Places to see in Frankfurt, Germany (I)

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Places to see in Frankfurt, Germany (I)

The old imperial city of Frankfurt am Main has, during its long history, always been the setting for important events. German emperors were crowned in Frankfurt Cathedral for centuries and the first democratic election of the German National Assembly was held in St. Paul’s Church in 1848. After World War II, Frankfurt initially seemed like a promising candidate for becoming the capital of the newly founded Federal Republic, however it had to relinquish this title to Bonn. Although the city thus lost its political influence, it compensated for this through its financial power. There are many amazing places to see in Frankfurt, Germany. Over 400 German and foreign banks can be found here today, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the fourth largest exchange in the world after New York, London and Tokyo. The imposing towers made out of steel and glass bear witness to the economic importance of the city on the Main.


1. Places to see in Frankfurt, Germany: Romerplatz (Square)

Visitors to this square will find themselves transported to centuries past thanks to the medieval appearance of eleven timber-framed houses. They are in fact modern reconstructions, as the original buildings were almost completely destroyed during World War II. The emperor’s ballroom in the old town hall is particularly worth seeing. It was here that the former German monarchs were chosen and crowned. 52 portraits of various rulers point to the particular importance of this location.


2. Places to see in Frankfurt, Germany: Hauptwache (Building)

Built in 1730, this building served for a long time as a police station and prison. There were cells for petty criminals in the roof, while the cellar was reserved for real felons. The gallows and the stocks can be found in front of the building. Nowadays the prisoners are long gone but there is a highly recommendable café serving hearty Frankfurt specialties, as well as various cakes.


3. Places to see in Frankfurt, Germany: Banking District (District)

This is the place that numerous banks demonstrate their power and wealth by building imposing skyscrapers. Particularly worth seeing are the towers of the Dresdner Bank, the Commerzbank, the Deutsche Bank and the Hessische Landesbank. From the viewing platform of the 200-metre-high main tower you can see as far as the Taunus Mountains on a clear day.