Best Places to Eat in Thailand (IV)

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Best Places to Eat in Thailand (IV)


Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Na's Kitchen, Pai – Amazing Thai food in Pai


Na's Kitchen is friendly and delicious. The clientele appears to be mostly foreigners, but the food is good enough to appeal to Thais. Try the Penang curry, and the ramen noodles with pork. 


It's only open for dinner.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Pum Ko Phi Phi – Restaurant and cooking school on Ko Phi Phi


Cheerful Pum is a small chain with three locations: Ko Phi Phi, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. 


It does excellent Thai staples at very reasonable prices, and uses natural, whole ingredients. The restaurant interior is relaxing and comfortable, cool gray cement shows off bright orange pillows and decor.


Dishes have fun names such as "red lipstick" (red curry), and cocktails are creative: try the lemongrass and Mekong whisky, or Thai coffee and Mekong whisky. Sweet and refreshing!


Cooking classes are held twice a day at 1pm and 4pm; you can do short classes that focus on a single dish for 399 baht, or three-hour classes for 1200 baht, plus options in-between.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Regina Garden – The place to eat some tam and watch the sun set


One of the most laid-back venues along this block of riverfront restaurants and bars, Regina's has a mellow garden atmosphere. Tables are set on the grass or dirt along the water, or up higher on a covered patio. Whimsical wooden sculptures adorn the leafy grounds, while inside is what feels like an antique curios shop. Prices are reasonable for the atmosphere and location; about 80-100 baht for Thai mains. Some of the staff doesn’t speak English but the menu is in both Thai and English. 


Best Places to Eat in Thailand (III)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Blue Lagoon – Cooking school, excellent restaurant, and bungalows on Ko Chang


Right before Khlong ("canal") Prao enters the ocean, it widens into a small lagoon. Over this lagoon hover a half-dozen wooden bungalows trimmed in turquoise-painted wood. It's a great spot to wake up.


The Blue Lagoon restaurant, cooking school and resort are all worth your while. Run by a family of big-smiled women who share their grandmother's recipes with students, the complex includes an organic garden and romantic eating pavilions. A thin floating bridge leads you to a sandy beach where you can enjoy a sunset beer at one of the many beach bar establishments.


A cooking class runs 1000baht / person and you'll learn some Thai basics such as pad thai, chicken and cashews, and curry. As a gift you'll receive an arty cookbook of all the recipes you used. 


Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Blue Lagoon


The small bungalows on the lagoon are 700 baht, while two-story "garden" bungalows, which are much larger, are 1000. 


Be forewarned, however: if guests decide to stay an extra day or two, Blue Lagoon honors that and not a reservation. Therefore, it's possible that if you make a reservation more than a day or two in advance, you could arrive to no room. We've seen it happen. It's best to call and confirm your reservation the day you are arriving.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: May Kaidee – Vegetarian restaurant and cooking school


May Kaidee is a small chain with restaurants in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Their vegetarian food is vibrant, colorful and healthy – for example, they use brown rice instead of white for all dishes. 


The Chiang Mai location was recently remodeled and expanded and now takes up a lovely garden corner on Ratchapakinai Rd. Dishes are very affordable, with mains like curry and vegetable fried rice costing between fifty and sixty baht. If you have food sensitivities or allergies, they can work with you on special orders. 


Best Places to Eat in Thailand: May Kaidee


May Kaidee also holds a vegetarian cooking school daily at 9am for 1200 baht. The class last half a day, and you'll learn to make vegetarian versions of pad thai, massamam and green curry, and about a half dozen other dishes. A trip to the market will introduce you to many of Thailand's unique fruits and veggies. 


Best Places to Eat in Thailand (II)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Bang Po Thakho Seafood – The best Samui-style seafood


On the north side of the island, Bang Po Thakho does excellent Samui-style seafood, which means a few things. First, it's southern-Thai food style, which means you'll get a lot of sour notes. Second, it uses a lot of Samui's main ingredient: coconuts. Third, it has some dishes that are good for experimental eaters, such as sea urchin and baby octopus. 


Tables are set up on the beach, and diners are automatically given shells filled with a spicy shrimp paste with fresh veggies on the side. Have fun and order a lot of dishes!


Bang Po Thakho is located on the northwest side of the island in Bang Po village. It's next door to the 4 Monkeys bar.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Beetroot Stories – Vegetarian food in Chiang Mai’s Old City


A little vegetarian restaurant with delightfully colorful food (maybe because of all those beets?), Beetroot Stories has a small but delicious menu that takes Thai specialties and makes them just a little bit more special. For example, the Massaman curry is made a bit sweeter with pineapple and cinnamon sticks, and a little bit more healthy by being served with brown rice. The French toast is not only sweet and banana-y, but nutty as well – and totally delicious. Cappuccinos are made yummy with coconut milk and cinnamon. Also on the menu are salads, smoothies, lassies, and all-day breakfast. 



