Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain (I)

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Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain (I)

Relaxation and leisure activities in Seville, Spain are incredibly overwhelming. Sports activities vary from classical dance classes – remember that Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco – to more action-orientated activities such as skydiving or visiting a waterpark.


If you want to get to know the city, embark in one of the tours, which take to the most exquisitely beautiful sights in double-decker buses. But you won’t be left high and dry on land alone, a journey on water is also possible: Take a boat ride on the Guadalquivir River and see the various sights and get a view of the city. The spas and thermal baths, such as the Aire de Seville, encourage visitors to relax, chill out and unwind completely.


1. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Sevilla Tour (Other)

Sevilla Tour will take you right across town in a double decker bus to the most beautiful places of interest, such as Torre del Oro, Plaza de Espana or the La Cartuja peninsula. When you buy your tickets you will receive headphones that enable you to experience the tour in 16 different languages. The starting point is right next to Torre del Oro.


2. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Isla Magica (Theme park)

The Isla Magica theme park provides fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Numerous rides such as roller coasters, a drop tower and water rides as well as magic and pirate shows promise an unforgettable trip. The park is located on the former Expo site and is therefore close to the city center.


3. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Flamenco dancing lessons (Other)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn flamenco, then it’s best to learn it where it originated. You can take lessons at Museo del Baile Flamenco (Flamenco Museum), starting from EUR 10 per hour. You can also find out more about Spanish culture and history in workshops.


4. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Alamillo Park (Park)

Alamillo Park is great for taking a stroll and relaxing. Take a walk in the heart of unspoiled natural surroundings along the Guadalquivir River and marvel at the typical Andalusian flora and fauna. You will also be able to enjoy a glorious view of the unusual Alamillo Bridge.


5. Leisure Activities in Seville, Spain: Aire de Sevilla (Therme & Spa)

You can relax and unwind completely in the Aire de Seville Arabic baths. The baths also offer facial treatments, relaxing or therapeutic massages as well as teashops. The various spa areas have a hammock and several thermal baths.