Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia

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Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the pretty capital of South Australia, a city of around 1.2 million set on the River Torrens in the middle of a tree-covered plain. Located between the Mt Lofty Ranges to the east and the beaches of Gulf St. Vincent in the west, it has a warm Mediterranean climate and is the driest of the Australian capitals.


Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia: Magill Estate

Penfolds ultra-modern Magill Estate dining room, overlooking the original Penfolds vines and historic cottage, is back at the top of its game with new chef Jock Zonfrillo offering tasting menus exclusively. All the dishes highlight South Australia’s exceptional ingredients in whimsical preparations. Think Suffolk lamb with saltbush, celery and choko and fresh tommy ruff and mulloway local fish specialties, served on a stone from Hallett Cove and doused with aromatic crab broth. Every dish is beautifully paired with Penfolds wines including Grange by the glass.


Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia: Celsius

Celsius offers stunning presentations of inventive dishes at relatively affordable prices in a dining room that used to be a nightclub.


Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia: Vincenzo’s Cucina Vera

Vincenzo’s Cucina Vera features a new degustation menu each night according to what’s fresh at the markets and the whim of chef Vincenzo La Montagna.


Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia: The Manse

The Manse offers an elegant charcoal and white setting to enjoy degustation of modern European cuisine.


Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia: Auge

Auge has a sleek modern Spuntini (snack) bar with a terrific cocktail menu and Italian wines as well as a more formal restaurant featuring Italian specialties.


Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia: Apothecary 1878

The tiny Apothecary 1878 wine bar (and restaurant), located in an intimate heritage-listed building in the West End, gets its name from the antique pharmacy cabinets gracing the front bar. Classic Thonet chairs are dotted around elegant marble and brass tables while marble floor tiles are featured in the main bar. The wine list was the South Australian winner of the Australian Gourmet Traveller’s wine list of the year in 2011.


Places to Eat and Drink in Adelaide, Australia: Saldechin Martini Bar

The Saldechin Martini Bar is set in a magnificent heritage-listed former bank building featuring marble walls and high arched windows on King William Street.


Best Places to Eat in Florida (Part 3)

After a substantial breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, toasts and cornflakes, Americans generally eat just a light salad or sandwich in the middle of the day. The most important meal of the day is dinner, which is usually eaten around 6 pm. Many restaurants, therefore, do not offer any warm dishes after 9 pm. This is the last part of our series best places to eat in Florida.


10. Bierhaus (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Beer garden – Coral Gables)

Bierhaus offers primarily German cuisine. Locals and holidaymakers alike, who want to feel at home, regularly meet up to dine here. Many sporting events are also broadcasted at Bierhaus, another thing which brings people together. Wooden furniture and coats of arms stir up the illusion of being in an authentic German beer hall. Harald Neuweg has a lot of gastronomic experience and also runs this restaurant with great success. Guests are courteously served and can really feel comfortable here.


11. Cala Bella (Best Places to Eat in Florida: International restaurant – Orlando)

To get away from the frantic streets of Orlando, you can flee to Cala Bella. Exquisite dishes are served in this Tuscan oasis. Pizza, salad and pasta are offered, as are fish and meal dishes. Italian classics make up the main part of the menu, but they are influenced by Mediterranean and American cuisine. The romantic atmosphere and courteous service complete the evening at Cala Bella.


12. Bento Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: International restaurant – Orlando)

Bento Café is designed in the style of restaurants in Japanese and Taiwanese cities. Pan-Asian fast-food dishes are served to guests with great variety. Highly qualified wok and sushi chefs lovingly prepare the culinary delights in Bento Café. High ceilings, a modern ambience and subtle lightning turn an evening at the sushi restaurant into a refined and sublime experience.


13. Jimmy B’s (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Bar & pub – St. Petersburg)

Situated on St. Petersburg Beach, diners at Jimmy B’s can watch the sun go down. They can also have a delicious cocktail to go with it. The bar serves bites to eat, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, salads or appetizers. From the bar one can look out onto the private beach of the Beachcomber Hotel. Parties are often held here and the helpful staff always looks after guests without fail. Sports fans can also enjoy their true pleasure at Jimmy B’s: important sporting events are all shown here.


14. Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Emporium (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Regional restaurant – Tallahassee)

The extensive menu of this restaurant offers not only delicious fish dishes but also many fresh salads. Children aged less than 10 years eat for free on Sundays.


Best Places to Eat in Florida (Part 2)

In most restaurants it is customary to wait to be shown to a table by a waiter, rather than choosing a table yourself. As elsewhere in the USA, the most common drinks when dining are ice water, cola and iced tea, however a large range of local and imported wines and beers are also available.


Have you been looking for a nice place to enjoy a delicious meal in The Sunshine State? Check out some of the best places to eat in Florida:


6. Hard Rock Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Café – Miami)

People of all ages and styles meet at the Hard Rock Café. The ever-present guests can enjoy fresh coffee and tasty sandwiches every day, as well as other snacks. It is the atmosphere here that is especially captivating. Various fashion items displayed on the walls and music from certain eras is what creates the Hard Rock’s Café’s authenticity. A well-thought-out mix of dark wood and red leather combined with excellent lighting and very good music promise to make any visit here a really special experience.


7. Perricone’s Marketplace and Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Restaurant – Miami)

Perricone’s is most certainly classy. There are refined wines from all over the world in the cellar and they come recommended by the helpful service team according to guests’ tastes. The menus are different for lunch and dinner, and are selected with great care. Sitting in the upholstered chairs within the painted walls, one really feels like a king or queen.

A large conservatory lets a lot of light in from outside, without guests having to sacrifice the cozy warmth of the indoor setting. Steven Perricone and his team promise a culinary feast in a very special atmosphere. There are also meals to take away at the marketplace.


8. Bahama Breeze (Best Places to Eat in Florida: International restaurant – Orlando)

Here you can enjoy delicious Caribbean dishes under artificial palms. The many cocktails, most of which are rum-based, are also highly recommended. Bahama Breeze is located on International Drive, which is the main thoroughfare through the middle of Orlando.


9. Mangos Tropical Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Other – Miami)

Centrally located on Ocean Drive, Mangos Tropical Café is the ideal place to indulge yourself. Exotic dishes and cocktails sweeten the evening, just as the constantly changing events and parties do. Pizza, tacos, burritos, sandwiches and any dish containing mango guarantee a sense of culinary elation. There is also pasta and fish. Guests have many different mojitos to choose from. Delicious food and a great deal of fun is guaranteed at Mangos Tropical Café.


Best Coffee Houses in Berkeley, California (III)

7. Best Coffee Shops in Berkeley, California: Caffe Strada – An outdoor coffee house


Caffe Strada takes the full pleasure of a coffee house and sets it outdoors under an oak tree. 


In mild weather Caffe Strada has lots to offer. It's close to the university, right across Bancroft. The wifi works, so half the patrons will break out their laptops. The often-salubrious weather of Berkeley, sunny yet cool, will delight a visitor. No one is rushed here. Many a term paper has been brought to a sunny and successful conclusion under this oak tree. 


Beyond coffee, a more substantial menu can carry the visitor through the day. People-watching ranks close to coffee consumption as the popular activity here.


8. Best Coffee Shops in Berkeley, California: Espresso Roma Coffee House – Coffee house with Internet


Espresso Roma is a coffee house where the regulars spend hours of the day at their computers carrying on their activities. There is even a dedicated side room where almost every patron will be hunched over a laptop. 


No one ever feels rushed at Espresso Roma. The concept of "turning the tables" is unknown. There are plenty of wall plug-ins and a strong w-fi.


The menu is inviting. There is all manner of good coffee, so you can get a latte and a muffin. But there are also some imaginative lunch and dinner options, so your glass of wine might be augmented with a plate of roasted vegetables. 


Espresso Roma is a light and airy place, with plenty of window light coming in and an outdoor work area near the front door.


My friend Bruce Whipperman, the noted travel writer with the most popular books on Mexico, has literally spent years of his working life at Espresso Roma, developing his books. The place is essentially his office.


9. Best Coffee Shops in Berkeley, California: Cafe Gratitude – The raw food movement


Cafe Gratitude immerses you in the vegan and raw food movement. Your drink might be a spinach and beet juice concoction. The emphasis is organic, with support for local farmers and sustainable agriculture.