In the courtyard behind Wawee Coffee on Rachadamnoen Rd, Beetroot Stories shares outside tables with some of the other small restaurants in the area. 


There is no website, but they do have a Facebook page.



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: KaTi – Restaurant and cooking school on Ko Chang


In an easy-to-miss building along the road at Khlong Phrao, Ko Chang, KaTi is worth looking out for. Both a restaurant and a cooking school, it does beautiful curries and unique smoothies.


It's opposite the side of the road that the beach is on, at Khlong Prao.


Best Places to Eat in Thailand (I)

Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Chic's Dim Sum – Dim sum and then some


Offering more than 50 types of dim sum, Chic's Dim Sum is a fun place to go for a snack or an entire meal. (We liked number 2: cream buns, though they seemed to be filled with sweet egg yolk rather than cream.) 


Sit down, pick out your buns, and enjoy. There's also a large selection of Chinese teas. 



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Horm Lamai – "Ancient" coffee and dumplings


On the main road outside Lamai beach, this place does excellent "cafe boran" (ancient coffee), dim sum, and kanom jeem. Run by a Chinese-Thai, Horm Lamai also has an espresso bar in the back. It's well worth the visit. 


Horm Lamai closes in the early- to mid-afternoon. 



Best Places to Eat in Thailand: Jok Sompet – Thailand's favorite breakfast, 24 hours a day


If you haven't tried jok (a rice porridge commonly served with pork in the north and seafood in the south; also called "congee"), head to Jok Sompet. This 24-hour restaurant is almost always busy, and it specializes in jok. A bowl of pork and egg jok is the same price as it is at a street stall: 35 baht. There are several protein options as well as a vegetarian option. The menu is printed in both English and Thai. 


There's plenty of other options on the menu, including dim sum, pork belly in a chili turmeric curry (65 baht) and other, more basic dishes. 


Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California (I)

Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Ajanta Indian Cuisine – Sophisticated Dining on Solano


Ajanta is a sophisticated Indian cuisine restaurant with a menu that changes monthly. The various regions of India are featured with their specialties.


The dining room has Indian artwork inspired by the caves of Ajanta, a World Heritage site in India in the central state of Maharashtra. .


Ajanta aims for a high-quality taste experience in its presentation of Indian food.


The menu offers Small Plates / Appetizers, Entrees, and Side Orders for lunch and dinner. A Taj Mahal beer or a flavored yogurt drink would be a good beverage choice. 


All dishes can be ordered very mild, mild/low medium, medium, high medium, and hot. Meals may come with a side dish of spinach and potatoes or chick peas.


The guiding force behind Ajanta is chef/owner Lachu Moorjani. The manager during my visit was Bryan Desouza. Both offer guiding menu suggestions.


A good plan is to choose the Chef's Tasting Menu, offering the best of Ajanta in that season.


Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Ajanta Indian Cuisine – Tasty offerings:


Appetizers: Chicken Samosa, Tandoori Scallops, Tandoori Portobello, Mushrooms


Main Dishes: Kandahari Chicken, Lamb Rib Chops, Seyal Machi (mahi mahi fish), Badal Jaam


Accompaniments: Basmati rice, Naan, Mango Chutney, Carrot Pickles, Hot Pickles


Desserts, choice of: Kulfi, Cardamon Gelato, Mango Sorbet, Gulab Jamun


The emphasis is on seasonally fresh and organic ingredients.


Patrons can be put on Lachu Moorjani's monthly email list to be kept informed on the ever-evolving menu.


Best Places to Eat in Berkeley, California: Ajanta's Cookbook / Spicebox – 30 Spices in a Box


Ajanta restaurant on Solano Avenue is special in two further ways in the world of Indian cuisine.


Ajanta has a well-thought-out cookbook with which you can create the dishes served in the restaurant.


Ajanta also sells a box of 30 spices that are used in the restaurant.


The book is Ajanta, Regional Feasts of India. It includes several sequential photo layouts on Indian food preparation. The book was written by chef / owner Lachu Moorjani.


The spice box is called Shanti's Spice Box, compiled by the chef / owner's wife, Shanti. The box includes some better-known and some rarer spices, which would be difficult for a layman to source. 


Dining in Rome, Italy (I)

Dining in Rome, Italy: Angolo DiVino – Hours will go by in a flash as you drink wine in this enoteca


In Italian, "Angolo diVino" is a play on words: it can mean "Corner of Wine" or "Divine Corner".


This tiny enoteca (wine bar and wine shop) between Piazza Farnese & Campo dé Fiori will make you feel like you've left the bustling metropolis of Rome, and have entered into a sleepy village. Opened in 1946, the same family still owns it. Good wine runs in their blood.


