Getting Around Chile (I)

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Getting Around Chile (I)

Getting Around Chile by Plane


Due to the length of the country and distances between its attractions, many visitors to Chile choose to travel on domestic flights in order to save time. Flights are a particularly popular option for travelers who arrive in Santiago and plan to visit the far north or Patagonia. The two main carriers in Chile are LAN and Sky Airlines, which link all the major cities in the country. 



Getting Around Chile – Patagonia


In Patagonia, where transportation is thin on the ground, local flights are a speedy alternative to long waits and circuitous bus and ferry routes, and a handful of small regional air carriers and private air charters compete with the major airlines. 



Getting Around Chile – Easter Island


One destination that virtually requires a flight is Easter Island, and LAN has several departures each week from Santiago. Be forewarned however, that the tickets don’t come cheap—they start at $500. Domestic tickets are subject to a small departure tax, but this is usually included in the ticket price; be sure to ask when booking.



Getting Around Chile by Boat


Chile hugs the Pacific, so it is not surprising that boats play an important role in the country’s travel infrastructure. This is especially true in Patagonia, where it can be nearly impossible to travel around without setting foot on the deck of a ferry. Many routes only run a few days each week, and the boats often travel slowly, but you will usually be compensated with some wonderful views. 



Getting Around Chile by Ferry


Ferry travel is not very expensive; the price depends on the company and the route, but you can usually count on a basic ticket costing about $2-3 for every hour of the trip. There are multiple classes of service on longer journeys, and prices rise according to the level of comfort. Ferries will also carry bicycles and automobiles for an extra charge. Charter and tour boats also serve some routes, providing greater comfort at a higher cost. During the winter, ferry service is sometimes suspended, and charters will be your only option.