The menu and ambiance project a high level of spirituality, suggesting a world of plenty, food being a celebration of aliveness. The restaurant challenges a patron to find something in life to be grateful for today.


A possible starter is the “I Am Abundant Sampler Plate”, with sprouted almond hummus and spicy cashew nacho cheese. Continue with a raw specialty, such as “I Am Fabulous Seasonal Lasagna”.




Best Places to Eat in Florida (Part 1)

If the thought of cuisine in the United States of America only brings hamburgers, fried chicken and hot dogs into your mind, then you are making a big mistake, at least where Florida is concerned. In the last few years, a particular regional cuisine has developed here, shaped by Central and South American influences and therefore often called Floribbean cuisine. Check out the best places to eat in Florida:


1. Joes Stone Crab (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Gourmet restaurant – Miami Beach)

This traditional establishment is a paradise for seafood lovers. The chef has specialized in the preparation of crab and crawfish, which arrive fresh from the ocean. Joes Stone Crab is located in the southwest of the island, on Washington Avenue, which runs somewhat further inland than Collins Avenue.


2. Johnny Rockets (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Snack bar – Miami)

Johnny Rockets is one of the best hamburger restaurants around. There is a huge selection of hamburgers, sandwiches, shakes, salads and sweet items. The aim is to serve typical American food in a timeless and jovial atmosphere.

Situated right on Ocean Drive, guests have a great view out onto the Miami Beach promenade. The founder, Ronn Teitelbaum, originally wanted to be able to offer everyone a place where they could retreat from the complications of everyday life. Johnny Rockets is a restaurant for everyone who enjoys fast food in a cozy atmosphere.


3. Rainforest Café (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Café – Orlando)

Here, visitors to Disney World theme park are spirited away to a tropical rainforest. The lovely outside terrace with a view of the lake is the ideal place to gather strength after a tiring sightseeing tour. Rainforest Café is located in Disney World, west of International Drive.


4. Café Marquesa (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Regional restaurant – Key West)

This restaurant offers traditional American and also some Cuban specialties. The elegant furnishings are a reminder of centuries past. Café Marquesa is located on Fleming Street, which begins at the opera house and leads directly to the restaurant.


5. Columbia Restaurant (Best Places to Eat in Florida: Regional restaurant – St. Augustine)

If you would like to complete a stroll through the Spanish colonial style St. Augustine’s Old Town, and delight yourself with a matching meal, this is the place to go. It offers Spanish specialties to suit every taste. Columbia Restaurant is located on St. George Street, which begins at the Visitor Information Center and leads directly to the restaurant.

Best Places to Eat in Thailand (VI)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Sabieng Lae – Seaside seafood


A mid-range seafood restaurant popular with both Thais and tourists, Sabieng Lae has a large menu filled with all kinds of once-swimming food. 


I tried and enjoyed fried soft shell crab, a raw shrimp salad (tossed with garlic, onions, mind and basil) as well as a sour coconut soup with chicken (and turmeric and lime). 


It's just south of Lamai Beach. 



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Sweet Sisters – Organic and fresh on Koh Samui


A newer cafe serving up delicious, creative and healthy Thai food, Sweet Sisters focuses on southern specialties (think fish laap made with a thick mackerel steak) and regional favorites. There's a large board of changing specials (I had the banana blossom flower salad with prawn that day) and a range of desserts. You'll find the food tangy and light. 


A couple of Western favorites take a Thai twist, such as a Thai basil chili pasta with ground cashews and prawn. 


It's some of the best places to eat on the island. 


Corner of routes 4173 and 4170 on the south side of the island.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Boomelicious – Delicious food in Pai


This excellent little cafe is a good value: burgers, which come on pillow-like homemade buns and house made sweet potato chips, are only 96 baht. Large breakfasts are served all day, and there's a big menu of healthy juices and smoothies. They also serve smooth coffee. 


It's right on the corner of the two main backpacker streets in Pai, near soi 1.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Cafe d'tist – Coffee, smoothies and breakfast in Pai


Try the eggs benedict! Just do it. Though the menu says they use Hollandaise sauce, it's actually a mild yellow curry and so delicious. 