Angolo diVino is lined with wooden shelves that are stacked with wine bottles from floor to ceiling. Fans circle overhead as clusters of people sit, chat, and drink the fabulous wine that Massimo, the owner, has sourced from all over the country.


Massimo, a third-generation sommelier, has an incredible wine selection and he does not stock a single wine that he himself has not tasted and liked. He won’t sell a wine because it has a famous name, label or producer. He only stocks quality.


Angolo diVino is not just an enoteca. While the restaurant menu is short, every item is superb: the Danish filet, the marinated salmon, and the chocolate torte (paired with a sweet red wine like recioto, of course).


I often go here for a glass of wine (or a bottle or two!) with friends before dinner and Massimo will usually bring out a small plate of cheeses. He will help you choose a wine and I have never had a wine here that I didn't enjoy.


You also can buy a bottle to go or get some shipped back home.


Nearby, you can shop at DaDaDa and David Mayer, or visit Palazzo Spada.



Dining in Rome, Italy: Armando al Pantheon – Traditional Roman food with great prices


It's hard to find good traditional Roman food right in the center by all the touristy sites. Armando hits the mark, though. They've been around since 1961, so they know what they're doing: tasty Roman dishes in a casual environment without breaking the bank.


Daily specials rotate, and I especially love the spaghettini alla cernia (thin spaghetti with a simple sea bass sauce) on Tuesdays (12€). On Wednesday they serve ossobuco with peas and mushrooms (18€). If you're tired of eating carbonara, they even have dishes like duck with plums (19€).


Waiters are courteous, which is rare in Rome.


Be sure to book if you want to eat here: they don't have that many tables.


This place is easy to find: stand right in front of the Pantheon, facing the Pantheon, and make a right down that alley. You should see Armando's sign right away.



Best Places to Eat in Sri Lanka

For western palates, the cuisine in Sri Lanka is one thing: very hot. But you shouldn’t worry, because at the best places to eat in Sri Lanka you can simply let them know and then be served less spicy food. Rice is the staple food on the island; you can get it in many different variations. No wonder then that the national dish is “rice and curry”, consisting of rice and various curries served together with meat, fish or vegetables. Another culinary highlight is fresh tropical fruits, which taste a lot juicier than what you might be used to from your local supermarket. The most popular drink is the world famous tea, but you should definitely also try coconut juice.


1. Curry Leaf (Regional restaurant – Colombo)

This unique restaurant is located within the complex of the Colombo Hilton Hotel. Mainly local dishes and a rich selection of seafood feature on the menu. Mainly but not only because of their large garden, Curry Leaf is one of the best places to eat in Sri Lanka.


2. Rams (Regional restaurant – Kandy)

This restaurant cooks traditional Indian food. The colorful décor with many Hindu statues give the restaurant an extraordinary atmosphere. On the extensive menu of all kinds of great, yet affordable meals and snacks can be found.


3. Le Palace (International restaurant – Colombo)

Colombo’s enjoy meeting up at Le Palace. The colonial era villa has been dined in the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Madonna. The highly skilled French chef creates the finest dishes from around the world. A visit is worthwhile, if only for the excellent cakes and pastries. It’s definitely one of the best places to eat in Sri Lanka.


4. Rampart (Regional restaurant – Galle)

The Ramparts is housed in an old colonial building in the middle of Galle Old Town. Seated on the verandah, with a view to the sea, you can enjoy the best local cuisine and fish dishes.


5. Refresh (Fish restaurant – Hikkaduwa)

Refresh in Hikkaduwa is one of the best places to eat in southern Sri Lanka, making it very popular amongst tourists. Located right on the beach, it has a magnificent view of the sea. The main feature of the menu is the especially excellent fish and seafood.


6. Pearl Restaurant (International restaurant – Negombo)

At Pearl Restaurant, you dine on a terrace right by the sea. The German-run restaurant is connected to a small hotel. Aside from fish dishes, the menu has a wide range of other local and also international dishes.


7. Hill Club (International restaurant – Nuwara Eliya)

The house, founded in 1858, was once home to a very distinguished club. Today, the British manor house is a hotel with an excellent restaurant. In the evenings, a dress code is upheld. Men may only enter with a jacket and tie, but both can be borrowed from the restaurant.


8. Restaurant Singaraja (International restaurant – Beruwela)

The Restaurant Singharaja, which is housed in a plain, glass building, is both very good and cheap. A German baker from Lower Franconia runs the restaurant and also sells delicious baked goods in the adjoining bakery. The menu primary feature is an ample lunch buffet. This is definitely one of the best places to eat in Sri Lanka.


9. Diya Sidila (Regional restaurant – Bentota)

In this small restaurant on the Bentota River, they serve fresh fish and a rich selection of seafood. In a pleasant atmosphere you can enjoy the best of their delicious and reasonably priced dishes.

