tropical temperatures, palm groves and sandy beaches, is in many ways more like a Caribbean island than the rest of the USA.  We sought to identify the best cities in Florida and here is what we found:


1. St. Augustine (Best Cities in Florida)

This idyllic small town is considered to be one of the smallest settlements in the USA founded by Europeans. Right by the harbor is the Castillo de San Marcos, a star-shaped fortress from Spanish colonial times. In the town centre, above all on St. George Street, visitors can admire the countless old buildings which have been lovingly restored, while in the Living History Museum, actors in historical costumes bring the everyday life of a bygone era back to life.


2. Saint Petersburg (Best Cities in Florida)

Saint Petersburg is a city on the Florida peninsula, which is also called “Florida’s Sunshine City”. A pier stretches 400 meters out into the bay, which offers visitors a wonderful view. The view of the skyline is also very pleasant at nighttime, as is a walk through the harbor area in general.

When it comes to leisure time there are approximately 125 city parks, play areas and sporting activities. The 70 km-long cycling and hiking router is the longest in the eastern USA. Also worth noting is that America’s only reprocessing plant for domestic water was built here. Attractions include the botanical gardens “Sunken Garden”, the “Tampa Bay Walk of Fame”, “Baseball Boulevard” and the “St. Petersburg Times Walk Through History” as well as the “Bayfront Center Arena”, “Mahaffey Theater” and the “Coliseum”.


3. Fort Lauderdale (Best Cities in Florida)

It’s worth discovering Fort Lauderdale by boat, as it is also known as the “Venice of America”. It’s not just the canals and many arms of the river that offer wonderful views, there’s also a lot to discover at the harbor. Ten ships can be processed simultaneously at this harbor, and there is the option to take a day trip to the Bahamas.

Many yachts are built or serviced in Fort Lauderdale. The world’s biggest drive-in cinema with 13 screens also comes highly recommended. The nightlife is also very lively and highly regarded by youngsters.

Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe (I)

Abandoned cities, ghostly islands, deserted train stations, or castles in ruins, places forgotten by people, which have an apocalyptic, but special beauty. This is a review of some of the most spectacular abandoned destinations across the globe.


1. Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe: Prypiat, Ukraine

Pripyat is a town that was once inhabited by almost 50,000 people. After the nuclear disaster from Chernobyl, in 1986, the town was abandoned due to radiation. In the absence of people, nature has seized Pripyat and the result seems detached from a doomsday movie.


2. Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe: Mir diamond mine, Eastern Siberia, Russia

Mir mine represents the second largest crater made by the hand of man on the Earth's surface. The mine was built at the command of Stalin to ensure the demand for diamonds of the Soviet Union. The huge industrial area has been abandoned once – due to the intense exploitation – it became increasingly more difficult to bring the diamonds to the surface


3. Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe: Themed Park Gulliver, Kawaguchi, Japan

Built in the shelter of Mount Fuji, this themed park was opened in 1997. Despite the financial support received from the Japanese Government, after 10 years it was closed due to the lack of visitors.


4. Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe: Disney Island, Buena Vista, Florida, United States of America

One of the natural attractions of the Disney Empire in Florida, Discovery Island seems to have been abandoned after it has been discovered a potentially deadly bacterium in the waters surrounding the land.


5. Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe: The Lighthouse upon the cliffs of Aniva, Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia

The island, located on the eastern coast of Russia, has served in the past as a location for a prison and was cause for controversy, for a while, between Japan and Russia. At the moment, Aniva is owned by Russia.


6. Most Spectacular Abandoned Destinations Across The Globe: Railway Canfranc, Spain

Canfranc train station was part of the international railway route passing through Spain and France. An accident in 1970 destroyed a bridge near the station, separating the two countries. Following this incident the railway line was left in neglect.