The setting is very pleasant, even though it's on the street. A small, treed patio, a few earthen walls, a pavilion and decent people-watching opportunities make it a nice place sit for a while. 


Hotel des Artists has some equally lovely rooms and a riverside area.



Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California (III)

Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Bistro Liaison Restaurant – Classic French Cooking


Bistro Liaison offers traditional French cuisine from its well-positioned location on Shattuck Avenue, close to the Gourmet Ghetto, the university, and the Downtown / Arts District.


The guiding forces behind Bistro Liaison are chef proprietor Kenneth "Todd" Kniess and wife Natalie Kniess. The style at the restaurant is described as "French food for the soul." Another chef, chef Walter, prepares a salmon scallop souffle in the photos.


The emphasis is on fresh ingredients and seasonal possibilities. The menu has variety, ranging from bouillabaisse to vegetarian specialties. The restaurant is good enough to be rated by Michelin.


Consider beginning with a traditional French onion soup and then indulging in a pan-roasted Alaska halibut fillet.



Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Build Pizzeria Roma – The East Bay’s best build-your own gourmet pizza experience


Build Pizzeria Roma is an upscale “create your own” thin-crust pizza restaurant on 2286 Shattuck Avenue, corner of Bancroft. Think fine dining rather than pizza-by-the-slice. Build is located in a light and airy loft-like space, with the pizza assembly in the center and a casual dining area on one side. A more formal and elegant fine dining section is on the other side. You might begin with a glass of wine and the bar bites menu as an appetizer. Twelve wines are available by the glass. The Truffle Arancini is a tasty appetizer choice. Arancini means “little oranges” in Italian. This delicious hot appetizer consists of truffle risotto, smoked mozzarella, and house-made tomato sauce. This appetizer name suggests the “Roma” part of the restaurant’s name. The proprietors feel that there are some ingredients and vision that only Italy can provide well. Other than the ingredients from Italy, the goal is Northern California fresh everything.


After wine and an appetizer, it’s time to get in line and build your own pizza. It’s possible to go with several named pizzas on a menu card and let the experts create and cook for you. It’s also possible to go through the line and build-from-scratch or take one of the themed pizzas and make alterations. I started with a pesto base, though tomato base and a white base are also possible. Then I added some veggies, such as grilled garlic cloves and multicolored bell peppers. For a protein, I added cubes of pork. Once you return to your table, the pizza will arrive soon. The large wood-fired ovens can bake a thin-cruster in about 90 seconds.


Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California (II)

Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Ashkenaz Music & Dance – Community music and dance center


The Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center is an unusual and yet typically Berkeley venue. It was founded in 1973 by David Nadel, a social activist and folk dancer, as a non-profit. 


This is where I went to see my friend Michael perform with his Balkan music band. The evening was devoted totally to Balkan music, and involved community dancing done by children as well as octogenarians.


Ashkenaz, on San Pablo Avenue near Gilman in west Berkeley, presents live music six nights a week. The music can best be describe as "world" music and "roots" music, often nurturing an ethnic cultural expression. Check their website and look over the ambitious monthly menu of performances to choose something of interest to you.


Kick back with a glass of wine or beer and the organic vegetarian food of the Ashkenaz Cafe and enjoy a performance. 


Besides performances, Ashkenaz presents a spectrum of classes in dance, movement, and music.



Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Barney 's Gourmet Hamburger – The burger at its best


Barney's is the place for a good, honest burger.


It is in the Gourmet Ghetto, but is not intimated by the competition.


Patrons sit out on a terrace when the weather is sunny and enjoy their burgers.


Of course, this being Berkeley, Barney's burgers have a pedigree. They even serve 11 vegetarian burgers, such as the Teriyaki Veggie, with a pattie consisting of sauteed bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms, smothered in a teriyaki glaze.


Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Bette's Oceanview Diner – A classic diner on Fourth Street


Bette's Oceanview Diner attempts to re-create a classic diner and has succeeded now for decades. The enduring success of this restaurant is due to the founder, Bette Kroening, who started here in 1982. 