Best Places to Eat in Athens, Greece

Eating, in particular “going eating”, is regarded as a social event in Greece. The focus is more on communication rather than eating. Dishes are never ordered for one person only. All ordered dishes are placed in the middle of the table and each person takes what they fancy. In this article we will discuss about the best places to eat in Athens, Greece.


Also when paying everything is paid together, separate bills are not usual in Greece and are jokingly referred to as “paying the German way”.


People eating late, before 10 pm you will only find full bars in the tourist restaurants in the Plaka, which have adapted to reflect the customs of their foreign guests.


There are few possibilities to eat foreign food in Athens, but the diversity of Greek cuisine more than makes up for it. It should, however, be remembered that in Greece the meals are usually served lukewarm. If you would like your food hot, you must say so when ordering.


For the not-so-hungry, Ouzo bars are recommended, in which snacks are served with Ouzo or Metzedopolia – these are bars, similar to the Spanish tapas bars, in which the guest has the ordeal of choosing between up to 100 appetizers. Keep reading to discover the best places to eat in Athens, Greece:


1. Balthazar (Gourmet restaurant)

The restaurant is located in a neoclassical building. The interior design has been completely modernized. It serves international gourmet cuisine.


2. Platanos (Regional restaurant)

Long-established tavern with good food at sensible prices.


3.Avissinia (Regional restaurant)

Guests are served typical northern Greek dishes here. It’s worth visiting on Sunday evenings as normally on Sundays the entire restaurant sings along with the live music.


4. Kouzina Cine Psirri (International restaurant)

The terrace of this restaurant turn into an outdoor cinema during the summer where you can watch motion pictures. And during the winter there is live music here every Sunday.


5. Strofi (Regional restaurant)

The restaurant Strofi serves good traditional Greek cuisine at affordable prices. You will have a glorious view of the Parthenon from the roof terrace, here at one of the best places to eat in Athens, Greece.


6. Tzitzikas kai o mermingas (Regional restaurant)

The restaurant is not in the town center but in the district of Halandri. The menu is only in Greek. If anything is unclear, you can take a look in the kitchen and select your food right there.


7. Eden (Regional restaurant)

Eden was the first vegetarian restaurant in Athens. It is located in a stylish, restored building. The restaurant attracts a mixed crowd. The products used are organic.


8. Amaltheia (Café)

This coffee house is a great place to hang out, especially on cooler days. Warm yourself by the fireplace and enjoy a crepe from the generous menu.


9. Café Melina (Café)

This café is dedicated to the diva Melina Mercouris. The actress and singer is omnipresent in photographs and film posters.


10. Psara’s Taverna (Regional restaurant)

One of the oldest taverns in the city and best places to eat in Athens, Greece, is located in the Plaka. You can try a variety of delicious seafood dishes in “Psara’s Taverna”. The atmosphere and service are excellent.

Best Places to Eat in Palm Beach and Miami

If the topic of food in the USA only brings hamburgers, fried chicken and hot dogs to mind, then this is a big mistake, at least where Florida is concerned. Cheap Travel Hunter brings you the best places to eat in Palm Beach and Miami:


1. Ta-boos (Regional restaurant – Palm Beach)

Light Californian cuisine and a young, trendy crowd create the atmosphere of this restaurant. The prices, however, are in the upper range, as everywhere in Palm Beach.


221 Worth Avenue

FL 33480 Palm Beach

United States

Worth Avenue is located between Street 704, which lead from mainland onto the island, and Ocean Boulevard, which runs along the west coast.

Price Category: Premium


2. Charley’s Crab (Fish restaurant – Palm Beach)

Enjoy multi-award-winning seafood in an elegant ambience at one of the best places to eat in Palm Beach and Miami. Style and taste are the focus here, for both the guests and the dishes. Charley’s Crab has a perfect location, close to the water.


456 South Ocean Blvd.

FL 33480 Palm Beach

United States

Price Category: Premium


3. Versailles (International restaurant – Miami)

The name of this establishment can lead to confusion, as it is dedicated not to French but rather to Cuban cuisine. Appropriately, the atmosphere has something of Latin liveliness.


3555 S.W. 8th Street

FL 33135 Miami

United States

Metrobus 8 to the corner of 36th Avenue and S.W. Eight Street.

Price Category: Budget


4. Cafe Tu Tu Tango (Regional restaurant – Miami)

This well-known scene café serves mostly smaller dishes, including many Cuban specialties. Many locals also appreciate the youthful atmosphere and recommend Café Tu Tu Tango as one of the best places to eat in Palm Beach and Miami.


3015 Grand Avenue

Suite 410

FL 33133 Miami

United States

From Bayshore Drive, Mary Street leads straight to Grand Avenue.

Price Category: Budget