Tourist Attractions in Hamburg, Germany (I)

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Tourist Attractions in Hamburg, Germany (I)

The history of Hamburg as a fortified trade and episcopal city stretches back to the 9th century AD. Economic growth ensured that the look of the city constantly changed, and today it is characterized by the last remaining Baroque buildings on Deichstrasse, the magnificent town hall, the Neoclassical stock exchange as well as the red bricks of the Speicherstadt warehouse district and the massive old Kontorhaus office buildings. As an international harbor, media centre, cultural stronghold and sporting city, Hamburg offers a wealth of experiences unequalled in Germany. In this article we will review some of the most important tourist attractions in Hamburg, Germany. Around 270,000 tourists arrive in the “free and Hanseatic city” every day to experience this historically rich, yet future oriented metropolis on the Elbe and Alster rivers.


1. Tourist Attractions in Hamburg, Germany: Alster (River)

The look of Hamburg is formed to a large extent by the River Alster. The river has been dammed to form two artificial lakes, the Aussenalster and the Binnenalster. The Lombardsbrucke and Kennedybrucke bridges separate the two lakes. Together, the Aussenalster and Binnenalster lakes cover an area of around 180 hectares (the Aussenalster approximately 160 and the Binnenalster approximately 20). They are a paradise for sailors, rowers or paddleboat fans.

You can enjoy an extended walk around the Alster and take a break in one of the many cafes or restaurants.


2. Tourist Attractions in Hamburg, Germany: Heinrich Hertz Turm (Other)

The Heinrich Hertz Turm, also simply called the TV Tower or, in reference to St. Michaelis Church, the Tele-Michel, is one of the icons of Hamburg. At 279.8m, it is the tallest structure in the city and it was constructed from 1965 to 1968.

It was named after the Hamburg-born physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

Unfortunately, the tower is no longer open to visitors, due (among other things) to high levels of asbestos.


3. Tourist Attractions in Hamburg, Germany: Chilehaus (Building)

The Chilehaus (Chile House) was designed by the architect F. Hoger and built within 2 years (1922 – 1924). It was commissioned by the shipping magnate Henry B. Sloman, who had made his fortune through trade relationships with Chile.

The architecture of the Chilehaus is slender and unconventional. The outstanding feature of the building is the outer façade modeled after the bow of a ship.