Tourist Attractions in Salzburg, Austria (I)

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Tourist Attractions in Salzburg, Austria (I)

Salzburg, the capital of the Austrian state of the same name surely has the nearby salt mine to tank for its name and meaning. The mine, whose white gold above all helped the resident archbishops to power and riches. The money earned through the salt trade was invested by the religious men in magnificent buildings, particularly in the case of renaissance rule Dietrich von Raitenau who was fascinated by Italian architecture.


1. Tourist Attractions in Salzburg, Austria – St. Rupert’s Cathedral (Dome)

This enormous place of worship can accommodate about 10.000 visitors. Its current design stems from Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau who had it completely rebuilt in 1599 after it had been damaged by fire. The facade is characterized by the figure “Jesus as the saviour of the world”. Inside the cathedral there are three baroque altars with glorious paintings and stucco, numerous bishops’ tombs as well as the second largest pipe organ in Austria.


2. Tourist Attractions in Salzburg, Austria – Hohensalzburg Castle (Castle)

The largest completely preserved medieval castle complex in Europe with 30.000 square meters attracts nearly 900,000 visitors every year. Understandably, as the glorious view over the town makes climbing up worthwhile. A guided tour will take you through the former living rooms of the archbishops. The castle museum and the Rainer Regiment Museum will also give you more information about the history of the place. Go down Festungsgasse from Kapitelplatz to get to the castle. Visitors can take the castle funicular from here, which goes approx. every 10 minutes. It will take you approximately 1/2 hours to climb up.


3. Tourist Attractions in Salzburg, Austria – Getreidegasse with Mozart’s birthplace (Street)

Numerous old town houses line Salzburg’s most popular boulevard. These houses have wrought iron guild signs, designed artfully, referring to the businesses and taverns. It’s also worth visiting the pretty courtyards lined with arcades where you can take the passageways to get to the neighboring streets. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in number nine. Today it houses a museum dedicated to the life of the famous composer.


4. Tourist Attractions in Salzburg, Austria – Hellbrunn Palace (Castle)

The water games in the pleasure garden are probably the greatest attraction at this early Baroque palace. Go for a walk here and you risk being sprayed suddenly by jets of water because the many fountains have a mind of their own. It is also worth nothing that the mechanical theatre with 256 figures is also operated by water. Afterwards it’s worth taking a detour to Hellbrunn zoo where you can see more than 400 animal species.


5. Tourist Attractions in Salzburg, Austria – Franciscan Chruch (Church)

In this abbey church, visitors can experience an interesting mixture of different styles from the Romantic to the Gothic periods through to Baroque. It is definitely worth visiting the nine side chapels decorated with stuccowork, as well as a remarkable high altar by Johann Fischer von Erlach. Not to be forgotten is the arcade which connects the church to the abbey.