Her latest evolving interest is a five-acre organic farm near Sebastopol, where she and husband Manfred practice the food gardening arts.


Serving only breakfast and lunch, Bette's also has a thriving takeout business. 


Bette's offers a dependable and tasty dining option for shoppers in the busy Fourth Street area.


The establishment now has a vigorous mail order business if you want their buttermilk pancake or scones mix, as examples.


Best Places to Eat in Thailand (V)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Pum Patong – Restaurant and cooking school


The younger sister to Ko Phi Phi's Pum, Pum Patong maintains the fun vibe and yummy food, as well as the excellent cooking classes. 


Pum emphasizes simple, whole ingredients, and the result is super-tasty treats.


Dishes have fun names such as "red lipstick" (red curry), and cocktails are creative: try the lemongrass and Mekong whisky, or Thai coffee and Mekong whisky. Sweet and refreshing!


Cooking classes are held several times a day, at 11am, 4pm and 6pm. You can take short classes that focus on a single dish for 399 baht, or three-hour classes for 1200 baht, plus options in-between.


Call ahead to make a reservation or schedule a private cooking class.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Tonsai – Great Thai food on Ko Chang


A large menu of Thai specialties is the reason to visit Tonsai. Besides the usual curry favorites, you can try less mainstream (but still friendly) dishes, such as dried pork with sticky rice and som tam or Thai lettuce hand wraps. The menu is extensive and it's a good place to dine with friends, as you can order many dishes and eat them Thai-style.


It's in a lovely garden setting that offsets the road's proximity. 



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Baan Chivit Mai Bakery – Where to get your jelly rolls


This bakery is popular with newspaper-reading expats and carb-loving travelers. With two small cases filled with items such as brownies, jelly rolls and fresh-baked bread, the Swedish bakery is a great place to stop before a long bus ride. (It's right across the street from the Chiang Rai bus terminal and the Night Bazaar.)


Baan Chivit Mai is part of a larger social enterprise offering local independent relief. The bakery functions as vocational training for prostitutes and drug dealers.


Best Coffee Houses in Berkeley, California (II)

4. Best Coffee Shops in Berkeley, California: Chester's Bayview Café – A breakfast scramble


Chester is an especially suitable Gourmet Ghetto choice when you are in the mood for a hearty breakfast scramble. Sit outdoors in the enclosed courtyard when the weather is mild.


The Chester scramble sticks to your ribs. The ingredients include eggs, potatoes, and your choice of meats or fish, all served with a side of toast and a never-empty cup of strong coffee.


Chester's functions with breakfast through the lunch hour, then closes, opening again in the evening for a Tapas Bar dinner. Local musicians entertain Wednesday through Sunday, with music and dancing. The spectrum includes jazz, swing, folk, and country.


5. Best Coffee Shops in Berkeley, California: Freight & Salvage Coffehouse – Music 300 nights a year


Rarely a night goes by in downtown Berkeley when Freight & Salvage is not presenting some acoustic music or roots music offering. Freight & Salvage calls itself the "home of traditional music."


Freight & Salvage has some music playing for about 300 nights a year. The entity celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2008, and calls itself "the longest-running full-time folk and traditional music venue west of the Mississippi River."


The setting is downtown at 2020 Addison in the Arts District, opposite the Berkeley Rep, showing the density of performing arts venues on a single block of Addison.


Freight & Salvage also is a coffeehouse and cafe. The company is proud of its new, green building. 


Classes in music and dance occur, beyond the nightly musical performances.


6. Best Coffee Shops in Berkeley, California: Elmwood Café – Ozzie’s Soda Fountain


The Elmwood Cafe honors the memory of a beloved local person, Charles "Ozzie" Osborne, who turned the soda fountain in what was the Elmwood Pharmacy into a major community-gathering place for decades.


That early legacy has been recreated in this contemporary cafe on the same site, complete with a fountain-style marble slab counter and straightforward but inventive food.


The coffee is carefully roasted and sold in retail packages as well as by the cup.


There is an all day menu that includes items such as a frittata or house made granola.


From 11 am on there is also a Served Later menu in which good choices might be the roast turkey or a plate of California fresh figs and goat cheese.